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  1. Has anyone tried Thunderquake in the new edition yet? Skink Alpha on a Stegadon seems like it may make up for losing the chance at a move I'm currently thinking something like Heroes Slann (Great Rememberer, Retrices, Stellar Tempest) Astrolith Bearer Engine of the Gods (Gryph-Feather Charm) Skink Starpriest (stellar tempest? Unsure of running it twice but it seems so good) Knight Incantor 3x10 Skinks 3x Salamanders Skink Handlers Bastiladon Stegadon Balewind Vortex Everblaze Comet Malevolent Maelstrom (had 10 pts left) 2000/2000
  2. I recently moved to SF, is there a community within the city at all?
  3. I was thinking of shadowstrike actually for the bonus move and ability to position the Slann a bit better. My list to start trying for GHB 2019 is going to start as: The goal is mainly that their wizards will be set up first and I'll be able to use the Slann with balewind to set up a 42" horde killer spell or if they push up it will at least bait dispels with that. The pregame move allows one starpriest to get into endless spell range and the teleports can be used for the other one + the astrolith. Maelstrom and quicksilver swords are in there specifically because I've seen so much Changehost talk with the new book that they may be necessary for extra dispel and sniping the summoner (6" range on swords can feasibly dodge screens)
  4. Has anyone thought of using multiple starpriests for suicidal endless spells? The new points for a purple sun/pendulum + teleport bomb effectively is 130 for a chance to blow up a full line of enemies, higher if you have arcane terrain or another way to increase the cast
  5. Not a great photo, and the blues aren't actually painted but I used the shadeswraith boat from dreadfleet - it's small compared to the actual model but it doesn't look too too bad when on the base. Currently playing around with this as a changehost, hopefully GHB 2019 drops it by 40 - 60 points for geminids or a balewind. Main goals are to sacrifice pinks from boating and arcane sacrifice, early aethervoid pendulum from the Changeling or the pinks when they move up via the boat in the hero phase if they have an easy line for sniping or shackles to slow the whole army. Then if the sacrifice/boat is enough and Changeling didn't early swap or reveal for the pendulum he can summon in blues turn 1 onto objectives or to hold up lines and to block up their move with the shackles. Seems like a fun board control list with endless tricks. Leaders Gaunt Summoner (Arcane sacrifice, bolt of tzeentch, gryph feather charm) Lord of Change (Mark of the Conjurer, Firestorm) Changeling ( Treason of Tzeentch (Don't love the spell, but it's super appropriate to the Changeling) Units 3x 10 Pink horrors 2x 10 Blue Horrors 2x 10 Brimstone Horrors Spells Lauchon (see picture) Aethervoid pendulum (first round changeling if they make too much of a castle or easy to set up with Lauchon on pinks) Soulsnare shackles (also a good drop after pinks, boat themselves up turn 1, I would like the shards instead but this caps at 2k) 2000/2000
  6. I'm in the same boat (pun intended) but can't find a good alternative model. Currently looking at the dreadfleet shadewraith boat ofd Ebay with a few blue horrors and no sails. Any other tzeentch boat ideas?
  7. This stood out to me for Changehost actually for that reason, basically replacing the old Changeling with a cheap boat. Cast the boat, move horrors, cast with horrors, swap for LoC, cast with him, gaunt summoner sacs some other horrors with arcane sacrifice and all of a sudden you have 20+ brimstones 30" up the board in the turn one hero phase. Could be a resurgence of actual board control Tzeentch
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