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  1. @snipersyn There is a bit of a gap - you can reduce it by trimming down the corner of the crossbow closest to the torso, but it's still not a perfect fit. I haven't actually bothered filling it on these models, as it's only visible from one specific angle
  2. If you have Hurricane Crossbow parts left over from building your Longstrikes, it's very easy to convert the easy-build Castigators to have rapid fire crossbows. This is what I've done with mine: https://www.instagram.com/p/B0yFTosHWSy/
  3. Aetherwings only come on the Raptors sprue, unfortunately. If you end up buying some (or find another SCE player nearby), the easy-build Castigators can be converted using spare crossbow parts from that kit - it's an easy swap to replace the end of the weapon with a triple-barrelled hurricane crossbow.
  4. There are finally some more readable card images, too 280 for the Longstrike Raptor-Prime is a lot - though they do come with access to the Aetherwing "warning cry" ability via that runemark. Still trying to work out how to fit in a mix of Hunter and Hurricane-Raptor models, without ending up with an awkward amount of points left over. I currently have 1 Longstrike, 2 Hurricanes, 3 Aetherwings and 3 Hunters (one Prime, two regular).
  5. Waaargh! looks like a great ability. Roll a high-ish double and use a Wild dice, and you could get Move 7-9 on all models near your leader. Double move them up the field, and then you should be in bashing range of anything by round 2.
  6. Netters and Herders are both 45, which lets you bring a lot of extra bodies. I'm interested to see how different types of list will work - there's a lot of variety, from elite Squid-riders to hordes of cheap goblins. In Kill Team, Tyranids are hard to second-guess when list building, as they have such a wide range of unit types (gaunt swarms, elite lictors etc) - Gloomspite Gitz seem a bit similar, with lots of flexibility available in their roster.
  7. Boingrot or Squig Hopper Boss? The Moonclan boss seems a bit too pricy (+80 points when compared to a Stabba), and extra wounds on the heavy hitter will always be useful. Squig Hopper Boss: 250 points, 5 S5 attacks. Boingrot Boss: 265 poins, +2 Wounds, +1 Toughness. Drop one attack, but gain 2" reach and more critical damage. The Boingrot version seems a clear winner for an extra 15 points (probably worth it just for T5), but I've seen a lot of lists using the Squig Hopper version. Which do you prefer?
  8. @Injuryprone Try this version (the forum software embeds a smaller version of the image). @sorokyl That's true - in my case though, I already have the Gitz, so I've just bought some Bounders to fill out a playable Warcry group
  9. Stat cards via ElectricFerret on r/warcry:
  10. So, Zarbag's Gitz (from Underworlds) come to 715 points if you count Zarbag as a Moonclan Boss, and drop the Fanatic. It looks like 1-2 Squig riders will give you some options for a 1k list... The Boinggrot Boss is a bit of a monster, with T5, fast movement and 2" reach on those attacks. Adding one to the Zarbag box (and demoting Zarbag to another Herder) takes you to 875 points. You could swap a goblin out for another Squig, keeping the number of models to purchase pretty low.
  11. I started converting a Stormcast warband - I should have them all basecoated in time for the first games with the new rulebook
  12. So many great warbands in this thread! I love the Iron Horde orruks, @Kugane These are my first completed warband. I've only played Bloodreavers so far, so I need to figure out how to play these guys next... Edit: Lots more pics of individual models here, too.
  13. Just wanted to chime in here to say that these writeups are amazing - thanks @Killax! These posts are incredibly valuable for new players like myself. If anyone is trying to track down which expansion a given card comes from (while we wait for the official GW builder), I have a full card list here that you can sort by name or expansion.
  14. Hi all - brand new player here With the Hero recruitment restriction of "no more than half your warband may be heroes," should that refer to number of models, gold coin cost, or both?
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