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  1. Welcome. Expecting some good painting from you with a name like that.
  2. Made a small amount of Dwarf progress since last week.
  3. I had a similar discussion when using my Dwarf Runelord near the woods. Even though he can dispell magic, and the abilities he has are very similar to magic, they are definitely not magic and don't trigger the woods. My opponent reluctantly agreed, but he didn't seem convinced.
  4. Got these guys based, and a box of skyriggers to build. Hopefully be able to use them at the weekend.
  5. I got this, and am really happy with it. I have it on my desk most of the time, and carry it down into the living room to paint in front of the telly. http://www.cogotwo.com/gaming/paint-station-detail The website only has one picture for some reason, but there's a review here with some more. http://gravengames.co.uk/paint-hobby-station-review/
  6. Second this. It also means your wife doesn't get upset because you are upstairs ignoring her. You're just in the same room ignoring her, which is apparrently ok.
  7. If you had a conga line of models with just one close enough to the enemy model/unit to attack, the way pile in works lets you move that model around the back to allow models from behind him to follow up and get into combat. If you had to just take a direct route into base contact, the guys behind would all have to wait and attack one by one, like in an old martial arts film.
  8. What is this heresy?
  9. He probably won't be able to do highlighting without messing up the model, might frustrate him. Drybrushing on the hair should be ok though, it doesn't require a steady hand. Focus on getting the base colours done neatly, as as best he can. And remember, two thin coats.
  10. I'm not sure I've seen any cool kids around, but welcome. Those armies look fantastic, I especially like the colour scheme on the conclave of corruption.
  11. Looks great. Makes me want to actually open my spire of dawn box and get them painted.
  12. Use him as an Unforged, which is the new name for the dragon slayer. Or you could use the Grimwrath Bezerker from the fireslayers list, same points, looks potentially more useful in combat against weaker/horde units.
  13. Bit of a mixture of everything. For bigger games (2000 points), mainly my list used to be decided by what models I have. I've recently started to get a few more bits assembled, so I now have a bit more choice, and I've been playing a lot of 1000 point games, so actually have to think about a list. I'll normally try and pick a couple of units that are good statswise, with good synergy, or useful for the specific scenario/enemy, but then I'll make up the rest with stuff I think is cool, or I feel like playing with. I play dwarfs, and often use slayers, because who doesn't want angry gingers with axes wearing only trousers? I also play my hammerers a lot because I love the models, and I like the paint job I've done on them. And big hammers are cool, even if they're not always the best unit for the points. I also only have 10 quarrellers right now, and I play them because I like them, even though they'd be much more effective in a bigger unit.
  14. I came here to ask you the same question.
  15. I bought a pack of 3 liberators just to paint, willing to give up one of them. What in the way of bitz do you have?
  16. Not sure about paint, but you could try using green stuff or similar and pressing something textured like leather against it.
  17. Not sure yet if I can make it, but definitely interested.
  18. Can't really remember exactly how I got into the game. I know at school in the early 90s when I was about 9 or 10, some bigger boys had Citadel combat cards. Basically top trumps with warhammer models, like the Bloodthirster below. From there I must have found out about Games Workshop, and got Warhammer for Christmas one year (the box with high elves & orcs and goblins) and I remember my mum taking me to a GW store and a helpful man suggesting that I start collecting more orcs & goblins because they were his favourite. I got a few squigs and fanatics, but then switched to the elves. At some point, I don't remember why, I switched to collecting dwarfs and have done ever since. I also played a lot of blood bowl and bought some random 40k stuff that I liked, but never played much more than a few 500ish point games of 40k. Then I went to uni and pretty much forgot about the hobby until last year when my mum moved house and dumped a couple of boxes full of models at my door. I think I was looking up prices on the GW website while considering selling stuff on ebay, and I saw all the AoS banners. Starting reading into it, and decided to get back into the game. I also recently got into Infinity through the club I play AoS at.
  19. I bought some baking trays from the pound shop.
  20. I saw a comment the other day that said something like, "It's obvious what the rule means, anyone who can read English can see". Yes, that's why there were 4 pages of discussion about what it actually is supposed to mean.
  21. Do you need to subscribe to certain topics? If so, is it just a case of stumbling across ones you like? I have also never used instagram, but I might sign up and post a few pictures, but I'd like to look at pretty stuff for inspiration.
  22. Welcome. Not sure if you know, but there's a new dwarf release coming out in April, the Kharadron Overlords. A kind of steampunk version of dwarfs who have airships and balloons. At the moment compendium rules are generally accepted, but there has been talk of no longer accepting them in some tournaments. I just play that the joke rules are active and you don't need to do the action or whatever, not sure what the ruling is in tournaments.
  23. How much do you want for him? Stripped would be good.
  24. I have no idea how this relates to the topic, but Sun Tzu was a bit of a ****** in that story.
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