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  1. The point of the mortal realms is that anything and everything is possible. Freeguild from the main cities will look like old Empire, likely because that's how Sigmar remembers them to be. Anyway, it's established that the aesthetic is staying and nothing is going to change that. I think this discussion is over.
  2. We probably won't get any new models; by the looks of it, Ogors will be getting that treatment and fair enough, they have way less to work with. The paragraph that mentioned advisors to generals was interesting, as I have no idea how that would be implemented without new models. Furthermore, I hope that this concept will take the spot of a free terrain feature as A: what terrain would befit all these different factions? And B: I intensely dislike the captive audience method of including free auto include terrain; Khorne is a good exampe of integral terrain you, for all intents and purposes, must buy.
  3. I know the intention was not to, but in a tournament, I can't help but think 20 grots will come in handy since Trolls are too expensive to have camping home objectives. If anything, I'd say drop Mollog and get 20 grots to play it safe and Scrapskuttles to make your magic phase stronger.
  4. I don't think that's a fair comparison when Rockguts literally just came down 20 points a few days ago. You're complaining about a problem that was created in the space of a few days and expect it to be fixed in such; and they don't suddenly become awful just because a competitor got cheaper. Yes, Fimir ought to go back down to 120; as someone with 12 of both models I would appreciate them having a better use over Rockguts, as currently they are only superior at ranged defense and bravery.
  5. Nothing has really changed for Fellwaters. Their use remains the same.
  6. You're babysitting for reroll 1s and we exhale command points with every breath so there's not really an issue there. Given the new reductions, Rockguts in 6s are pretty much an auto include. And the guaranteed hit means that, in my experience, the two units of 6 I use that usually fight side by side can remove backline heroes instantly with good chances. Sure you get more chances, but it's just that, a chance.
  7. I value the 5++ more than the -1. The damage isn't necessarily the deciding factor. I appreciate Fellwaters for their ability to be more independent. Also Rockgut shooting, even though it does less, can be guaranteed damage with a 24" max range.
  8. I use it, and if you were like me and had 160 points shaved off then even more so.
  9. I always try and have Rockguts with reroll 1s (even easier now that it's also a basic command ability) and Moonface Mommet to guarantee it goes through. I had 4 Rockguts wipe 30 Longbeards in 2 combat phases with that combo.
  10. I reckon we're in a good spot now. I don't think it can be stated enough how much the change to Rockguts means. I don't understand why Fellwaters are more expensive, I find their only upside is the ability to be more independent which means they can cover my flanks better.
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