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  1. yeah all them are there, weird the khorne dragon is the only FW unit not there or in LoA
  2. kind of weird that only LoA and Vorgorath are included and not Gloomspite stuff still in production (troll hag, squig gobba and collosal squig) didn't check mournghul
  3. so in a leak photo, I saw LoA profiles above the maggotkin profiles but none of the other FW models alongside their respective armies. Are chaos dwarves coming to plastic?
  4. what if those are just trick-or-treaters so only 4' tall kids in costumes rather than 8' tall stormcast
  5. So do we think the rumor engine that looks to be straight up taken from the total warhammer shipwreck golem's leg is going to be Vampirates or just a repurposed mesh for Sons? We might find out saturday
  6. we were tricked, Sons-oB were the ruination chamber all along and its just a chamber of stormcast gargants
  7. I don't think the models are bad but they do not do the lore justice.
  8. Skaven got cuts RIP deathrunner and poison wind mortar
  9. Most degenerate 1000pt list I can think of Allegiance: Legion of Chaos Ascendant Leaders Verminlord Corruptor (280) - General - Trait: Primordial Commander - Artefact: Fourfold Blade - Lore of Ruinous Sorcery: Bolt of Ruin Verminlord Deceiver (320) - Lore of Ruinous Sorcery: Echo of Hatred Battleline 10 x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (200) 10 x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (200) Total: 1000 / 1000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 200 Wounds: 44 Deceiver casts echo then skitterleaps corruptor in, corruptor cast the 2 anti horde spells, rest of army advances towards objectives, corrupter summons plaguebearers behind him, corruptor charges, corrutor does ~14 mortal wounds from his attacks. Now they have to deal with an effectively 27 wound model who just put a decent size dent in their entire army if all the spells went off while the rest of your army marches forward. Skitterleap also has a 26" range if you want to try and evac your corruptor
  10. So the Chaos Dragon has 14" flying movement, 2d6 shots at 9" 3+/3+/‐1/1, another 9" shooting attack for D3 mortals that has a 50% chance of another mortal for anything that attack kills, 2 casts/unbinds, and a spell that causes a unit within 18" to fight itself on a 7 to cast. Seems like a fun model but 10 wounds at 340 points seems a little fragile
  11. if the game isn't over and each side has a way to win still, I don't see a reason to end it. The only reason I could see to end a game early is if a player is unable to score enough points to catch up even if they got every possible remaining point from objectives
  12. I wonder if lord of affliction and blightlords could be good in a wanderers list. 7 wounds 4+ save, reduce rend by 1, 5+ nurgle save (with another one if you have a harbinger who is also a daemon) would be pretty annoying to deal with. Then the lord is a pretty mobile general to put the "one last gift" bubble where you need it. with the 16" move from the LoA' ca you could probably get one in your opponent's territory first turn to generate more contagion to summon plaguebearer objective holders. I don't play enough to really know how this would turn out in practice but seems like it could be fun in a 1000pt game
  13. Here's my theory. Archaon was going to free Slaanesh but was called back to retake the Varanspire. Who benefits most from Slaanesh being imprisoned? What is Nagash's biggest weakness? Nagash's master plan is to keep Slaanesh imprisoned as part of a deal with the Great Horned Rat. In exchange the Great Horned Rat agreed to give Nagash 5 minutes of peace.
  14. I wish the subfactions were more like battalions where they reward you to sticking to a theme. If you meet these conditions in your listbuilding you qualify for this subfaction, kind of like ironjawz/bonesplitterz vs big waagh. Like if let's say you have a nurgle list with only nurglings, beasts, bilepipers, GUOs, and maybe Twiceborn unlock the "Plague Parade" or whatever subfaction giving the bilepiper prayer-like songs, beast/nurgling battleline, and Twiceborn gets some buff.
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