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  1. RE: synergy

    SC are weird - kind of cool. The synergy isn't often 2 warscrolls buffing each other which can be common in other armies. Buffs from traits or hosts (battletome) are more the order of the day.

    & I find the most synergistic play with Stormcast comes with how you play. To some extent all armies are like this - it's the game. It just feels like a lot to bear in mind with how the units move and trigger effects - even though they've no rules like CoS or Lumineth for standing in a type of unit formation.

    Everything has to be deployed right, played right or you have a bad time. If you stick with Stormcast you learn how to play to their (and your) strengths. You have to or you get very disheartened.

    I think what I'm mainly getting when I play against some of the tougher list matchups, is a feeling of stretching every bit of fibre of a faction - squeezing juice till there's no juice left - just to play on equal terms. That is, for me, kind of fun. I earn nearly all victories I have (even with a B.S. support hero elimination list like Starcast :P) because if I mistakes victory turns quickly to defeat.

    It would be much easier to play a low model count army with say, terrorgheists but I dig a lot of SC.

    I've played them in almost every tournament I want to enjoy because they stretch the brain so much - plus I'm a slow painter :D   

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  2. 1 hour ago, Maturin said:

    Are you sure about that ? I'm not a native speaker but the way it's worded seems to say : You got 1 roll of dice with reroll allowed (like Sigmarite shields) but that's it. If you roll with your armour save you can't use another one.

    Unless armour saves are not an ability and then you have still normal save + 1 ability.

    To clarify, that new rule is referring to negating wounds allocated - allocation of wounds comes after failed armour saves.

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  3. 27 minutes ago, Maturin said:

    We'll always end up deploying last, unless you play a 2000pts Skyborne slayers with no other units besides those of the batallion.

    OK, ok... hear me out:


    Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals
    Drakesworn Templar (420)
    - Tempest Axe
    Drakesworn Templar (420)
    - Tempest Axe
    Drakesworn Templar (420)
    - Tempest Axe
    10 x Liberators (200)
    - Warhammer & Shield
    10 x Liberators (200)
    - Warhammer & Shield
    10 x Liberators (200)
    - Warhammer & Shield
    Drakesworn Temple (140)

    Total: 2000 / 2000
    Extra Command Points: 1
    Allies: 0 / 400
    Wounds: 108

    No please! Don't leave the topic just yet. I can explain lol.

    Remember, Libs are getting a points drop ... plus em... hahaha I got nothing.

    I'm not so sure it's a bad idea, though 4 drops will still not outdrop the 1-2 drop power houses.

    PS: Come the new tome, if they buff the hell out of liberators, this is the kind of list I'll play lol.

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  4. Yeah Im gonna get him done. I mean, in fairness, LRL - following from Seraphon - aren't going to end pure SC lists. If you have to play pure SC you have a few options and Starcast is one of them.

    It may be that it's tough against LRL with Starcast (I think the list has a few tools to  make it tough in return mind you) but that applies to the rest of the factions in the meta too.

    We shall see.

  5. Are we leaning towards me not cleaning up, gluing together and painting my Lord Kroak model then? 😛

    Teclis and 10 new archers might be simplest experiment (quickest to paint). Ofc one can boot up tabletop simulator again - but its not like I found time for that either haha. I usually find 1 - 1.5 hrs every 2 nights to paint andthen play tournaments when they pop up :)

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  6. 48 minutes ago, Marcvs said:

    here we are slipping towards a LRL list

    The more you play in scrollbuilder the more it feels like when trying to add CoS units to SC - and they HAVE the 1 in 4 SC unit perk. Seraphon worked because you took Kroak and he was a perfect piece in the list. I think, so long as he survives GHB points cost adjustments, that's probably still the best Starcast list we have.

    48 minutes ago, Marcvs said:

    gets you an incantor + comet

    To even say "starcast" I think we'd need this. Though the list can be totally new, Stormcast separated and just "Starsplash" lol

    21 minutes ago, Maturin said:

    If turn 1 you destroyed all enemy support heroes and damaged big monsters, it's almost over for the opponent.

    Exactly, that's the core ideology of Starcast as a list. The extra tools (for me when I use it) are the beef of 2 dragons against hordes (combined with the maw attacks for hard to shift models of like 3 wounds and under).


    26 minutes ago, Marcvs said:

    Allegiance: Order
    Lord-Celestant on Stardrake (500)
    - General
    - Celestine Hammer
    - Command Trait: Master of Defense
    Celestant-Prime (340)
    Drakesworn Templar (420)
    - Tempest Axe
    The Light of Eltharion (220)
    20 x Vanari Auralan Sentinels (280)
    10 x Vanari Auralan Wardens (120)
    10 x Arkanaut Company (90)

    Total: 1970 / 2000
    Extra Command Points: 0
    Allies: 0 / 400
    Wounds: 87

    I love this except for painting 50 non SC models (when we really hope for a SC reboot soon) :P I'll be done by the time SC battletome arrives and it's square one again :D

    So I think there are two things to do - if one is bored:

    1. build the best new list in light of  LRL with as many SC models as possible (so that SC players here with no budget, no time to paint etc) can field a force relatively quickly with a few choice models.

