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  1. Ideally the drops should have been far more extreme I agree. The troggboss is a 200 - 240 hero at most (mostly due to his ability to make troggs battleline) The dankhold is a 160 - 180 unit and the basic two troggs types would both be fine at 120. The battalion is a difficult one as too cheap and we have an easy 1 drop army. But really 100 - 120 is the correct area I feel. Mollog should go to 120 and the troggoth hag needs to drop by at least 60 points. Oh well.....I guess we keep bashing things with clubs till they listen eh troggs?
  2. I'd like a pack like the ogor dice but with one massive footprint for the 6 haha
  3. Guess this is to stop the 4+ 5+ 6+ madness some units can do as after damage saves so i'm assuming this means : take save roll - failed - take disgusting resilience roll
  4. Couldn't agree more! And when the first reveal video (the story book) was announced I got such a similar vibe that someone at GW must have watched it and thought..."this is a good shout"
  5. If gotrek is anything to go by then most likely. Limit of one but you cant take any other allies type deal.
  6. Indomitus will go on preorder for two weeks. So there needs to be something along side it to be released on the 18th. Odds are it will likely be something small so as not to detract from the big release of 9th edition. As desperate as we all are for the sons, I think @KingBrodd is right and we will be in for a lengthy wait. So in the meantime I'm gonna go watch jack the giant slayer for some conversion inspiration.
  7. @Bululu this might be a little odd, but did the sons of behemat feature in any of the artwork or model photos of the GHB? It would be a good indicator for thier original release time.
  8. @HollowHills Due to the current playable lists all being heavily reliant on eels and volturnous I dont think they could avoid an increase to force the use of other units. I know this isn't actually the fix that's needed at all and the points shown currently do nothing to help the situation either, but as all people ever see is eels the feedback will most likely have been negative and forced an increase. I'm sorry my friend, but I think they're about to be hit.
  9. On the maths it looks like you could run one unit of 3 gargants, 2 mega gargants and 3 individual gargants. That way you have the potential to leave models behind on objectives and still have a brutal spearhead to ram into your opponent. But lets be honest we all want three mega gargants right?
  10. @KingBrodd Wake up man!! This is the dawn of your time!
  11. The maximum unit counting as 3 battleline is I think intended to give some use at lower point value games. Either way it's a very nice mechanic. Thanks @Bululu you've made a bunch of lumbering behemoths very happy
  12. Absolutely that! Lots of cloaks, crossbows and axes
  13. I think seeing as elves now have mountain spirits etc there is room for a dwarves race that's more ranger/hunter style that live in giant underground caverns and root systems. Turn both armies on thier heads
  14. I agree with @KingBrodd that they were most likely to released in june ahead of new 40k. And as others have said as it's such a small (chuckle) release it could well be slotted in between 40k releases so we dont have to wait too long. On that note however, am I the only one being looked at funny in thier local gaming sphere for not wanting the new 40k box and instead saving for more gargants?
  15. We've seen FW models get adjusted before so hopefully they will bring her down. As a 2 cast wizard she would be absolutely on points. But as the 1 cast that she is its just too much by a good 60-80 points.
  16. @Grudgebearer yeah check out rods.mods on instagram hes got a solid easy to follow guide for just that.
  17. GHB on the way, so what are we hoping for? Troggs points I think are okay as they stand, but the dankhold, troggboss, troggoth hag and battalion all need some big reductions.
  18. I agree. The book will focus massively on the two base gagarnt types. Also if you've read court of the blind king then you get some chaos gargant action (limited but there) and hopefully it will flesh that side out too with how they might fall to the powers
  19. I'm guessing 24 as the top bracket as he looks easily twice the size (and more thank twice the bulk) of the normal gargant. The bonegrinder will be in a strange space I feel as hes a different animal entirely in terms of game design. Hes insanely tall but very gangly, doesn't need to charge as he simply steps 6" as a pile in etc I do see him getting the key word sons of behemat but not being in the same role of the new mega gargants who I see being slower and tougher.
  20. Either random attacks with fixed damage (like 2d6 swings at 3+ 3+ 2 damage) or a degrading attack amount with random damage (like 6 at 3+ 2+ D6 damage) plus a crush/stuff in bag
  21. So obviously we have no idea yet about stats for the mega gargant, but seeing as speculation is fun what are people thinking wounds/save/points wise? Personally I'm hoping for 24 ish wounds on a 4+ at around the 520 point mark as that way youd get three gargant at current point level and one mega gargant in 1000 points. Maybe even see gargants go to 140
  22. We also have to consider that humans in the realms come in many forms and varieties. The white dwarf realm articles had artwork to represent some of the humans from each realm and they are vastly different to each other. When compared to fyreslayers or daughter of khaine this becomes far more difficult to represent in miniatures. They could produce humans from the realm of fire, but that doesn't help me make a realm of life army for instance. They are in a very different design space then any race in the game.
  23. @Kramer legs are sisters of battle. Torso, shoulder guards and left arm (elbow up) are general on griffon. Right arm and head are greatswords. Sword from the demigryph knights. Scabbard is three empire militia sheaths pieced together. Left forearm from the old knights of the white wolf upgrade sprue. Dagger and shield are from an old bretonnian kit. The rest is greenstuff.
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