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  1. Tullbeard

    AoS 2 - Darkling Covens Discussion

    Thanks a lot for the tips and great advice. Yeah it’s a shame I don’t have time to change the army list much at the moment. But I am going to the Gt final in October so I have plenty of time to tweak it for then. For that, I could drop a sorceress and the command point to put in another 10 executioners. What are your views of the Heartrenders? I like them for objective grabbing, but do you think I’d be better putting those points into executioners?
  2. Tullbeard

    AoS 2 - Darkling Covens Discussion

    Hi all, I’ve been playing around with a few different Darkling Covens lists to take to the upcoming Blackout tournament in Cardiff. The choice of list is somewhat driven by what I have painted and what I think is realistic to paint in time. The list has 3 main elements: 1. Four sorceresses, 2 on dragons, to provide a great deal of magical support (and really push that army identity) 2. The Thrall Warhost batallion 3. Two units of khinerai heart renders to provide a degree of movement flexibility for objective seizing. So the list is: 1 Sorceresss on Black Dragon (General) -Impossibly Swift; Incorporeal Retainer 1 Sorceress on Black Dragon - Decanter of Egos 1 Sorceress 1 Sorceress 20 Black Guard 10 Executioners 10 Dark Shards 10 Dark Shards 10 Dreadspears 5 Khinerai Heartrenders 5 Khinerai Heartrenders Thrall Warhost Geminids of Uhl-Gysh Chronomantic Cogs Extra Command Point The Thrall Warhost is fairly bare bones in terms of the executioners and Black guard unit sizes; but I don’t really have time to add another block or two to them. Plus 10 executioners is still plenty to put a serious dent in most things. I personally prefer the 20 Black Guard. With Cogs, Decanter of Egos and an extra command point (for run and charge), i have a surprising amount of speed I could unlock if the enemy doesn’t deploy correctly and the Cogs go off. If that doesn’t work, I can fall back on the good counter-charge tactics of the batallion. The heartrenders are for dropping on objectives and maybe annoying/slightly threatening (I’m in no illusions about their relatively limited damage potential) enemy wizards etc. Blackout is using Realm rules (including spells)and so having 4 spell casters will give me plenty of spells to choose from. I like the double dragon option, as it lets my general (and coven master) hang back, whilst the other can charge headlong into danger! What are people’s thoughts on the dragons base size? Mine are currently based on 120x92, and I think they look great. Personally not looking forward to moving them to smaller ovals. Any way, would love to hear people’s thoughts on the list and any tactics for during the game.
  3. Tullbeard

    New Aelves

    One thing I’ve been thinking about is the history of Morathi. Morathi has always been the sorceress Queen more-so than a worshipper of Khaine (hence the bad blood between her and Hellebron). Her city of Ghrond in the world that was was where all the sorceresses came from. It certainly looks like the Daughters of Khaine faction will be falling under Morathi and this looks great. But I can’t image that she will have suddenly lost her affinity with magic - she is the head of the sorceresses. So, isn’t it possible that Darkling Covens get folded into this new faction as well? Lets recall the lore of the Darkling Covens which is that the foot soldiers are all mindless thralls of the sorceresses. It would make sense for these sorceresses to fall in line behind the old leader of their order.
  4. Tullbeard

    Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Heat 1

    I’m going too. Think I’ll be taking my stormcast list after being destroyed with my dark elves at last years heat!
  5. Tullbeard

    The Rumour Thread

    https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/03/22/rumour-engine-march-22nd-2017/ looking great. Dark Aelf with a pet dragon? We have precedent with the old dreadlord on foot with his pet dragon. Any other ideas?
  6. Tullbeard

    Bases for Artillery

    Hi all, just wanted to get people's thoughts on whether it is appropriate to put artillery on a proper base. Now, questions about basing mainly apply from a Tournament perspective (I.e. Round vs square), so I'm coming at it from that same angle. When I say artillery, im mainly considering the older artillery models with separate crew (e.g. The Ironweld Arsenal warscrolls, or the Elf Bolt Throwers). A lot of people (myself included) I know use the artillery without any bases (the crew would obviously have bases). Would this be accepted in a tournament setting? The warscrolls for the Ironweld Arsenal show pictures where the artillery isn't based; so I'm assuming that means games workshop are fine with it from their perspective. So, do you guys base your artillery?
  7. Tullbeard

    Blot Toads and their interaction

    The core rules and FAQ specifies that a unit is a group of one or more models. So a unit is by definition a model. I think the correct answer is also in the core rules. This states (in the warscrolls and units section) that a model is described by a warscroll. As there is no Blot Toad warscroll, he can't be a model. i think you're right, but for the wrong reasons.
  8. Tullbeard

    Blot Toads and their interaction

    I know that Blot Toads don't count as an enemy model and therefore can't be shot at or attacked in close combat. However, there are a few occasions where their presence may matter. One example is on the Field of Blood battleplan in the Triump and Treachery section of the Generals Handbook. At the end of each battleground, the person with the most models within the centre ground scores points. The Blot road doesn't count as an "enemy model"; but therefore must still count as a model. Therefore does he contribute to scoring? Normally the Blot Toad could be thought of as being invincible. What happens if the Lord Celestant on Dracoth uses his storm breath attack. This attack targets a point on the ground. Any unit (therefore a model; and also not limited to just enemy models) can take mortal wounds. Can the Blot Toad be hit by this?
  9. Tullbeard

