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  1. My group is super excited about this as we play mostly 1k games (and have been doing 1 battleline as well). I'm not happy about one endless spell limitation but it's not a deal breaker - mostly a way to fill in points to make 1k but I think also balances some lists, but could also be abused at 1k. Triumphs are fine too though. I think breaking into 3 deployments will also be much faster than 1k already is compared to 2k. At least for our group, with lots of different armies we own and like to play, everyone seems to be on constant learning and lookup to confirm mode, plus always trying to bring in new players (who can get overwhelmed easily). Plus, we'd be more likely to get to turn 5 as we mostly seem to be only able to complete Turn 2 and part of Turn 3 on weeknights. Really hoping we also get multi-player game support at this level, as that is also what our group mostly does - four to six players on the table at 1k each.
  2. I had the same questions about behemoth leaders in the spearhead, and I'm not a break the game type of player. I'll be fine either way, but this, like many other aspects even in full 2k AoS will need some clarifications and FAQs.
  3. If you want to stay 1-drop with this vibe, add gobbapooza with battalion and then the moonclan scrap super battalion with a shaman and loonbosses (up to three if you want to use all four artifacts available). Gives three casters so endless spells still useful. Would have to cut down the big fanatic unit but could manage the 60 grot unit. I’m not sure this is optimal though as it will lack heavy hitting or survivable heroes...It’s on my list to try out. Squig super batallion might be the better 1-drop for alphastriking. To maximize -1 to hit, in another game recently I used fellwater trolls wrapped with grots between and behind with netters at front between the trolls. Gives -2 to hit the trolls and -1 on the grots. Our group was very impressed with the overall combo including fanatics at 430 points. Has big initial punch, staying power, and sustained output from the trolls. Couldn’t 1-drop around this but maybe 2-drop with skull mob and troggherd but still no spellcasters. I think only way to get several spellcasters in a very low drop list is the gobbapalooza or spider fang.
  4. I’ve searched a bunch of options on websites, eBay (search “movement trays”) and Amazon. 5 model trays tend to be $3 to $5 each, but a new option recently popped up for $2 to $3, and add few bucks for shipping on the lot. Consistently cheapest are the Warpath Team bases at $16 for 10 so $1.60 each delivered, which are about 1/4” apart in two ranks, so not optimal for long skirmish lines or ranking but they pile in easily and basically an in between close rank and skirmished. I couldn’t bring myself to spend the $5 per tray that was the going rate for the other options until recently. With current options, I’d probably go with the chain shaped bases spaced 1” apart, as there’s options for $2.50 now and they can be used for optimal skirmish lines and can be easily ranked up in honey comb style.
  5. I've played a couple games with the mangler boss and really like the "Fight another day" command trait and then a protection artefact, usually -1 to hit (clammy cowl or gryphfeather charm is better) but now thinking about a mortal wound save instead since I've taken more wounds from magic than melee given that Fight Another Day allows you to leave combat before getting hit. The command ability is great but not as critical a factor as the command trait. If you're not wanting to give the mangler boss the fight another day command trait, then I'm not sure it's worth the extra 60 points so would suggest the regular mangler.
  6. This looks great! Only change I’d consider is the squig herds - maybe Stabbas instead (more survivable and 10 can come back if killed via loonshrine, and more models for objective holding). If you really want herders because the models are cool and for diversity and the mangler boss ability boost, maybe split the herders into two units for more flexible objective holders, or maybe hoppers instead and an endless spell.
  7. Mangler Boss Artefact? Thoughts with the "fight another day" command trait? Thinking that he's less likely get hit with melee attacks round 1, and in general, given the running away option. So, makes me think bigger threat is magic/mortals (or eventually shooting if the meta swings back). From this thread and podcast discussions, these seem to be the top of the list: - 1 to hit (Clammy Cowl / Gryphfeather Charm) No save mod (Ethereal Amulet) 4+ / 5+ save vs. mortal wounds (Agrax Scales / Loonstone Talisman) Ignore D3 mortal wounds (Lens of Refraction - seems too situational and gameable by big magic list opponents - once per round, first time friendly in 6" suffers, roll D3) Thoughts?
  8. I’ve had similar thoughts and experiences. I’ve only played a couple games with the new gloomspite, but even my 6 wizard LoN castinngs can be disappointing betweeen say 50% on average to cast and enemy unbinds, I’m getting two spells successful and an unbind or two every round. But the Hand of Gork is enough to make your opponents have to think about it and be prepared. So maybe Fungoid for the shot at command points (even though I haven’t had a successful roll in two games!), or Zarbag for the +2 to cast (and his Gitz instead of a unit of herders or hoppers). I think if going spiderang with cauldron magic might be a better bet.
  9. I wanted to test the herds 4+ mortal wound on fleeing function (and my fungoid shaman missed his CP rolls). The fanatics in a grot unit seem to have more devastating damage output and the grots can come back for later game reinforcement via the loonshrine. I’m sure they are fairly balanced from a mathhamer perspective (2x saves vs. 2x wounds, fanatic wod blowing vs. herd trickling damage) but the fanatics’ psychological and tactical threat might tip the balance for me. I just wonder if the herds are now best in the smaller units for cheap battleline and backfield objective / board controllers or screens for manglers, colossal, squig bosses, rather than giant units of suicidal maniacs. Granted, only one game data point, so I should try them again to make a more informed decision. Just an initial impression.
  10. Played a 2k game against Nurgle Demons Saturday with a mixed grot and squig army. Couple take aways- big unit of squig herds at 280 points does not seem as good and 20 stabbas with fanatics at 270 points. The herds’ low bravery of 3 and the MWs caused on 4+ when they flee doesn’t seem as good as it used to be. Also, really more opprotunities a way get stabbas back.
  11. Right, not abandon but some would be forced out. Maybe cogforts are to reclaim the lost karaks and free cities, maybe the underground pathways are blocked by the gloomspite and skaven. I’m not a lore expert by any means, really just glean bits here and there.
  12. The lore on motivations for forces of destruction (page 10) states they are “driven to seek out and destroy bastions of civilization. Isolated hamlets and roaming cogforts...” Nothing we haven’t heard before, just another nod. I think the best hope for Dispossessed given a recent trend we’re seeing in army-specific scenery prieces (BoC temple, Loon shrine) or large centerpiece models more generally would be centered around a cogfort model that could move slowly during the the game and provide range buffs and debuffs. Not saying anything new here, just another ray of hope. Would also resonate with trend in references to Chamon realm of metal. Also, gloomspite lore is all about conquering the dank and dark places of the realms, underground and otherwise. New troggoth models have Duardin elements in them (broken statues, etc.). So, maybe Dispossessed will be forced from their underground strongholds yet again to roam the realms in cogforts.
  13. I’m reading the gloomspite tome closely but slowly. Just read reference to cogforts!
  14. Anybody have insight into why the silver tower scuttlings didn’t make it into the gloomspite release? We thought for sure they’d be folded into spiderfang. Will still use them as shootas (boought a bunch on eBay so can have a unit of 20.
  15. I'm planning to use the tiny grot boss on my old mangler squig for the Loonboss option. Boss holding onto to tiny squiq holding onto mangler.
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