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  1. For a standard model (I'm a slow neat freak) about 2 - 3 hrs ish per model maybe more
  2. For a while I regretted it big time as I've developed a lot as a painter. But now I've reached a compromise with myself where I paint sc so rarely that when I do it's just my neat and fast gold scheme (Ive done it so much). Minimal fun. I then devote lots of time (and colour) to planning and painting other armies.
  3. That is a good question I'm glad I don't have to get to the bottom of that one just at the moment - bed time haha
  4. Added in the Drakes claws (without rr1s to hit v with) supposing you burned another cp on rr failed wound rolls: I think it's quite a strong case for a Heraldor @Nizrah? If I've got all modifiers right. Again, test a few list variants!
  5. But wait now, we can see the plan he (or she) is going for with the stormwing, stormbound blade and vindicators combo: It will work now and again - the exact amount of times it is worth it (and fun!) is the thing you want to playtest to find out. The full combo is lovely: Hero phase Celestial blades for 3+ to wound Move phase 2+ for d3 mw Charge phase 2+ for d3 mw rr hits of 1 D3 extra attacks on blade Combat phase Activate CA for +1 Attacks on melee weapons (is this the claws too? I think it is, it's only artefacts and traits that don't affect mounts unless stated iirc) You could activate LCoSD CA for rr wounds on great claws Activate artefact for +2 Attacks on the blade Activate drake & pile in - 2+ d3 mw Eat if possible & Swing away Merrill Hits of 6 are 3 wound rolls at damage 3 Then swing tail Stars align and you do 9 mw with stormwinged then you might humbly ask your opponent to make 27 save rolls or take 81 damage from the sword alone I've allowed for all buffs and input with (max 3) and without inescapable vengeance (charge), and the reality is more like: Source - https://aos-statshammer.herokuapp.com/ That's for the sword alone and 14.5 is not shabby at all but as you can see, the main downside is the low rend. It will do more damage than a defensive drake list for sure but my only word of caution is that it's adding a tasty offensive bonus to a warscroll that's amazing at holding up against unbelievable odds, reflecting damage and peppering mw from afar, occasionally coming out with the full 3 mw on a target. So I tend to build to support that. The range of staunch is more in keeping with holding the drake within range of buffs - warding lantern and casters in range of arcane lineage (celestial blades range in your list too) and not going all in fast. I think with what you lose out on you need to be more aggressive with the drake as opposed to defensive - each round you're not charging (I think a Heraldor would accentuate your list) into combat is wasting all this focus on a melee beatstick LCoSD. However, ppl say the drake's aren't playable at all and they are wrong. Who's to say this combo (which I've considered) won't work out nicely on the tabletop? I experienced this last Saturday, I could have played without Anvils and not noticed. The threat of it kept ppl on their toes though - they didn't want a protracted drake engagement. Note - I'm terrible at mathhammer and working out what is likely to be good before a game with a list. Hence this whole thread and 2019 / now going into 2020 Starcast project. I need to feel a game before I know good or bad. At least in execution - broadly speaking I know good and bad ideas beforehand.
  6. Test it out and let us know how it goes! It looks solid
  7. Yep they are psychological weapons for us but when they make an impact its a 5 wound hero or half a hammer unit
  8. Indeed I find blending tough, I think either extreme (Starcast or Shootcast) is stronger when pure. That said, I am considering a test with 6hurricane raptors and 2x3 Aetherwings. 380 pts. I'd drop the drakesworn (which is often clutch with tempest axe pile in reduction) first test. Allegiance: Stormcast EternalsMortal Realm: AqshyCelestant-Prime (340)Lord-Celestant on Stardrake (500)- General- Celestine Hammer- Trait: Staunch Defender- Artefact: Ignax's Scales- Mount Trait: Storm-wingedLord-Castellant (120)Knight-Incantor (140)Lord-Exorcist (120)5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield6 x Vanguard-Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows (280)3 x Aetherwings (50)3 x Aetherwings (50)Everblaze Comet (100)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 94 The way I play and what I don't like meeting, this could be useful. I'd drop them to be in position to block charges, they could hold objectives and let libs act as speed bumps. They're not bad against the likes of gotrek either.
  9. It was great meeting on total commitment, equally punished I like that we had a great chat during and after the match. Two old stormcast veterans, few warscroll card checks needed. It's like we said we are all practising a faction in a relatively average to poor state and an update will catapult us up the tables with our existing models (unless they just release a new better chamber with battleline elite and sundry again). I love playing starcast but it's got a few hard counters you're almost guaranteed to meet at a big tournament, without lucky match ups. And in a similar vein to anvilstrike, as @jhamslamsays, you don't have the leeway to make mistakes that other factions might do. Until the update (summer this year feels right for the flagship faction) I'll keep fiddling with lists and just learning how to play the elusive perfect tournament game with my list.
  10. I was thinking more of dropping the 2nd drake but then you lose more nice things. Rain of Stars isn't always a failure, bites are supreme right now in many matchups, hordes aren't a problem with only chip damage when you've 2 drakes AND +2 to cast is part of what makes the comet reliable. With 1 drake less it's 5+ instead of 4+ which doesn't seem like much but your success rate goes from 75% to 66% or something
  11. You mean unbind (post r1 where you place them to be sure it's not unbound)? If the opponents would just dispell my comet in my current 1 caster list Id be sooo happy This is true the best order/SC player on Saturday ran Anvilstrike and we had a laugh about how he did not want to meet me at all. He's a good player though and I'd not consider it a done deal right off. He's good with the list, a good SC player and the last two tournaments we've been at together we've matched results. Our specific weaknesses are different just.
