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  1. Quick question, if I'm running mixed order and have a named character, am I right in saying I can't use hammer hall?
  2. Hmm I'm not expecting a reduction but would really hope he stays at 120 max. Do you know what kind of increases we have seen with other wizards?
  3. Does anyone have any updates on the loremaster points?
  4. Hi guys, it is highly suspected by some screenshots that skinks will be seraphon battleline only going forward. Obviously there are a lot of mixed order lists that use these as their battleline tax. In addition to this, it is rumoured the frostheart phoenix is going to 280, reaper bolt throwers are already out of matched play and there are some strong units and combos that have come by from DoK and IDK. With this in mind, has anyone had any thoughts on what we will see from mixed order lists going forward or if we will see them at all?
  5. Any news on daughters changes? I know people have mentioned the battalions but do we know what to?
  6. Prime might be nice too
  7. Recently I got a couple of old metal bolt throwers and I've never tried to remove mouldlines off metal models. I understand that I will need to use a file but not sure where's the best place to get a file seeing as I want it to do a good job but will more than likely never use it for more than these two bolt throwers! Thanks in advance
  8. I don't mean to grab a pitchfork here but they probably changed the wording out of redundancy. If it's accepted that healing, unless stated otherwise, does not bring back models then they don't need to say it. In addition they did a review of every scroll to remove summoning by spell so they were probably just trying to be a bit neater whilst they were editing it. Don't mean to be offensive here but I think you're reading what you want to read rather than what's there. The ability itself of restoring models to full strength is a strong tarpit tool without being needlessly broken.
  9. Alarielle the Everqueen (600)Anointed Of Asuryan On Frostheart Phoenix (240)Loremaster (100)Auric Runesmiter/Battlesmith (80)30 x Vulkite Berzerkers (330)10 x Skinks (60)10 x Skinks (60)10 x Skinks (60)5 x Sisters of the Thorn (220)Reaper Bolt Thrower (120)Reaper Bolt Thrower (120) Either that or Alarielle the Everqueen (600)Anointed Of Asuryan On Frostheart Phoenix (240)Loremaster (100)Auric Runesmiter/Battlesmith (80)30 x Vulkite Berzerkers (330)10 x Skinks (60)10 x Skinks (60) 5 x Tree Revenants (80)6 x Vanguard-Palladors (440) Basically in the list I'm wanting them to be able to sit on objectives and hold them, the battlesmith obviously helps with the re-rolls but the smiter gets round the 4 inch move
  10. If I have 30 vulkites in a mixed order list, what's better to accompany them, a battlesmith or runesmiter?
  11. Anyone else spotted the warscroll cards? What is this list?? Allegiance ability?
  12. Does anyone know the list that won Sheffield Slaughter recently? I heard it was a bit off the wall as fyreslayers go
  13. What pieces did you use to make that sorceress? Looks amazing!
  14. Looking for some clarification if someone can help - can you stack the +1 armour save buff from the Lord Castellant's Warding Lantern?
  15. Hey all, I'm trying to paint Vandus Hammerhand as he is shown on the website. I know warhammer TV have published a how to paint for him but it doesn't seem to match up, more notably the belly of the dracoth. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on paints/techniques used to achieve the same look? The image I'm using as reference mostly is this Thanks in advance!
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