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  1. Some are listed on the boards here but a lot are just on the FB pages. The Swedish one The main Stockholm one I don't know where you are placed and don't want to upset any FARMERS (lol*) from Linköping or somewhere miles away like that but the pure odds say Stockholm is maybe where you are from. *Jag öva på min svensk skitsnack det går så där @Jonatan
  2. Oh ****** this is a topic I'm perfectly placed to answer! I've learned okay Swedish during my 5 yrs here but when playing (due to the mass of English terms) I often just speak English. Everyone is totally okay with this. Some prefer to speak Swedish back because I understand it now. I don't think it'll be any bother at all
  3. I don't have any excellent lists in mind but some things ppl include in lists often are: Combine the Glottkin with plague monks (or marauders with blades) for offense Combine the harbinger with bks for defense Combine blight cyst and gutrot Combine plaguebearers with a unit count of 30 (:P they really don't need much BUT a daemon hero - think herald - will give them a free mystic shield via their locus) for defense Combine any high attack count unit (perhaps attained by buffs - like glottkin and monks or GUO and 6 drones) with blades 4 has kind of fallen out of favour. Blades is very unreliable. You can still do great if you focus on objective play but often you'll lack a hammer. That's why a favourite is plague monks with a glottkin. I find that the things that you see in a lot of lists are: Gutrot and 5 or 10 bks; 30 plaguebearers; Rotigus & Festus I love the amount of units you can include in a Nurgle army but I think the main weakness of the faction right now is that a lot of damage and great combos that rely on a spell cast and there are almost 0 spell cast bonuses so you'll rarely have what you need when you need it on the board.
  4. I think thats a good point nearly all infamous units, combos and lists are until people figure them out. So, yes, the SD has been around now a long time and most people know it. So what I think the secret sauce is, is using it in new ways with other units or strategies. When that potential runs out (some think it has) then it's kind of going to always fall off the top tables. I, however, am not convinced all Stardrake potential has been mined just yet even if I agree that it's never going to be a damaging monster in the conventional sense. I'm using it in a very low model count list - against the current grain of thinking - and I quite like how it plays. It's by no means going to be taken on by the best and most experienced players and go on to win big tourneys, but it's something I'll play with for a few tournaments. Basically, if the Stardrake is the only thing for the opponent to think about, then you won't do well but the more tricks you add the more you keep ppl on their toes, anxious and mistake-prone!
  5. It can be worth the risk if the big guy/gal needs to be somewhere else in combat with a specific unit trying to avoid it (opponent knows to tarpit it with a pointless cheap unit)
  6. The only thing is the GUOs command ability only works on daemons. Glottkin is best if there are a lot of mortal units. Right now it's like Maggotkin have a lot of great base units, then some decent synergies but only from 50% of characters to 50% of units. Then the other 50% are only good for the other 50%. So you end up with mostly lists of one type, even if a mix is in theory excellent (because units are naturally so good). I like mixing and I am mostly punished when facing other buff or synergetic factions.
  7. I just gotta add that I love the stardrake as a SC player using one. I think with the right combo its nuts. However... I think it is pretty much in the 'not fun boohoo' category for your opponent. Fixing that (making it killable) would render it very much in limbo and the scroll would need a bunch of adjustments.
  8. Would it be accurate to say that, when thinking of a decent list to build (and models to buy) it's going to be a battalion from one of the races and then the rest of the points will be masses of grots?
  9. Thricefold befoulment with a bunch of chaff isn't so bad I hear
  10. have you seen that episode of Vikings where Björn Ironside is getting down and dirty with a princess and she slaps him in the face and he likes it?
  11. No that's the equally phenomenal Roger Axelsson https://instagram.com/raxhammer Not sure of colours though!
  12. I have had ok success with grönsåpa for plastic and metal, but I'm interested in trying new stuff too!
  13. I like bright armies and yours is no exception! Keep sharing
  14. Working on a handful of chaos warriors while I wait for new project inspiration (spoiler its those new gits I bet) Banner is 2nd freehanded banner in my life and the best part is it is totally spontaneous and barely barely related to my candyrot (whom inspired the colours for these slaves to darkness)
  15. What is best in life in one image. Pray may they be the best choice for that unit. If the shortblades version ends up great on the table I don't care!
