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  1. I think a lot of early arrivals have to do with throughput, they probably have so much to send out that they send stuff out early so as many people as possible can get their stuff delivered on day of release
  2. Kinda misleading to say that red marine is a contrast painted mini, it recieved 3 different colors of red highlights after the contrast.
  3. Wasnt it confirmed that the warcry warbands will have the StD keyword in AoS, I believe this is telling on what the faction will be. As is the lore behind warcry, chaos dudes fighting to become varanguard, everchosen will be in the book.
  4. I cant imagine them not releasing warcry alongside darkoath/std
  5. well, he said they confirmed atleast a battle tome for each alliance still coming this year and warcry is confirmed july.
  6. After reading soulwars recently im hoping its deathwalkres I want necromancers in mechsuits made out of zombies. and a queen with trees made of zombies, two massive zombie direwolves and unzipping her face for a different one for differnet abilities
  7. I dont think their reactions count as actions on a fighter card
  8. So the bloodsecrator doesnt have to place his banner anymore and can run around while still buffing?
  9. New entire Chaos Warrior line. They are iconic enough to deserve it and should look and play the equals of stormcast.
  10. Think about the lore surrounding the game. This is clearly a fully fleshed out Path to Glory game.
  11. Dont you remember how much of a storm the moon doing mortal wounds caused? Amd how everyone that cried OP looked silly once the whole context was released.
  12. Thats why i said Nightvault and not Shadespire/Underworlds
  13. They already stated this year will be bigger. Also, im certain KO and Sylvaneth will be getting something this year. Every nightvault warband has coincided with incoming releases for their faction.
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