    2. Leave SC behind apart from those elements (if any) that support a "Starsplash" way of life.

  7. If some people are interested in taking the spirit of starcast to a mixed order list, I've a few questions for you:

    Is it worth taking Teclis AND Kroak? If the best list chooses between, which do you take?

    What battleline is strongest? LRL can lock down 2 with Wardens and and sentinels (I think).

    Would you take Prime? Stardrake(s)?

  8. The unfortunate part is that fixing warscrolls is time invested in minimal returns. Creating new warscrolls sells models.

    I'm not saying it's impossible that they'll fix warscrolls. I just think it might not be the grand change ppl are hoping for.  Maybe a rebuilt series of faction rules and stormhost rules would accomplish the same - then ppl would at least need to buy a tome to unlock.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Maturin said:

    @Turragor Thing is, I started playing SCE in 2018. My first list was a 1250 points tournament using "Skyborne slayers". It's an outdated yet effective battalion if you mix it with other stuff. Tbh, if you like paladins, you should try something around it.

    Yeah I like Skyborne Slayers but have never played them at a tourney. When I first started playing (pre-ghb with different comp point systems) I was fond of Hammerstrike Force if I wanted to take Paladins. I think Skyborne Slayers is decent still, the all in one drop is the only problem.

    But I digress, whilst I like the idea of playing lots of SC foot-troops, I'm a complete Starcast fanatic. I mean, and this is amusing, I found my thoughts and "list plan" after the very first AoS tournament (no - very first tabletop game tournament) I played :), it was posted right on these boards in my backwards Swedish (which is a bit better now haha)

    Lord Celestant On Stardrake (600)
    Celestant-Prime (360)
    Lord Castellant (100)
    Judicators x 5 (160)
    - Skybolt Bows
    Judicators x 5 (160)
    - Skybolt Bows
    Liberators x 5 (100)
    - Warhammers and shields
    Concussors x 2 (280)
    Fulminators x 2 (240)
    Total: 2000/2000

    That's the original birth, I guess, of my own Starcast type list ha

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  10. 4 hours ago, Maturin said:

    Starcast will be heavily nerfed because of that.

    In a word, yes. That being said, there is only a very thin string of sinew holding Starcast to the main Stormcast body. A very small part of it is pride (the point is to try to get another SC list that's semi decent into the meta). Then the rest is Staunch Defender. I 'spose a little is deepstriking.

    Basically, until the new tome comes, each little cut that weakens SC lists are just an incentive to think out of the box with an Order list with mostly SC models.

    I want to use the masses of SC models I've painted basically, it's not about taking the best list / army at a given time.

    And then, within probably 6 months or so (total guess) SC will have a new book and we will see what we'll see.  I will make Starcast live on in spirit - though it will certainly change form.

    Tbh I've got a real hankering for Paladincast - have for ages. I want to play with the 15 seq, 15 libs, 10 juds, 20 paladins I own and have ppl be fearful instead of joyful :)

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  11. 1 hour ago, Marcvs said:

    (fun fact: if this happens, it will stop me from using Kroak in SCE before I had a single occasion to put it down on a physical table.

    Exactly like myself!

    Anyway, Im holding off on any list crafting until I read a bit more about LRL and see the new GHB - soon here! I got  a feeling we'll see new SC by end of this year or start of next.

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  12. 4 hours ago, Oak7603 said:

    I'm confused... although it doesn't take much to be fair.

    I don't see the difference between these two comments

    The Stormcast Eternal reserve mechanism is the Scions of Storm so what is the difference?

    Shock and awe is also active if you use a prayer or CA that redeploys your units - anything that sets up a unit of Stormcast again in the ability/prayer description.

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  13. Its entirely possible that, until SCE get their next tome, the best way to use all our SCE models is to play Order with a bunch of toys.

    I saw an interesting list involving Tickles (my name for Teclis), Kroak, the Prime and a bunch of interesting Order chaff.

    I reckon that philsophy, combined with the majority of SCE models that everyone here owns (surely) can lead to some really interesting "Stormcast (wolf) in Order (sheep) Clothing" lists.

    As pure SC you really lose very little (staunch - the main thing for me) switching to Order. I know I've considered a few Cities lists but they are quite restrictive.

    In the end though, that's just a theory. And what it points to is that we're going beyond wringing every bit of SCE faction juice out of the tome and have moved onto just seeing what our Stormcast centric model collections can do with the minimum extra Euros/dollars spent.

    Time and many minds focusing on the problem will tell!

