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  1. So Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic mount and Lord of Slaanesh on foot have both been removed from the app.... No new mortals, oh and we will take these old ones too... Why did they use the boob snake in the art then?!?!?!!?!?! It just seems like trolling now lol.
  2. I try to stay positive, but...... No mortals with this release would be a huge slap in the face to Slaanesh fans that have been waiting years for this book, and it just doesn't make any sense. We know from the lore that there are still mortal followers of The Dark Prince, and we know there are concepts for how these models would potentially look based on art and stories that have been released. Why would Slaanesh be singled out amongst the Chaos Gods to not have specific mortal models? I keep hearing people say that the warcry stuff will fill this role; if thats the case that sinks unless those models are including in the book. We still have a few weeks, so maybe they are just waiting to the absolute last min to ****** with us for some reason, but I for one will be really disappointed if there is no mortal support. Especially after using the boobsnake picture in the articles. I mean why?
  3. Does the Eternal Conflagration still require the Warpflame host to include 6 units? Not sure if it’s a tweak or the app is just missing that bit.
  4. I took that to mean units that were under the min unit size. So you wouldn’t be able to run a 9 man unit of acolytes, but 19 should be ok?
  5. This is the list I plan on starting with fatesworn warband Gaunt Summoner-general-illusionist-paradoxical shield-unchecked mutation Ogroid-Infusion Arcanum Chaos Sorcer Lord-Soul Drought-tzeentch’s firestorm Curseling- glimpse the future Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount k. Acolytes x10 k. Acolytes x10 k.Acolytes x36 warshrine Chaos Knights x9 balewind pendulum that’s 2000. 7 spells a turn, decent hammer in the Knights and the 36x block of Acolytes with shields should be hell to chew through. Should be able to do some ok summoning hopefully.
  6. Can you use Destiny Dice to set the roll for the Fatemaster’s command ability? I would assume no, but I’ve gotten some argument about it. Thanks!
  7. I’m trying out a Bonegrinz list tonight for my first 2.0 game Bonegrinz Kunnin Rukk Big Boss-gen-squirmy warpaint-savage trophy Prophet-glowin tattoos- brutal beast spirit maniak weirdnob- mystic waaahh paint- hand of gork 30x arrow boys 30x arrow boys 10x savage boys-chompas 10x savage boys- chompas 4x big stabbas If i’ve got the points right this is 1970 so I can throw in Pallisade or Swords and start with 2cp Not overly original but I think it will still work ?
  8. Thanks for replying; went with 20x Berzerkers and a Runesmiter for now.
  9. Hi guys/gals, I am trying to decide what allies to run in my 2000pt KO list; I am not worried about being ultra competitive but would like the option to take it to local tourneys and not get embarrassed I already have the KO, got a GW gift card so wanting to pick up the allies this week if I can decide on something. Here is the list so far Code: Barak-Urbaz footnote: There's no trading with some people Heroes: Endrinmaster -General- Fleetmaster- Endless Repeater (i think he is underrated!) Aether Khemist -Aethersight Loupe (Urbaz) Aether Khemist Battleline: Arkanaut Company x10- 3x light skyhook Arkanaut Company x10 - 3x light skyhook Arkanaut Company x 20 -6x light skyhook Behemoth Akanaut Frigate-Heavy Sky Cannon-Self Healing Hull Other Units: Endrinriggers x12- 9x Chain Swords- 3x grappnel Endrinmaster and the balloon boys in the frigate, Company for support/objectives. this leaves me with 340pts for allies, I would be willing to cut my 20x Arkanaut Company down to 10x if it makes sense. Not really sure which direction to go here, leaning towards fyreslayers just because I want to paint them :P. Any Ideas or suggestions welcome! Potential Allies Aruic Runesmiter Vulkite Berzerkers x20- warpicks and sling shields -320 pts Vulkite Berzerkers x30- warpicks and sling shields -330 pts Knight Azyros Arkanaut Company x20 (making my 20 man unit a 40 man) -320 pts Vanguard Raptors w/ longstrike crossbows x6 -360 pts Maybe something with an organ gun? Thanks for looking and all suggestions welcome!
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