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  1. Sign me up bud for the 2-dayer! May even aim for some sort of new army!
  2. Sadly @Dez is right in my opinion. Right now I just can't seem to get them to fulfill a suitable role
  3. I'm looking at taking the following this weekend at 1000 points. I have a deadline so I've added a second Plagueclaw. My preference would actually be two units of 30 Plague Monks to make best use of the Congregation of Filth reroll charges Ability. Furnace 2 x 20 Monks Priest 2 Plagueclaw Congregation of Filth It could go well but equally it could be terrible! Depends on match ups. 4 games this weekend so will let you know how I get on
  4. Right. Progress! Deadline is 18th Feb for this lot so have had to drop off twenty Plague Monks in favour of a Plague Claw. Still need to finish Furnace, including it's base, and eighteen or so Monks.
  5. Hi folks - really interested in this. Do my models/kit bash/conversions ideally have to be from GW AoS range or are other manufacturers encouraged? Malifaux/Reaper in particular have some excellent minis which would be perfect for AoS28. For example, my old Skaven BSB has been sitting on my shelf since 8th Ed. With the existing points and rules I haven't quite found a use for him in AoS yet. But in AoS28, the "Pied Piper of Nuln" could be perfect when coupled up with a few choice Skaven kit bashes. Appreciate your thoughts on this I've always been amazed that GW never produced a "Pied Piper" model. Seemed such an obvious fit to me with Skaven!
  6. Posted on Twitter but thought I'd share progress here too! Working on the base for my Plague Furnace and Plague Claw tonight. Back to Monks then!!
  7. Ticket bought. Consider me signed up! ?
  8. I'm joining the fun! Aiming for 1k pure Pestilens . Will keep you updated on progress!
  9. Hi folks Really glad I found this topic as I'm considering a Pestilens army for this year. Before getting into the nitty gritty of unit choice (I'm pretty set of auto including one Foulrain Congregation so I have 1280 points to play with) I'd like to know how you find this army to play? i.e. A total PITA to move? I figure if I go for a Congregation of Filth (Furnace plus two units of Plague Monks, 30-40 in size I assume) it will take a long time to deploy and move. Cheers Edit: Following recent FAQ about Battalions/Formations I'm assuming Lord Skrolk can no longer be counted as the Plague Priest for any of the Battalions?
  10. I believe there were some scrolls banned. In the back of my mind there were certain things disallowed. Not a whole range though. Interesting direction and good insight to 2017 Indy (and possibly GW) tournament scene.
  11. Remember though you need to include formation points (if you want to use it) You want to compliment what's there. Your battleline is sorted at 1000 points but more often than not you'll be using Inspiring Presence rather than the Warlord's Command Ability to keep one of those units up. The Wind Mortar is ok, you'll probably want to concentrate it on the Swordmasters but 4+ to hit isn't the best! At least you get +1 if the enemy unit is at full strength. If you can get one, another Warpfire Thrower would be great as potential for 2D6 MW would really help you out. Only problem is the short range of course. So a Warp Lightning Cannon would bring this army to bang on 1000 pointsand give you he long range threat which you sorely miss. If you use the formation you'll only have two drops two which might give you the choice of who gets turn one edit - the HElf Mage has a great 6+ ward save spell so you might want to blast him off the table first ?
  12. Knowing what's in that box I'd say you couldn't go wrong with another couple of Rat Ogors and maybe some long range threat. warp lightning cannon how many any points is the SoD worth?
  13. I've always played it like that (if I was in combat) Agree - I just meant that the 'name' of many units is now followed by 'with X'. Wight kings, plague priests to name a couple more. Would seem stupid to discount them but again it's a badly thought or worded FAQ. It it should be clear with no room to wiggle to establish intent surely?
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