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  1. Sagittarii Orientalis

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    After playing a few games with the new stormcast battletome, I am trying to use Stardrake list in the next game. The question is, how much supporting heroes should I put? Would it be better to rush with melee units(stardrakes, fulminators) in order to provide target saturation? Or should I invest on counter-artillery/wizard firepower? Only time will tell, but here is what I have thought of so far. Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals Stormhost: None - Hero Lord-Celestant on Stardrake(General, Staunch Defender, Mirrorshield, Celestine Hammer) Lord-Relictor(Translocation) Lord-Relictor(Divine Light) Lord-Castellant(Lantern of the Tempest) Lord-Ordinator Knight-Incantor(Azyrite Halo) - Battleline 5 Liberators(1xLiberator-Prime: Grandhammer, 4xLiberator: Warhammer & Shield) 5 Liberators(1xLiberator-Prime: Grandhammer, 4xLiberator: Warhammer & Shield) 5 Judicators(1xJudicator-Prime: Shockbolt Bow, 4xJudicator: Skybolt Bow) - Artillery Celestar Ballista -Other 3 Castigators(1xCastigator-Prime, 2xCastigator) 5 Evocators(Grandstaves, Celestial Blades, 1xEvocator-Prime, 4xEvocator) - Warscroll Battalion Hailstorm Battery Total: 2,000pts
  2. Below is one of the queries from the new AoS designers' commentaries Page 3 Q: Some abilities allow you to remove a unit from the battlefield and set it up again, and say that this ‘counts as their move for the movement phase’ (or words to that effect). Do these units count as having made a move for the purposes of any other rules or abilities? A: No, it simply restricts them from making a move later on. My question is, do vanguard-raptors set up via Scions of the Storm count as having moved or not. The Scions of the Storm does say that units set up in this way "counts as their move for the movement phase". However, the caveat of the designers' commentaries query is that such abilities should "allow you to remove a unit from the battlefield and set it up again". But Scions of the Storm does not allow the players to do so, since players deploy units using Scions of the Storm rule instead of setting them up on the battlefield. Thus it is technically impossible to remove a unit on the battlefield and then set it up using Scions of the Storm rule. Does this mean units, including vanguard-raptors, set up via Scions of the Storm count as having moved in their movement phase?
  3. Sagittarii Orientalis

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    It's strange that with all those SCE points leaks from the handbook, points for Evocators on Dracolines are still unknown. Or maybe I haven't gotten hold of it. Photos from last month's warhammer fest seem to suggest that Evocators on Draoclines are available in units of three, but I am not sure.
  4. Sagittarii Orientalis

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    Which is why I hope Consummate Commander remains as it is now in the new SCE battletome. If it remains unchanged, I think it can become a good alternative for Staunch Defender.
  5. Sagittarii Orientalis

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    Just watched the battle report from guerilla miniature gaming channel, with points from new handbook applied. The players said that the celestar ballista costs 100pts, which is 20pts cheaper than that of starter set profile. The report also claimed that sequitors cost 20pts more than liberators. I suppose that means basic squad of sequitors(taken in five) is 120pts, although they did not elaborate any further. Castigators were taken in a squad of three. Apart from that, BoLS also uploaded a short video on the new handbook. From what I saw, most of the battalions became cheaper. There were at least two new battalions, presumably using Sacrosanct models. There were three unique endless spells for SCE, ranging from 40 to 100pts. Palladors, vanguard hunters, hurricane crossbow vanguard raptor became 20pts cheaper. Aetherwings became 10pts cheaper.
  6. Sagittarii Orientalis

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Warhammer Live channel is now broadcasting a game between Idoneth Deepkin and the Maggotkin. It seems to be a 2,000 points game, and below is the Idoneth Deepkin roster. - Heroes Akhelian King(General) Tidecaster Soul Scryer Aspect of the Sea - Battleline 20 Namarti Thralls 3 Ishlaen Guard 3 Ishlaen Guard - Others 10 Namarti Reavers Leviadon The Idoneth Deepkin also brought two gloomtide shipwrecks, although I am not sure if these costs points as well. Meanwhile, the Maggotkin roster has an Unclean One, Lord of Afflictions on Rot Fly, Festus, 70 plaguebearers, and 6 plague drones. The Idoneth Deepkin are more "elite" than I expected.
  7. Sagittarii Orientalis

