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Posts posted by scrubyandwells

  1. 7 hours ago, Motley said:

    Is a side board strictly necessary I wonder? Could it not be bring what you like in the same Grand Alliance but only deploy up X pool choices? With pools begin simpler that points do lists need to be checked in advance? Just tally up as you deploy.

    If I'm following ya, the organized-play scene could say, "Create a 2,500 pt list, and deploy 2,000 pts each game," or something like that. In general, that could work. 

  2. Yeah hoping we see the Sylvaneth branching out with some new units to go along with a bad-****** new Alarielle, all wrapped together in a battletome. They have an awesome foundation with the Big Trees and Little Trees, and they already have a distinctly-defined playstyle with their wyldwood hopscotching. 

  3. While offense seems > than defense in AoS, one thing that might be interesting that I haven't heard much about is a heavy-defense list, w/ Luminark of Hysh as the only non-aelf 'scroll. You could have multiple 6+ "ward" saves from Shield of Saphery (Archmage) and Aura of Protection (Luminark). Imagine Phoenix Guard with 4+ normal, 4+ Witness to Destiny, and ~3 additional 6+ vs wounds or mortal wounds. You could also add Shield of Thorns (re-roll failed armor saves for a unit) from the Sisters of Thorn, although they seem pricey in SCGT. 

  4. On 4/27/2016 at 3:57 PM, Ben Johnson said:

    You are all going to be very happy come the summer ?

    Definitely excited.

    My main hopes are that 1) a sideboard/pool dynamic is maintained for organized/match play and 2) a simple approach is put in place for periodically updating the meta/points values.

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  5. 5 hours ago, Darth Alec said:

    Too many plots were dropped during the End Times for us to speculate if any are relevant, IMO. Like Settra and Skarsnik both getting a "exist stage left". My impression from subsequent author interviews were that they didn't know anything about AoS when writing these books.

    Though that doesn't apply to whoever wrote the hardbacks. I assume Araloth's plot ended up in the main books? Don't remember.

    Yeah Araloth's thread was in the main books. You might be right in general. I do expect we'll see Shadow and Light aelves before the year is out, and maybe a new Alarielle. And I still think a new Settra is coming back. :) Probably sometime next year (...<rampant speculation>). 

  6. On 5/3/2016 at 0:28 PM, Motley said:

    So what I am suspecting is that Chaos didn't find it and that some how Araloth and Co. somehow managed to hide the world. So what I am wondering / hoping is that when the new waves of Aelves are unleashed upon the Mortal Realms it will be with this world, that Tyrion, Teclis and Malorian will somehow find it and re-introduce some really cool new Aelves.


    I like that idea a lot. They made a big deal about Lileath creating a new haven for them w/ the Araloth plot etc., and then, you're right, it was dropped suddenly without clear resolution. I think it'll either be something along the lines of what you laid out and/or something about Tyrion/Teclis/Malerion successfully recovering and reconstituting aelven souls from Slaanesh, which will become at least one of the new aelven factions. Personally I'm partial to the idea of the new Lord of Light and Teclis doing a Sigmar and reconstituting a new faction of aelves that embody Hysh/Light, but I doubt they'll do that since it's been done w/ Sigmar Sigmar'ing the Sigbros in Sigmaron.

  7. 13 hours ago, Antipodean7 said:

    Excellent podcast, which I have been listening to for years.  Even continued listening while wandering in the wilderness for the last year.  Must renew my SAWC membership.

    @scrubyandwells If you haven't heard it, I'd also recommend the episode covering how Dan and Wayne manage the work, family, hobby, life balance - will see if I can find the title.

    Thanks! I'd love to hear that one. 

  8. I like it. Looking forward to hearing how your getting on. Especially curious to hear how it goes with Skycutters. Sisters of the Watch are pretty solid for shooting (especially with the Nomad Prince's CA for re-rolling 1's to hit), although they don't quite have the range of the Judicators (18" vs 24"). 'Going to experiment soon with a tag team of 15 Phoenix Guard and 15 Sisters of the Watch.

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