    NB/ if you read this and think "oh so if time, money, painting effort - all that - weren't a consideration, I'd play Seraphon or Lumineth then?" - then yes, yes you absolutely would. But one of the joys (for me) in this hobby, because I'm a slow painter with a job and young family, is finding out the best list I can make with what I already have, rather than getting the newest, hottest, netlist.


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  14. On 5/22/2020 at 10:33 PM, hurben said:

    Ok i'll ask for the witherstarve. Indeed, if it works like you say, it's worthless AF.

    I am not sure if there was ever an answer on this but for me it is (sort of) simple:

    If A) the mws back to the opponent are procced on a 6 and then the opponent rerolls, then B) mws towards you (from any of the units in game doing mws on unmodified 6s to hit) go through and then the opponent rerolls. This would allow for double procs.

    I reject B so must reject A.

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  15. 10 hours ago, Marcvs said:

    1) to reroll 1s to hit with a Stardrake (in your list also the Celestant Prime is a great candidate for this)

    I second this, the Prime with rr to hit arriving on r2 or 3 can make ppl sweat.

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  16. 10 hours ago, Marcvs said:

    you cannot try again if you fail

    This is wrong from TO pov even I think. You can pick 1 or more targets and roll the number of times on the damage table.

    So you could pick a banner bearer and 1 pink horror and roll for the banner bearer (fail), roll for the banner bearer again (succeed) and then the final pink horror (succeed).

    Or Roll for banner bearer (succeed), final pink horror (succeed) - no more targets for 3rd roll.

    There's no mention of repeat targeting at all.

    I feel they're being awkward about this for no reason :D - it's like Stormwinged, folks get all twisted up about minutiae of SC rules when the SC tome and units have to be bled dry to get semi-respectable use from them.

    10 hours ago, Django said:

    I’m from Sweden, which is a blessing these days as my local junkie store.. I mean local gaming store is still open and I can go there and play 🙂

    Thanks for the feed back guys, it’s very useful to hear from people who have actually played the list and can give a bit of insight. I find it pretty hard to understand a list from just reading what models it contains and then read warscrolls and try to figure out what is good/what is fun. 

    Me too! Well Stockholm. I'd offer to play and show you the ropes but as anyone who plays at my local knows, I barely get time to play other than tournaments :D

  17. 5 hours ago, Marcvs said:

    all the target of the bites must be declared at the same time

    tbh I can see why they think that, but it doesn't say that you pick all at once. Just that you pick 3 or more. TO decision is always best in any case!

  18. 1 hour ago, Maturin said:

    I do get it now, thanks.

    Well if they do that, it's clearly anti-game. I wouldn't like to play against someone like that

    I think they maybe just misunderstand what is happening - before I decide if they're trying to misinterpret.

    Its normal that most damage in the game is taken at once after multiple weapons have been rolled. Then the opponent removes casualties at once.

    I have played OBR and Tzeentch which both have replace on death mechanics and on both occasions they were okay with replacing as each bite roll was completed before the next was rolled.

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  19. Just now, Maturin said:

    Sorry I do'nt get what you mean here what do you think they'll complain about.

    It's because the Tzeentch players are waiting until 3 models have been eaten then placing whatever they can via split from those 3 at once. Which means:

    42 minutes ago, Marcvs said:

    I cannot try and break coherency unless I am eating brimstones.

    But if the Tzeentch player has to place after each model is slain, they've to be more careful with how they setup their unit the entire match when a stardrake is near the pinks.

    It increases the pressure on them, and the chances of error and losing a chunk of horrors to battleshock

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  20. 26 minutes ago, Marcvs said:

    Jaws ( "For each bite") which suggests that each bite resolves independently.

    I mean, I play it (and have never heard issues with) as if it is resolved independently.

    When you attack with claws and hammer - multiple attacks - wounds are allocated after, then models are slain and removed fully in opponents control. Cavernous jaws doesn't play exactly by those rules/that flow.

    Wording wise its - pick one or more (so you can try to bite the same model 3 times - ergo you resolve before you choose subsequent bite targets) targets after pile in and before main attacks.

    You pick the target and roll - if its above wounds stat on warscroll the target is slain. Removed right away. & Pinks split when slain. Then you would repeat.

    I mean they will prob challenge (because it means they've to play so much more carefully) and itll then need TO (or FAQ). But it is a sequence. It ends. Then you can do it X times.

    I'd bring it up before the match I think so at least you are both on the same page :P

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  21. 1 hour ago, Marcvs said:

    Though I am very happy with the outcome, I know that this was a lucky matchup.

    But it sounds like you played it perfectly :D great job!

    57 minutes ago, Marcvs said:

    Anyway, I am not saying that this is an unsolvable problem, I will think more about it before the game and we'll see what I can do.

    When is the next match played? And when do you find out the scenario? This one is very scenario/opponent skill dependent - I think that is where you want the most luck here. I have beaten a similar list mainly due to the scenario.


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