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  1. Hehehe, Mayhaps it is, but probably not...
  2. I am very excited about the expanded ways to play and really look forward to the group podcast discussing the competitive play side of things!
  3. Don't forget they said new Tomb Kings as well as the Brets and wardancers!
  4. Hey my name is Jim I am from the West Coast of the US and I have been gaming since 1977, so almost for 4 decades. My dad was a historical gamer and my first ever wargaming army was ancient Greek hoplites. His job had him travelling to the UK all the time and in 1983 he brought home a cool game called Warhammer Fantasy Battles and we were all hooked! I have played every edition of Warhammer that has come down the pipe. Over the years I was slowly enjoying WFB less and less. I had stopped playing about mid 8th edition. So when Age of Sigmar dropped with free rules and Warscrolls I thought what the hell lets give it a go, and by the second turn I was in love with Age of Sigmar. To me it feels like the freedom that GW has given us in AoS is full circle back to the first few editions of the game. I have had more fun playing AoS that I had playing WFB in almost 20 years. I look forward to watching this community build. Cheers, Jim
  5. Yeah more likely an online campaign or maybe their organized play rules.
  6. I bet Settra returns with his undying legions as the 5th spoiler faction!
  7. According the the draft FAQ they are targeted separately, so I imagine that the attacker chooses which to hit.
  8. That is one fantastic kit I wish I had picked up when available, I look forward to watching to project progress, its looking good so far.
  9. That is one fantastic looking game mat, I wonder if shipping to the USA is reasonable.
  10. Indeed it is a great time for sure, some like me might even call it the "Golden Age" of Warhammer! Thanks for the welcome dude.
  11. While I have always been a Dwarf player, I have dabbled in all the armies over the years. AoS makes it even easier to collect and play everything which makes voting for me extremely tough.
  12. Its fantastic the GW are engaging with the community again and are working on clarifying things with the FAQ. Even though there are a few odd things in there, its a great effort. Many people can and will ignore the really odd ones especially in the tournament/events community.
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