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  1. | Martin | | Stormcast | Lord Arcanum on Gryph-Charger Knight-Incantor, 2 x 5 Sequitors, Celestar Ballista, 3 Evocators, 2 x 3 Castigators, 2 x 5 Liberators2 x 5 JudicatorsKnight venator2 x Knight Azyros, Endless Spell - Chronomatic Cog.| THERE MAY BE ERRORS FROM TRANSCRIPTION |
  2. It's not the core book but a booklet containing: " the Age of Sigmar Update Booklet, which will contain updated rules for all of the miniatures contained in the Age of Sigmar Starter Sets. " What might be interesting to know is, if this includes warscrolls etc, is this referring only to a printed version of the rules? Unless the rules for the minis (I read this as warscrolls) are free, no?
  3. I suspect this functionality will be altered in 2.0. As a proud LCoSD fan (from before they were cool ;)) it's not fun for some opponents to find out they can't do anything to the drake. There are ways around that ofc (tarpit the drake) but even so, I don't think it's necessarily fun for all involved.
  4. It is the Drybrushed ball of creeping deadlines
  5. They've done nothing really BUT depending on scenarios and points reductions it may be fine. Realistically they can't give the factions that need serious reworks the work they need as part of a massive overhaul of all systems. I guess we'll see how everything pans out but I'm not expecting to switch my project to BCR just at the moment (maybe I'll actually give them a few games though!)
  6. They'll release then with marketing targeting "New 9th Age of sigmar"
  7. They're doing more than one a day though right? (Or they could) Imagine if they skip some factions totally!
  8. As someone who has managed some very toxic communities in the past I can recommend this thread be locked before it reaches 200 pages of debate between "my ancestors died for the free speech of the internet" and "if you are worried you're part of the problem!" Even the nice communities fall foul of that debate. It's a bit zeitgeist-y - the world is writ small in all online spaces.
  9. I will check my recipe book after work for you!
  10. Maggotkin casting is not great at getting bonuses to rolls. The nurgle players are worrying about meeting LoN and Tzeentch as well
  11. There will be ways around it (msu for example) and the lists that start rising to the top and winning will have the 'right stuff' to do well even when they draw the short straw of shyish with a strong spell casting opponent. The only question for me is - will the meta be interesting taking all the changes in question into account. I think it's too early to say (personally). I do like the idea of strong magic.
  12. The example refers to both, so, well, everyone answering is part right it seems lol
  13. This reads like in his specific example he rolls once for only one enemy unit. In fact, the blight kings are not generating the discharge on the same unit: So he rolls for each enemy unit. He's not rolling for each blight king unit (and stacking the discharge on the same enemy unit), just enemy units in range of any bk unit. I've crossed out the bit from his post that might confuse. Just wondering if I understand it right myself You are 100% right but the example threw me.
  14. To clarify, I'd love to see the ability removed entirely from Thundertusks and instead perhaps 2 big mortal wound on 6 tusk attacks. Or something a bit more thematic when the model is taken into consideration!
  15. Following your posts and then channel I think I know what you mean. I get this kind of vibe: You like AoS for a bunch of reasons - including potential for competive gaming. However, you come from a more tightly built system, where competition is a more important framework. Maybe it's an entry via competition that then opens up into hobby (such as your really unique take on the mixed order list and your cool stormcast stuff) Whereas myself (and perhaps a lot on the boards) come at this scene perhaps from the opposite entry path - "I can play competitive games with these awesome models? Cool!" From there perhaps you - someone who knows how a properly built competitive tabletop experience should work - see a lot of silly and easily fixable design decisions that don't give you the confidence to look at AoS as a competitive game system (at least not one designed as such from the ground up). I mean you can't help but couch your opinions (even positive) in that light. Then those of us in the latter camp are (usually) just happy if things sort of work or, like long-suffering spouses, are just numb to this. I dunno! I just know I like your content. It always feels balanced.
  16. Yes I think this is more accurate. What's interesting is that it's like a hybrid. It's a missile profile with a hit roll that lives in the ability section which is modified by the damage table. I'm not sure if GW are consistent with these kinds of things but I predict (slash I wish) this aspect of Thundertusks disappearing in 2.0 - or when BCR get a tome update.
  17. Yeah I might try them with my 3 yr old if they are safe enough. I love how excited and grateful kids can be
  18. I'm 35 but you aren't wrong! I dont think you guys are angry, just that you have strong feelings. But it's OK to be angry. It does not invalidate opinion.
  19. Oh gw absolutely shouldn't make light of any upset fans. Something about this touches a nerve with some. I can write what I like though. Well I mean. Within some kind of reason.
  20. But if you want to race cars and not motorcycles you want more ppl with cars to race against? And remember, it's toy cars and motorcycles. Before everyone buys into big cars anyway. IF they still want to race.
  21. Okay, okay I'm not trying to be mean about how you guys feel right now. Something has touched a nerve and you've every right to express it. BUT I mean, "angry that kids get something" is a classic way to seem a bit spoiled. Thinking that kids deserve more respect is different (and you do express this if I trim away your angry wordy words: I get that. I liked the universe when young too because it was a bit different. I was also a bit weird mind you. Aiming at my age group, then, more broadly would have (potentially) attracted a greater audience. Some kids might like what we didn't and kids like us might have more hobby buddies to play with.
  22. Awww! Have a lollipop and don't be frightened of the different books for other kiddies little ones!
  23. This is the only thing I'm really discussing at the moment. The big picture is clouded. When the clouds clear, ppl can debate. imo.
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