  16. I feel like it's almost a successful business case for a reboot of a long existing product line. In very specific circumstances: Niche interest (those interested are often very interested), Collection based (many players had all they wanted for their army(s) and simply added little drabs here and there), Complex rule base (drives away casual players and takes time to balance), Rules shuffling (players bought books but the time required for changes and balance meant the changes were tweaks - between editions), Barely profitable (according to the sales reports), Ancient franchise (many lapsed players - little to draw them back to the "active purchaser" crowd), Company has 0 belief that they can mitigate the damage the reboot is about to do to their most loyal users. Along comes AoS and you want to do as much as possible to get the casuals in. You want scorched earth, a clean slate. Something just short of actually insulting your existing hardcore userbase within the small user niche. You figure - you gamble - that those who are amenable to collecting again from scratch love the hobby for more than rules only (or will find a way to love the rules in their own fashion). You anticipate you lose goodwill and face rage. But you have a plan. I think points were always there as a plan (maybe a plan B but not pulled out of their ass). That's just my belief though. Could it have been better mitigated? Absolutely. Would the possibly resource intensive, expensive steps to mitigate it reduce the blind, red-hot rage of the average hardcore fan? Absolutely not. I think they all knew the models that were coming were mind-blowing and would draw ppl back after long hiatuses (without worrying about WHFB rules) and entice in the WHFB players who had cooled after they processed the loss of the old world. Interesting topic but I am not sure if it'll go anywhere in the long run! Edit/ oh! I wasn't around for the endtimes, but was it clear then they were going to explode the franchise? I can see the possibility that they hid that thinking "what about ppl who might buy stuff but won't as it's ending? And it'll put a real downer on AoS's launch..." I think that was a mistake. Make the endtimes period an informed end of the era. Let the old game cover the grief and rage. The new era of sales would come anyway.
  17. I like a bunch of these ideas but there's one drawback and it may be the biggest - it's certainly the problem in a lot of lists I try. Blades is ultra-critical. No successful blades cast, no punch (on any durable unit). I've personally been contemplating moving away from blades and the units that use it (plague monks - although these have punch to spare - & Plague Drones for instance) and just getting 2 more GUOs (1 of which rotigus) for thricefold.
  18. I feel like I could buy everything and throw meta to the wind. I also feel like if unit spam of one or two of the new releases proves to be best, I could do that too. I also feel like I could collect, convert, paint and play this army only henceforth. It's just the hype talking, I need to lie down a while. I don't paint fast anyway, so this is a year long project for me
  19. Army of Squig knights with fanatic support. Trollish army. Balanced classic goblin approach. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to buy 7 boxes Squig knights with lances in the end ...
  20. I'm not about to say no to an army of squigs and squig riders tbh
  21. V excited to do some destruction now. Am I a bit foolish to hope (seeing I am starting from scratch) to see a few "elite" options for army lists? A blob of 30 or so night goblins with some fanatics, squigs adn then LOTS of trolls could be awesome.
  22. Doing some endless spells to sorta match the nurgle theme Might add another colour to the tips, a bit of nearly rainbow flame.
  23. Ive used this battalion for 1 tournament previously and am using them again in 11 days. I like it because I like running demons and don't have the models for an effective tallyband (and dont have 3 GUOs). It seems great for the price apart from 2 things: 1) The nurglings aren't really what you want and so, really, are part of the battalion cost. 2) If you don't plan on running Horti then he's part of the cost too and then it's a really steep tax My list is barebones (I'm a slow painter) and kind of MSU bar the 30 pb unit. Rerolling 1s is neat if you get blades off on drones (and you take 6, I've only painted 3 :S) and extra pb regen is always nice. I'm a fan but it loses out for sure to the bk battalions that others favour. Or 3 GUOs.
  24. I think it's because most things you might invest in offensively buffing PBs buff other units better. And defensively buffing PBs is almost unnecessary. To top it off, there's not much that can specifically make PBs better, they're just great based on their warscroll (at 30). I'm trying riticulturalists for the hit bonus on all in the battalion in case I want to throw blades on the PBs instead of drones (of which I've only painted 3). In a similar vein, I'd love to try multiple units of 10xpbs. I'd like for them to be more than just a summoning option. It'd improve my opinion of Tallyband for instance.
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