    Shadowkin Speculation

    I agree that it's very unlikely that Witch Aelves will get put into a new Shadowkin faction. The daughters of khaine have a very strong and recognisable theme and are in a great spot overall - they just need a battletome to be a fully fledged army. I think we will see very few, if any, current dark Elf models repurposed into Shadowkin. I suspect it will be like the Sylvaneth release and in many ways they will be only half-elf and maybe half-shadow demons (think like the tree revenants). One exciting option could be a dual release of Shadowkin and Light Elves. Imagine a release where each box has 2 build options, one for shadow elves and one for light elves. They could do some cool stuff to make the two factions fairly similar but visually distinct. This would retain the whole concept of the Sundering; Same species essentially, just seperated by circumstance and location (only in this case, circumstance and location can turn you into a shadowy monster or a being of pure light)
  10. Tullbeard

    Events UK: Bristol Smash 2017

    This sounds good to me, and right on my doorstep! Can you put down Josh Richards please; and I'll pay using Paypal shortly Sounds like a good event - thanks for organising! Update: I've now sent you the money
  11. Tullbeard

    Generals Handbook = 1 style of play?

    Have many people been using the Triumph and Treachery rules? I'm a big fan of multiplayer games but I haven't seen many people run them yet. From my experience at my local store, there does seem to be a very strong dogma that Matched play 1v1 is the way to go and it can take a good deal of effort to get a multiplayer game going (which in my opinion are extremely fun - maybe I'm just the odd one out!) There is a Triumph and Treachery event at Warhammer World in March; I'll be interested to see how many people attend. I wonder what the "regular Tournament players" (excuse the random name, didn't know how best to word it) will think of an event like this: a) a fresh event with a new perspective; or b) not a 2k 1v1 so not worth the time (I'm deliberately being overly absolute here, I realise, but just expressing a point).
  12. The Warhammer World Facebook Page has recently clarified that it is using normal Matched Play rules; so battleline requirements and Rules of One are in.
  13. Tullbeard

    Thrall Warhost

    It says sorceress or sorceress on black dragon. I.e. It is not in bold and not referring to the keyword. Whilst on the topic, I'm a little baffled by the high matched play points cost of the sorceress on black dragon. She is the same points (340) as the dreadlord on black dragon. This high point cost mainly comes from the fact that the dragon is a beat stick and can cause some massive damage. But... the sorceress only has a 5+ save; as opposed to the dreadlords 4+ rerollable save - so you don't really want to be throwing her into combats that require the use of a dragon. Her lacklustre spell (a flat out worse version of the Chaos Lord on Manticores spell) hardly makes up for this.
  14. Tullbeard

    Thrall Warhost

    I've always been a big fan of the Dark Elves; particularly Dreadspears, Blackguard (arguably my favourite models - both visually and in their old fluff) and Sorceresses. As such, I'm putting together a Thrall Warhost batallion to field them. I wanted to know what people's thoughts are on the make-up of the formation and good unit sizes to take. For reference, the batallion requires: 1-6 Sorceresses (on foot or dragon) 1 unit of Black Guard 1 unit of Executioners 3 units of any of Darkshards, Dreadspears and Bleak Swords Im leaning towards taking 10man unit sizes for the battleline units; 2 darkshards and 1 Dreadspears - these can be used for chaff and interrupting charges (and dagger fodder for the sorceress - although it makes me a bit sad that even with sacrificing people the sorceress is distinctly average as a wizard - despite being thousands of years old and mastering the winds of magic...) For the Blackguard, I was planning to take a unit of 20 to maximise the benefit of their 2inch reach. I find Black Guard to be incredibly efficient and they can tear through so much - looking good whilst doing so (Halberds are just such cool weapons!) On the other hand, for the executioners, I was going to only take a 10man unit. 10men is still plenty to deal out the pain; and my hope is that they can slip under the radar a little more as a minimum sized unit. Both the big block of Blackguard and the small unit of Executioners will be a big threat (with slightly different preferences for their target enemy); so hopefully it can cause the opponent some tough choices regarding which to target. Going up to 2000 points, I would plan on supplementing the army with Order Serpentis units; and perhaps one of the silver tower heroes. What are other people's thoughts on the Thrall Warhost batallion? Are their better unit sizes to take? The ability of the batallion can be very strong; and either the Blackguard or the executioners would love to use it (with the choice depending on what targets are available).
  15. I haven't seen this be discussed yet (was first revealed a few days ago), so I thought I'd post about it. https://m.facebook.com/events/1645639792397274?acontext={"ref"%3A"104"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}&aref=104 This is the first Triumph and Treachery Tournament to be held at Warhammer World and it sounds really interesting. The event pack can be found here: https://warhammerworld.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/Triumph-and-Treachery-Pack-pdf.pdf Its on the 11th-12th March 2016 I have always enjoyed multiplayer games, so an event of them sounds like a blast! The games will consist of 4 players, each with 1000point armies. There is a new 'negotiation phase' at the start of every battle round for negotiations and alliances - this will be great for diplomatic shenanigans (although the stated 15minutes is perhaps too long?). Reading the events pack seems to suggest that there are no real restrictions to list building other than the 1000point limit. I guess this would need clarifying? It will be interesting to see the various army compositions that get thrown around. Who's thinking of going to this? I think it could be a fresh of breath air and a wildly different dynamic to most tournaments. (How many of us have played many games using the Triumph and Treachery rules in the Generals Handbook?)