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  1. Well if anything, they will lean harder in their more unique takes on the different fantasy races/species. So an elite unit of Warrior Priests, fighting to catch Sigmar's eye, & thus gain immortality as Stormcast. Inquisitives, working under Witch Hunters to root out cults in various cities out there in the wilds. Otherwise . . . why not some post-apocalyptic magitech-scavenging resistance fighters? Motley cells of Humans, Dwarfs, Aelves, & so on, working together to eke some justice in the realms. They could stage raids on Chaos' slave caravans & pits, recruiting among those they free to fight back. Picture them peaking out under shabby hoods with scraggly beards, hints of looted & re-purposed armor, with some realm-specific camo bits to break up their outlines. When the Stormcast ride down from the heavens, these partisans sneak out from their hidden bases to guide them, fighting alongside the Vanguard Hunters to wreak havoc on the enemy. When the militias and regiments of the Free Holds march out beyond the safety their walls, whom else to screen their formations, & ambush enemy patrols?? Dwarf Pioneers, Aelf Snipers, exiled/gone to ground Kharadaron gunners & arkanauts, Human/mixed battleline scouts/ambushers/smugglers, then for the more elite; freed gladiators, lone survivors, & rebels pulling from a wider variety of races (Fyreslayers, Seraphon, Daughters of Khaine, Deepkin, Sylvaneth, Orruk outcasts, well-fed Ogor Gutbusters/Maneaters/Mercs) as muscle, or even the more extraordinary of them as Leaders, or hell, how about a rebellious Vampire hiding out from Nagash, that no one trusts, but whom else can turn into a bat, & do that kind of magic??! Almost a new Dogs of War-style faction, pulling bits & inspiration from all over the line, with an emphasis on camouflage & alternate deployments (think Alpha Legion, Raven Guard, Genestealer Cults from 40K). The modeling potential is thru the roof, the post-apocalypse vibe of impressively diverse gangs of resistance fighters & scavengers could really tap into a hybrid market popularized by IP's such as The Walking Dead, Zombicide, Dungeons and Dragons, Gamma World, Game of Thrones, Y: The Last Man/on Earth, Supernatural, SW: Rogue One, & sooo many other things. Also, some of the best Stormcast art contrasts them to scruffy normal humans like Human Flagellants, the contrast really helps both sides stand out in their own ways. Now imagine a mishmash of Humans, Dwarfs, and Aelves of the various bents plus a smattering here and there of the more exotic ones, all wearing hoods and scavenged bits of armor, with all kinds of bows, guns, axes, swords, potions, shields, & camo, conceptually being the Dutch/French resistance fighters to the American paratroopers liberating Europe from among the worst of humanity. Oh man, I wish I was among the new creatives they hired for model concept art a while back . . .
  2. It's annoying that if you want a Steam Tank, F. you, ally it in. Say you want a wizard, F. you, ally it, and F. you again, b/c it costs more now. Buy Stormcast, chump!* Heaven forbid if you want a Luminark or Hurricanum, even though they ring their citadels with them. Say you want a Warrior Priest or Wizard, F. you, ally it in. Why is Empire chunked off into such tiny bits still? All the Aelves hated it, do they think we enjoy spamming 30-40 units of pajama-men, standing in place?? *say . . . how many points for the new Stormcast Wizards? 100? 110?? 120???
  3. Sharp-looking warband there, bottle! It's great to see GW acknowledging community contributors like you (& the scrollbuilder dev.) Have fun!
  4. Between the 2 lists you get the idea, I hope?? Depends on what you can get/proxy, ya know?? Dwarf Flame Cannon would be 1 way . . .
