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  1. Rumour says new Celestial Warbringers allow each unit to re-roll either a hit roll, or a wound roll, or a save roll per phase. Now I know what stormhost I should be running when taking ballistas and knight judicator.😉
  2. Might as well take Knight-Judicator instead of an extra Celestar Ballista, assuming he costs less than 140 points. And I hope that my poor Knight-Venator, who has been gathering dust for years, finally gets rules decent enough to not get overshadowed by Knight-Judicator.
  3. While it is too early to assess the performance of the ballista without the full picture, I think the true value of the unit lies in its rend -3 single shot. With its To Wound Roll improved to 2+, slightest buff to its hit rolls allow the ballista to comfortably punch through high save monsters which are so prevalent nowadays. Since it does not inflict mortal wounds as far as I know, it may pose decent threat to Archaon and Nagash, both of which are resistant to mortal wounds. However, even with such optimism I must confess that price bump of 20 points from current point cost of 120 is hard to swallow unless there are additional rules on the ballista's warscroll.
  4. Behold, the products for next week's pre-orders are...40K Orks. What is worse is that some of the new Ork models are not shown for the preview of next week's pre-order. That means pre-order for Orks might continue for another week!
  5. Finally! Only now do Stormcasts gain access to mid-game teleportation ability like Seraphon and Kharadrons did. At least there is now one more reason to add a unit of Vanguard-Palladors, especially when you are concerned about Tooth and Nails.
  6. I suppose you would be surprised to know that this is a MASSIVELY improved version of current Vanguard-Hunters.
  7. Tidbit of Stardrake rumour for Stormcast enthusiasts. Presumably from someone who has gotten hold of revamped assembly manual. +2 Wounds for both Lord-Celestant on Stardrake and Drakesworn Templar. But Drakesworn Templar now has 4+ Save. Both weapons for Lord-Celestant(Hammer and Sword) now have Rend -2, with Hammer having Damage 2 and the Sword with Damage 1. The Sword has 6 attacks though. Stardrake's claws now have Rend -2 and Damage 2, whereas its tail is now a separate melee weapon with 3" Range, D6 Attacks at 3+ / 3+ / Rend -1 / Damage 2. Drakesworn Templar's melee weapons stayed unchanged for the most part. His skybolt bow however now has 2 attacks instead of 1, hinting the upcoming buff for Judicators.
  8. I assume you do not play in an environment where Tooth and Nails is an issue?
  9. While waiting for the release of new stormcast battletome that is still up in the air, I read some of the past articles from Warhammer Community. And I noticed that in the article "Stormcast Eternals in the New Edition"(7th, June 2021), the author picked three biggest winners in the Stormcast arsenal for the 3rd Edition which included... ...Retributors and Judicators. 😐 I know GW isn't the best company when it comes to analysing their own games, but seriously?
  10. Considering what Seraphon, Realm-lords, Archaon SoD lists, and other top class factions are capable of, all these post-FAQ shenanigans for Stormcasts do not seem overpowered. If current Stormcast "tricks" make someone lose his friends, then I should say AoS is not a game for them. Mass mortal wound shooting, magic, constant teleportation have existed in this game for a long time, and Stormcasts were quite much bottom tier in this regard.
  11. How much impact does the new battleplan Tooth and Nails(aka Total Commitment Mk 2021) on writing your army rosters? I started designing my 2,000 Points Stormcast army roster after 6 month hiatus, and I am still clueless as to what heroes I should include. My list so far includes Yndrasta, 3 liberator units for minimum battleline, 4 fulminators, 6 longstrike raptors, 3 aetherwings and 3 praetors. And choosing what heroes to bring has been a challenge. Knight Incantor seems to be an indispensable choice for Stormcasts who are known for their weakness in unbinding enemy spells. And taking her leaves room for roughly 2 heroes on foot. As of now, I am leaning towards the new knight vexillor for the first candidate. Providing re-rolls for charges is important, but one-use-only resurrection ability is what truly grabbed my attention. Along with Yndrasta's new ability, it is one of the very few abilities that can bring expensive stormcasts back to life. Particularly the ever costly and fragile vanguard raptors. Assuming I take Knight Incantor and the new Knight Vexillor, that leaves me with barely enough points for one more Stormcast hero. And frankly, if it weren't for the existence of Tooth and Nails I would have taken Knight Heraldor gladly. The presence of such strangely persistent battleplan however made me consider taking Lord Relictor instead. Translocation is even more valuable when Scions of the Storm is banned in the battleplan, and because now units can move after being set up. Also, "casting" Translocation is more reliable if I give the High Priest command trait to the Lord Relictor. The downside is that even with the re-roll, there is more than 10% chance of failing to "cast" Translocation in the critical moment. And of course the loss of unconditional mortal wound bomb from Knight Heraldor. In regard to teleportation, regular Knight Vexillor with the Pennant of the Stormbringer can provide once-per-game unconditional teleportation. But he is too pricey to include in the list for that single ability alone. And I already have the Thunderstrike Knight Vexillor for charge re-rolls. All in all, I need to play 3.0 AoS games ASAP to get a hold of how the new system works.
  12. Yndrasta seems to be the suitable candidate for the spell as of now. Reasonably good combat prowess, good defence, and superb supporting ability in one package.
  13. I realise the benefits of using Monsters in 3.0 meta. However I cannot help but think Stormcast monsters(Stardrake, Tauralon) are still too costly to include in the list. The nerf on sigmarite thundershield only exacerbates the issue, as it was one of the core strengths of a stardrake. Stardrake can perform somewhat okay, if not superbly, against horde but tends to perform miserably against enemy monsters or models with 4~5 wounds and decent saves. Even if I take various supporting rules(arcane lineage, rain of stars) into account, minimum 450 points is still hard to swallow. I would rather not take stormcast monsters and rely on the spell metamorphosis to give MONSTER keyword to characters, even if it means there is a chance of failure.
  14. As far as I know, most of the tournaments did not include Total Commitment in their mission packs for balancing problems. I am not too worried about tournies in that regard. I think the real problem lies in non-tournament pickup games. Granted, the chance of getting Total Commitment/Tooth and Nail might be low. But it is nevertheless frustrating to prepare for a mission that heavily penalise factions which do not even overperform. Especially if you are playing Stormcasts or Nighthaunt.
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