  12. I want to say it is exciting because I love Deathriders but on Saturday a local tourney I was at had an OBR player place 1st with Nagash, Arkhan and 3x10 guard. I think that list with 25 deathriders above may have gained its core strength from a petrifex nagash. IE Take him in a petrifex OBR list and then 1100 points of whatever. That said, Im curious about how it plays. Id love to try it (with maybe Katakros, Arkhan and the deathriders - I like the new models).
  13. Once he gets rolling other lists have no chance v him I think! But starcast takes the head off the snake, no general no waagh pts. He did try to split his heroes but the comet reaches like 22" in total diameter Anyway, my next plan is double caster as I want the comet every turn, it's already so impactful Rd 1. Maybe even a balewind. I didn't dispel and recast the comet at all on sat as I preferred to cast mystic shield or azyrite halo. I feel that with a very defensive prime (I misplayed him again in 2 matches) will improve my results again. 'm on the fence about losing out on double drake. It really feels like my list is "perfect" for what it aims to do. Its just learning to pilot it more and more. I'm 14 wins and 7 losses with starcast variants at 5 tournaments the last Yr. That's good but there are still some matches where I feel I could do better
  14. I played a small tourney yesterday and Petrifex won (albeit a Nagash, Arkhan and 3 x 10 Mortek list) - but I equalled or bettered the results (2 wins 1 loss) of 2 of the Petrifex Ossiarch players with my kooky SCE Starcast list. I don't think they are super OP and new releases need time to settle. At the same time, wouldn't it be better if they levelled out the subfactions internally? Like even if Petrifex gets a pass (much as Hagg nar did) when we build an Ossiarch list, wouldn't it be nice to want to try null myriad, a wild Ivory Host list, or even a super cool mounted stalliarch list? I'd propose they swap Bludgeon and Temper Fury (Ivory Host) for instance. Something like that. Its still entirely possible that they get nerfed though. It probably depends on which GW design employee (and how influential they are) gets murdered by them at a grand tournament in their own free time.
  15. Met sc list with 6 desolators and 6 dracolines last match. Major win on total commitment scenario. List is still grand. To improve to beat the stonehorn type lists (my pal was undefeated with his 6 and came in 3rd. Another list with 4 was 2nd place) would be more experiments. And I think its more than stormcast has in them at the moment. Spontaneously thinking of hurricane crossbows and aetherwings but the vultures and crossbows still mean you're not as protected as you think. Hm. Back to planning and otherwise painting ossiarchs. Lists from one day event: here Results for the one day event : https://tabletop.to/stockholm-slaughter-iii/ladder
  16. Everything was bad ^^ Ish, I had v bad dice luck but honestly this isn't the list to beat 6 stonehorns Met great waagh r2. Major win. Lots of synergy from support heroes is my match up of choice lol
  17. Ok 6 stonehorns 2 stronk. He got the double and its over!
  18. The tournament has realm artefacts banned. I'm running anvils starcast experiment build so no staunch! Means he has no ethereal though I've some ideas that might work but he reads the forums so I'll wait till after the match to share ^^
  19. Yes there are lists starcast shouldn't do well against. I think those are the lists that give stormcast issues fullstop though. I look forward to seeing what I can or can't do v 6 stonehorns
  20. I like the vortex idea with 1 caster. Speaking of cast bonuses, the grand convocation with 2 drakes test match i played, I was deployed near arcane terrain ^^ +4!
  21. My own thoughts are that anyone that down and negative couldn't possibly ignore the barbs thrown in return for their mad posts. You can't be so zen and yet driven to post depressing cities of sigmar laments at the same time. At least I think so. So alas I think it's a troll.
  22. Yes, tbh I can't think of a winning strat it's kind of self-flagelating haha I may tell my pal that I'll let the gods decide my fate instead First match is focal points so that favours him a lil too with everything so compact. Ill probably aim for double and deploy very deeply or split all forces. I will need the prime to be an assassin.. But the chip mw strat is put off with no discernable support chars and5+ ward saves. If I got prime into some near enough at the top of the double to charge and kill then activate heroes of another age and kill again then thats ONLY 4 left lol Ill need to get a charge in against things I want taken out but be wary of the metal cruncher as you said. He has +1 wound on all, +2 move and charge (then hungry on top). Wondering how he'll trigger his mawpot with this list? Not confident! May abort
  23. In the name of science I've grudged my first matchup - against the list that worries me most. Enemy is: Starcast needs to work hard to beat this.
  24. You deploy in the celestial realm using the warscroll battalion rules in this case. So no restrictions or R3 deadline. When you arrive on the board, you get the benefits of lightning strike deployment in scions rules (-1 to hit)
  25. Yes you are right about Astral Templars in this case. CV are good but your save worsens only with the artefact - which you're not getting. I think Celestial Warbringers might bring something really interesting to the table, especially in the format you've laid out for us. I myself am testing non-staunch on Saturday and not having to worry about the charge when I am running scenarios through in my head is kind of freeing! That Petrifex get +1 army wide with no penalty is just so fantastic (to say nothing of "Bludgeon") - it was great meeting them yesterday.
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