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  1. Gaxz

    Tzaangor Horror Combo

    By this logic, Teclis who is a Wizard and 1 model can cast 1 spell, however his warscroll says he can cast 3 (the last time I read it). This wording imo was put here to make it clear that just because there is 30 horrors and they are each a wizard that the unit can still only cast 1 spell, so people don’t spam Arcane bolts. This was to Calrify rules, which what i was asking about, however as mentioned in the original post it’s a valid arguement against. I agree I reckon there is another synergy here that could be useful and approx 20mortal wounds a game. Cheers again.
  2. Gaxz

    Tzaangor Horror Combo

    As a concensuss it seems people are lobbying against such a rule which is why I posted gauge people ‘outrage’ or opionions and I’m happy with them and I appreciate the responses. I still think the rule simply states for every wizard indicating model of which has the wizard keyword, however also believe this was no as the rule was intended for play. But as free jack said clarification would be lovely. I have a friend who is willing to play test it and try out how OP it really is and we are going to see against a standard army, and against a finely tuned tournement list, (he also a pretty decent at his army). Just for play test results and I’ll report back. once again, thanks for your opinions an input.
  3. Gaxz

    Tzaangor Horror Combo

    Where does it say this? How did you draw this conclusion?
  4. Gaxz

    Tzaangor Horror Combo

    Hey guys, Wanted your opinion on this list, I found this out myself before I ‘googled’ it (other search engines are available) and found other had thought of the idea and people have dismissed it as ‘not as intended’. Ill be completely honest I’m 60/40 on it tbh. I can see both side and I’d love some constructive discussion, no hostility or what not. So here goes:- the combo is Tzaangor Icon Bearer - For every WIZARD friend or foe within 9” you have that many dice and on a 4+ a mortal wound is dealt to a unit within 18”. On its own quite poor, however mix it with. Pink Horrors - Key word WIZARD. Therefore a large unit of 40, all within 9” (not sure if it’s possible but I think it is), 40 dice, 4+’s, that many mortal wounds to a single unit. Mix them and suddenly it quite powerful. I believe that this is more models in range too, so if only half your massive pink horror unit is within 9” then only 20 dice would be rolled you can’t daisy chain or whatever from how I’m reading it, it mentions nothing about unit just for ever Wizard. The arguement comes when you say that no matter how many in the unit it can only cast 1 spell, however if there is only 1 left it’s still 1 spell, and is specifically states only 1 spell. However I do catch their drift. Last thing (promise):- with the armies I’m seein at the sharpe end of the spectrum, I feel have as much if not more ‘gimmicks’ than this and as I’m sure all of you whom have read this far, when you build a list you also see what could be your ‘Achilles heel’ and cause you issues and I’ve found a few. With the whole ‘As intended’ argument, the Battle Brew, unit champ as general, to name a few, was clearly not as intended however it was continued until the new generals handbook when it was changed. Thanks for reading this far and please leave a message/reply and please if there is FAQ or a different thread please link it. Much appreciated Gaz
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