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  1. Set myself a goal of getting 1k painted this month for a local tournament/league. Went with a fairly simple scheme but really pleased with how it’s come out. Had 2 practice games 2 wins. Spirit hosts are tough to shift!
  2. So I've entered a 1k tournament in July, got a lot of painting to do, this is the list im going with Lady O- Shroud of terror-240 Guardian of souls-mortuary candle-140 Lord Executioner-80 10 x chainrasp-80 10x Chainrasp-80 9x spirit host-360 thoughts?
  3. Did some blisterkin flesh eaters! Just 6 more and a Terrorgheist to go
  4. 9 crypt flayers. Abhorrent Archregent and a Terrorgheist maybe with a dude on top
  5. It’ll go one way or the other I’d suspect! I’ll let you know!
  6. Entered a 1000 point tournament in March. Got 2 weeks to paint all of the crypt Flayers, want to go with Court:Blisterskin crypt flayer infernal abhorrent Archregent 3x flayers 3xflayers 3 x flayers Deadwatch batallion endless spell: chalice What do people think? Is it enough stuff on the board?
  7. done some Squigs today. Not really enjoyed painting them.l, just wanna get em done so I can go back to painting hoppers!
  8. So the 5k of chaos this year might not happen. But I have painted up all of these Gloomspite Gitz this month! C+c appreciated
  9. I'm REALLY enjoying playing this army, I know my list depends a lot on random rolls but I've been lucky so far. General-Loonboss On Mangler- Clammy Cowl/fight another day 300points 5 x bounders-100 points 5 x bounders-100 points 5x hoppers-90 points 5x hoppers-90 points Mangler squigs240 points that's 920 total. I've considered throwing a shaman in just for some spells...
  10. I really love the manglerboss. It has been mvp in every game! Especially if you give him the ability to Attack and run away afterwards! I think adding another standard mangler is going to be a nice idea.
  11. Yeah I’m going all Squigs then topping it up with trogs. Joined a slow grow league and I’ve won both my games so far, we’re only at 500points currently but my list is: boss on manglers 5x hoppers 5x bounders. going up to 750 next sonill be adding another unit each of hoppers and bounders. Then another mangler when we get up to 1000
  12. I haven't ordered 200 quids worth of gitz, honest.....
  13. Finished my start collecting this week.
  14. So this is what I've got so far in my 1500 list. Keeper of Secrets (260) Herald of Slaanesh (60) Herald of Slaanesh (60) UNITS M S W B 20 x Daemonettes of Slaanesh (200) 20 x Daemonettes of Slaanesh (200) 10 x Seekers of Slaanesh (240) 1 x Exalted Seeker Chariots of Slaanesh (140) 3 x Fiends of Slaanesh (180) TOTAL: 1340 What are peoples thoughts? I haven't had a proper think about artifacts/abilities yet
  15. So I’ve decided to tackle 5k of chaos this year and try not to get Distracted. Apart from maybe a box of frog goths. So far I’ve bought a start collecting Slaanesh and wrath and rapture. My goal is to do a unit a week of the start collecting. Then have a look at the Khorne side of wrath and rapture to keep things fresh. So far I’ve made a start on my first 10 Daemonettes. Ill keep adding to this as the year goes on. Encourage me if you’d please
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