  5. I had a 1 day-er recently used mixed Order, & I would recommend; FreeGuild General on Griffon (w/ shield & great-hammer--lovely model for the money) Collegiate Arcanum (Life) Wizard (your healer which also gives another 6++ "ignore wound"-save) Celestial Hurricanum w/ Wizard (obviously) Luminark of Hysh (for the "quad lazer" & 6++ bubble, or take a Helblaster Rocket Battery, or even an Empire Mortar) Waywatcher Hero (w/in range of the Hurricanum's +1 to Hit he can really unload if he doesn't have to move, otherwise stick a Wizard on your Luminark) Valten (if Compendium is allowed then he's great mounted Hero to be aggressive with) RunePriest (to give his fellow "stunties" either another rend or 6++, good armor & unbinding bonus) x2 10-man squads of Handgunners w/ Sniper-Sergeants x20 Dwarf Warriors w/ Great-axes & shields (& Runic Icon)(your shield-wall) x10 Dwarf Miners w/ pony cart (to tunnel onto a far-away objective) x10 squads of either Eternal Guard or Seraphon Skinks are nice for cheap bodies/road-blocks/skirmishers for cavalry I like either Stormcast Fulminators for heavy assault cav., or Dragon Blades for speed + killing lightly-armored targets. if I have 20-40 points left-over, then I run 1-2 Hunting Hounds (Fenrisian Wolf-pack proxies or 3rd party) or 40-80 I do Gryph-hounds sample list: http://bit.ly/2qhIj45 GWF2.0List.pdf GWF2.1List.pdf
  6. Getting a couple-3 gryph-hounds from bits resellers on eBay would be helpful, also a Luminark to complement your Hurricanum. Also; Helstorm Rocket Batteries > Cannons, though running Empire (Compendium) Cannons with Human crew gives them 8" more range, but yeah the not needing line of sight makes the Batteries and Trebuchets nice. I also recommend putting in a Battlemage: Life (or maybe an Excelsior Warpriest) to heal your Hurricanum/Luminark's. A Witch Hunter is a fun, fluffy & cheap Hero to add on too, as for some objectives you need a mobile Hero to capture them, & they are harder to Arcane Bolt/spell-cast off. The Black Ark FleetMaster, or Waywatcher would make good token Aelf allies/mercs/consultants/points-fillers. Bretonnian Paladins on foot can be 80 pt. melee can-openers/combat mortal-wounders. Oh & skip the formation to find points for some/all of these. "Bubble-wrap" a sufficient-sized unit of Swords 'n' Boards 2" in front of your gunlines. & finally make sure you're miniatures are closer to 30mm 'Heroic'-scale or they'll look weird.
  7. There are a couple points where I would split hairs with you, @someone2040 but as per usual, I largely agree with what you're saying & . . . GW doesn't care, even 1 iota. I assume they just did the Get Started Collecting! Box to move some old surplus . . .
  8. With how generic/vanilla/classic they are compared to the rest of the IP, I have trouble seeing them getting refreshed with a new battletome. With how non-competitive they are compared to a Bloodletters + Tzaangor Enlightened list, the humble Greenskinz (who have a GSC! box) need either more staying power or to be embraced as a horde-style army. Without a way (short of their own battletome) to add another Wound to all of their warscrolls, it would fall to the GHB 2 to give them a points reduction; Warboss: 100 pts. Great Shaman: 80 pts. Orruks: 80 pts. Boar Boyz: 80 pts. Boar Chariot: 60 pts. Ruglud's Armoured: 80 pts. Warboss on Wyvern: maybe drop to 220?? Rogue Idol of Gork/Mork: ??? Thoughts?? Did I miss anything other than the named legacy/compendium models???
  9. Greenskins as a whole (only exception is prolly the Warboss on Wyvern.)
  10. Charisma, do you have 6 you can build whichever way (trident, javelins, & shields are recommended in most cases & cheaper*) or are you stuck with the double hammer ones from the starter set?? *every 20 points you save can be a move 12" hunting hound
  11. I liked it better as the State Troop Formation--not as many units required, & thus more flexibility @ 2K. Say, if you can free up the points, a White Wizard on Luminark gives you a big gun/laser, a 6++ forcefield, a 2nd Hero, & is a better use of a Phoenix Stone for your 2nd artefact/drop. Freeing up 40 pts. would leave room for a Black Ark FleetMaster, while 60 gets you a Witch Hunter, Skink Chief, or Death Hag (only 1 of these really makes sense to being there though!) Question; would the Reckless Cmd. Trait help the Guard's counter-charges??
  12. Rather than keeping a strict allegiance in order to unlock additional BattleLine units, it would be nice if GW leaned more towards specific Generals doing as such (e.g. Grot Boss on Gigantic Spider allowing Spider Riders as BattleLine, Orruk Megaboss for 'Ardboyz, etc. etc.) I also agree with pretty much everything "someone2040" posted further up-thread, particularly them re-balancing the basic allegiances, traits, & artefacts. Oh, & more granularity in adding on models past the unit minimum (at least let me take grots in units of 10, greatswords in groups of 5, & so on.)
  13. Some good potential mods here, care to expand on: -1. is the hiring of Heroes only for a single battle? Why don't they (primarily in a narrative sense) stick around afterwards?? Why not forgo them entirely?? -2. So reducing them to 0 Wounds means they're just kinda hobbled, or stunned until they get back up? Why not incapacitated/potentially bleeding out for the rest of the battle unless otherwise healed?? -3. Someone could cheat this a bit by taking a Kurnoth Hunter w/ greatbow & a cheap trio of Eternal Guard--hence I think it's smart to limit by both model count & gold cost/"budget." I'm also a big fan of bottle's provisional suggestion that each starting Wound beyond the 1st is 10 xp they've already gained, so you can't power-level "filth" like Kurnoths & Khorgoraths.
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