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Just finished jotting down what Les Martine revealed on Warhammer Live. Please feel free to correct any errors. - One of the unique command traits is Unstoppable Fury. The general adds 2 to its Attack characteristic during 3rd battle round. - Akhelian Hero on the mount(the guy on the battletome cover I suppose) has a harpoon as melee weapon. It has 4 Attacks, D3 damage per attack. - The said Akhelian Hero on the mount has a command ability which gives an Idoneth Deepkin unit within 12" a bonus to the number of attacks. - Aspect of the Sea(Eidolon of Mathlann) has a missile weapon: 15", 3+ to hit, 3+ to wound, Damage 2. I am not sure about its Rend characteristic. - Melee weapons has: 3 Attacks, 3+ to hit, 3+ to wound, rend -2, damage 2 - Special rule called Dormant Energy: Aspect of the Sea heals d3 wounds if he has not cast a spell or unbound one in the turn. - Has two unique spell, one of which is Tsunami of Terror that deals d3 mortal wounds to an enemy unit while healing d3 wounds for the Aspect of the Sea. - Also has a special ability: Pick a point within 18" and roll a d6 for each unit within 3+. If the roll is less than the number of models in the unit, that unit heals d3 wounds if it's an Idoneth Deepkin. If it is not an Idoneth Deepkin unit, then it suffers d3 mortal wounds. - One of the artefacts allows the hero to ignore mortal wounds on 5+. Apparently, the Aspect of the Sea can take an artefact. - Isharan Tidecaster: Knows a spell called Riptide, which gives -1 penalty to hit rolls of an enemy unit. - Soul Scryer has two abilities. 1) Finder of Ways: Soul Scryer and up to two other Idoneth Deepkin units can deep strike(i.e. set up more than 9" away from enemies). 2) Seeker of Souls: Pick an enemy unit within 24". All Idoneth Deepkin units add 3" to their charge rolls against that enemy unit. Les Martin said both abilities can be used on the same turn to make 6" charge after the deep strike. - Namarti Reavers' bow: 18", 4+ to hit, 4+ to wound, 3 Attacks when the target is more than 9" away. Not sure about the rend characteristic. - Namarti Thralls' Melee weapon: +1A against models with 1 wound, +1 to damage against models with 4 or more wounds. - Ishlaen Guard: Equipped with swords and shields. These are the defensive version of Fangmora Eel cavalry. - Riders's melee weapon: 3 Attacks, 3+ to hit, 3+ to wound, Damage 1, No rend - Eel's Jaw: 1 Attack, 3+ to hit, 3+ to wound, Damage D3 / Eel's tail: D3 Attack, 3+ to hit, 3+ to wound, Damage 1. Again, not sure about their rend characteristics. - 14" move, 4 wounds. - Leviadon: 12" move, 3+ save - Idoneth Deepkin units that are wholly within 12" count as being in cover. - Leviadon's Jaw: 1 Attack, 2+ to hit, 2+ to wound, Rend -2, Damage d6. On hit roll of 6, the target suffers 6 mortal wounds. - Other melee weapons of the Leviadon and its crew: 1) 4 Attack, 3+ to hit, 3+ to wound, Rend -1, Damage 3 2) 3+ to hit, 3+ to wound, No Rend, Damage 2 - Ballistas on Leviadon's Howdah: Each has 24", 3 Attack, 3+ to hit, 3+ to wound.
  8. Sagittarii Orientalis

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    I doubt GW would improve Scions of the Storm as you have described. After Warrior Brotherhood dominated top ranking in tournament at 2016, GW did its best to nerf 100% guaranteed alpha strike. Warrior Brotherhood did make a comeback in 2017 Handbook, but its points cost was nearly doubled and Knight-Azyros no longer allows less-than-9" deep strike. Not to mention that some of the decent SCE units(Stardrake, Dracothian Guard, Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows) cannot be taken as a part of Warrior Brotherhood. Making Scions of the Storm an auto-pass deep strike would only revive the old form of Warrior Brotherhood, which I believe is the exact opposite of what GW intends to do. I would rather like to see Knight-Azyros giving slight bonus to Scions of the Storm, such as allowing only a single unit per turn to re-roll failed Scions of the Storm roll. That doesn't seem too powerful, while at the same time giving a unique value to an unpopular model. It also fits the background in which Knight-Azyros actually helps Sigmar send forth his warriors with more precision.
  9. Sagittarii Orientalis

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    This reply is not about tactics, but I have found a cover image for the upcoming Age of Sigmar novel. The German title means Soul Wars in English, and the cover illustration shows Stormcast Eternals we have never seen. These might be from the Ruination Chamber. The novel is scheduled to be released on 6th of June.
  10. Sagittarii Orientalis

