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  1. Skaven Clawlord’s Gnash Gnaw on Their Bones is a fine example of a non-stackable Command Ability. I played against a super-stacking Neferata this weekend, and I must say that it was not at all fun.
  2. I will agree entirely with Platypus. I too think your opponent is being directed, and thus leading yourself, down the garden path... Albeit innocently. There is a case to be made that what exactly the definition of certain clarifying words like, “range” refer to. In your case, range obviously refers to the initial, and most prominent, casting distance - and even reading that back to myself, it’s obvious to me that some people will inevitably get confused.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    My thoughts Clans Pestilens defense in AoS Matched Play
  4. Nice. I see that's it's incentive driven, and I like it.
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