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    Unless you have a very specific purpose, I suggest taking single Lord-Aquilor. You only need a single Lord-Aquilor to use Vanguard-Hunters as Battleline units. Furthermore only one Lord-Aquilor can use its command ability, unless the general picks Consummate Commander for its command trait. Even then, I believe two Lord-Aquilor with Consummate Commander is hard to use,. The loss of the general will immediately render the remaining Lord-Aquilor quite useless. This might be pure coincidence, but I also wrote a 2,000pts list with Vanguard Angelos Conclave. It is not the most competitive list, but I think it could be a decent list for casual games. The difference is that I took a large unit of Vanguard-Raptors instead of two additional Lord-Aquilors and a third unit of Vanguard-Palladors. - Leaders Lord-Aquilor(General, Command Trait: Shielded by Faith, Artefact: Mirrorshield) Knight-Azyros Knight-Venator(Artefact: Luckstone) - Battleline 5 Vanguard-Hunters(Shock Handaxes and Boltstorm Pistols, 1xVanguard-Prime: Astral Compass) 5 Vanguard-Hunters(Storm Sabres and Boltstorm Pistols, 1xVanguard-Prime: Astral Compass) 5 Vanguard-Hunters(Storm Sabres and Boltstorm Pistols, 1xVanguard-Prime: Astral Compass) - Others 3 Vanguard Palladors(Starstrike Javelins, Boltstorm Pistols, 1xPallador-Prime: Lunar Blade) 3 Vanguard Palladors(Starstrike Javelins, Boltstorm Pistols, 1xPallador-Prime: Lunar Blade) 9 Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows(1xRaptor-Prime: Aetherwing) - Wascroll Battalion Vanguard Angelos Conclave Total: 2,000pts
  11. Sagittarii Orientalis

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    While I believe Stormcast Eternals belong to solid upper-mid tier, I agree with others' comments on Scions of the Storm. It is a nice bonus to have, but at the same time too unreliable. When the new Stormcast Eternals battletome was released early this year, I expected a command trait allowing re-rolls for Scions of the Storm roll. But it never happened. Perhaps the writers thought it would be going against the spirit of "nerfing the obvious OP(i.e. 100% guaranteed alpha strike)". As a Battle Trait, I think it is much weaker than other battle traits such as Destiny Dice, Blood Tithe, Fyreslayer Runes, etc. Speaking of which, how are Stormcast Eternals doing in tournaments? I heard they are still showing up on top 10 in many tournaments(the Vanguard Wing list at the Warhammer World Heat for example), but I might be mistaken.
  12. Sagittarii Orientalis

    Swords or Hammers

    Without any buffs, pick whichever weapon you like. Be it for aesthetic reasons or else. However if you use Lord-Celestant on Foot to enhance your units, than the hammer-wielding liberators benefit slightly more than the sword liberators do.
  13. Sagittarii Orientalis

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    I started painting my Stardrake recently. Regardless of rules, it is a gorgeous model to collect. However playing games with models is also a big part of my hobby, so I have been thinking about a list to use it. When writing lists, my main concerns were Disciples of Tzeentch and Clan Skryre. Both factions can put devastating amount of damage via alpha strike, and I wanted to make sure there was enough target saturation in my list. Below is the draft which I am still working upon. Allegiance : Stormcast Eternals -Leader Lord-Celestant on Stardrake(Celestine Hammer, Staunch Defender, Keen Clawed, Mirrorshield) Lord-Castellant Lord-Relictor(Lightning Chariot) Lord-Relictor(Lightning Chariot) -Battleline 5 Liberators(Warhammer & Sigmarite Shields, Liberator-Prime : Grandhammer) 5 Liberators(Warhammer & Sigmarite Shields, Liberator-Prime : Grandhammer) 5 Judicators(Skybolt Bows, Judicator-Prime : Shockbolt Bow) -Others 2 Tempestors 5 Protectors(Protector-Prime, 2xStarsoul Mace) 6 Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows(Raptor-Prime : Aetherwing) Gryph Hound Total : 2,000pts I thought about forgoing a gryph hound and replacing tempestors with fulminators, to add extra punch into the list. But since that would make the list much more vulnerable to alpha strike set-up lists, for example Clan Skryre and Skyborn, I am still sceptical about leaving gryph hound at home.
  14. Sagittarii Orientalis

    Which Allies Would You Like To Include in Your Army?

    I don't intend use allies when running a Stormcast army. A wizard or two would be convenient, but I have been doing well without them. But an allied force of Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows will be an excellent addition to my Order Draconis army. Mono Order Draconis army suffers heavily from lack of long range shooting. Hopefully, long range support from at least 6 Vanguard-Raptors will help me solve the issue.
  15. Sagittarii Orientalis

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    One of the booklets included in the new starter set "Thunder and Blood" shows the cover of 2017 General's Handbook. So we can be confident about the 2nd edition of General's Handbook released this year. That said, I agree with you and hope that shooting receives penalties. For example, disallowing shooting into close combat. However, no matter how much I wish for it, I doubt such change would be implemented into game. Such change would require major adjustment of points cost for shooting units, as their combat effectiveness would decrease drastically.