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  1. Yeah I'd probably skip the Wargrove battalions at 1,500pts. Household or Forest Folk seem like solid options at that point level.
  2. I think they're important w/ Hand of Glory Venator for having a good shot at sniping and thus being able to play back early while still getting something done.
  3. I'm a fan of this Gnarlroot build with TLA, Drycha, and Loremaster. It's got: - some long-range utility via Venator + Hand of Glory + 3 Bows - Drycha for anti-horde + Hand of Glory option (when she's Enraged especially) - the seemingly obligatory 30 Dryads for GH17 play - two x5 TreeRevs for solid utility - TLA per usual (could switch Briarsheath for Moonstone, which is amazing w/ Hand of Glory + Household's Discipline of the Ages) - 3 Scythes for punch (Drycha or TLA w/ Hand of Glory provide additional punch) - Acorn + Verdant on different models in case of snipe - Throne of Vines for helping w/ Verdurous, Mystic Shield, and/or Unleash Spites - 2-drop, which I suspect would still out-drop the vast majority
  4. It doesn't work on Drycha's Flitterfuries or Squirmlings because she's not making normal "to hit rolls" with them (as required with Hand of Glory). She's making "ability rolls," for lack of an official phrase. TLA, though, would get RRs to hit and wound for it's missile and melee weapons.
  5. FWIW I've played Tzeentch over four tournaments in the last three months, and it's not pretty, especially if they have a Balewind, and most competitive Tzeentch players certainly have one. They combine, e.g., mobility, high model count for chaffing/screening/tarpitting (enough to zone out any alpha strike), mortal wound output via magic (+ Skyfires and with a Balewind their mortal wound output is coming at you from 36" and it's even worse with Changehost swapping), combat punch via Skyfires (Tzaangors and Enlightened are notable too but they haven't been as prevalent), reliability via Destiny Dice (and other tricks like Kairos guaranteeing Fold Reality to bring back Skyfires), and more. It's important for every faction to have counters, at the moment it just seems like that faction is an especially hard counter for us.
  6. Hey Frank, intriguing list. Love the ingenuity and in-depth thinking, as always. So, I'm seeing how this could be competitive vs many factions/lists, but struggling to see how it could compete vs some of the top Tzeentch and Stormcast variations, or potentially against Fyreslayers, who look like they're going to be extremely strong (a number of others look like they're going to be really tough as well). This is probably a longer conversation, though, requiring looking at some specific builds and scenarios. Maybe it's time for another podcast together? In general, I'm having a tough time seeing how we're going to compete vs Tzeentch and other likely top-table builds, especially ones that can combine enough of the following: high mortal wound output / excellent projection of power, reliability / durability (e.g. excellent saves and/or battleshock immunity), mobility, and high model count. Hopefully we'll figure some things out and see our faction compete respectably on the top tables.
  7. Sorry, Laurie, accidentally referred to you as Liam in that first response. Did I mention it's nearly 3am here? (..and was chatting earlier with Liam about his experience at the event.) Here's another list I was looking at earlier. It's a bit unorthodox, and probably not reliable since it centers around Mr. Unreliable, but it could be a lot of fun playing for those 4+ Nav Realmroot rolls + 4+ charges, especially now that we can Nav Realmroot out of combat without retreating. Suspect the bodies are needed but could swap out one of the 10 Dryads for, say, a Waywatcher for extra shooting.
  8. Yeah still uncertain whether we can compete sufficiently well without low-drop count.
  9. 5 Tree-Revenants could be swapped for 10 Eternal Guard, or could go 2x10 Dryads and 1x5 Tree-Revenants and put in a Waywatcher, and maybe then change one of the Kurnoth Bows to Scythes for x2 Scythes. I'd be concerned about bodies, though.
  10. Thanks for the brilliant write up, Laurie! Just off to bed (2:30am here), but will follow up on this soon. Here was one of my last Alarielle-list iterations...sucks to lose Gnarlroot (getting out dropped could be a serious problem in some matchups), but not sure we can afford it now. The list has a backup Verdant Blessing, just in case. Not sure how well 3x10 Dryads will do in new meta, but hoping MSU is still reasonably viable. Alarielle Regrowth Drycha Verdant Blessing Branchwych Acorn of the Ages Verdant Blessing 10 Dryads 10 Dryads 10 Dryads 5 Tree-Revenants 3 Kurnoth Scythes 3 Kurnoth Bows 3 Kurnoth Bows 2000
  11. Hey @Lhw, hope you had a good time at Blackout. Any impressions/learnings/takeaways you can share with us on our forest spirits at the event/in GH17? Were you giving Alarielle a go again, or?
  12. I'll follow up on the latest posts shortly but real quickly: Had two games -- Ironjawz and Stormcast -- today playtesting that latest list. While Eternal Guard look awesome on paper, it didn't take long to feel their limitations. Since they only really become tanky when you do their Fortress of Boughs, which happens in the hero phase, if you want to get them into cover in a Wyldwood, you have to first drop a Wyldwood and then move them onto it in your first turn, and then in your second turn you can do their Fortress of Boughs; but that's not ideal at all.... The other major problem, of course, is you can't teleport the darn things! That's a huge plus for Dryads over them. So I'm just not sure about them now.
  13. Thanks for sharing! Awesome to hear you had a great time with the army. I've probably played over 100 games and still find the faction endlessly fascinating. Hope to hear more about your experiences with the forest spirits.
  14. Definitely an interesting list. I think the Venator looks intriguing on paper for us...at the same time, it's relying on those Star-Fated Arrow rolls working in our favor, which is the very definition of a dicey proposition. I'm just not sure the above list is sufficiently capable of taking on a wide variety of lists, outside of just Tzeentch, and it's not that clear it would do very well vs 12+ Skyfires (which speaks to the challenge we face). I agree Tzeentch and other mortal-wound-spam armies are at the top of the list of difficult opponents for us, so we do need to figure out general-purpose lists that can at least compete against Tzeentch, rather than get mortal-wounded off the table every time. It would be awesome to see more collective discussion here about ways we can take on some of the more powerful Tzeentch builds. While Skyfires have gone up, they're still very efficient for their points (vs most armies), and of course Tzeentch has the incredible combination of devastating magic, tons of chaff, and a nasty combat unit in the Tzaangors (who received a nice Mass Regiments discount), to go along with the Skyfires. I'll give this some thought soon re: lists that could compete decently with Tzeentch and other heavy-mortal-wound armies.
  15. Nope, you don't have to pay reinforcement points to use Seed of Rebirth. That's a good challenge for us: Come up with lists more capable of taking on Tzeentch, without seriously harming our ability to take on a lot of other lists.
  16. Yeah here's one I've been looking at. Still hoping to figure out a tournament-viable list w/ her. Alarielle Regrowth Drycha Verdant Blessing Branchwych Acorn of the Ages Throne of Vines Knight-Azyros 10 Dryads 10 Dryads 5 Tree-Revenants 5 Tree-Revenants 3 Kurnoth Scythes 3 Kurnoth Bows 20 Eternal Guard 2000
  17. Welcome to the grove. This in-depth discussion on Sylvaneth in GH2017 might be helpful:
  18. Hi all, @Mc1gamer was kind to invite me onto his channel for an "Unlocking Sylvaneth." Hope it's interesting! Tried to get in some shout outs for our thread.
  19. Good points. That all makes sense to me.
  20. This thread, from a quality standpoint, might be the OG of TGA: The thread that helped kick off the "Let's Chat" rage is still going strong (personally biased, of course): @Nico remains a perennial favorite. Also @Mirage8112 and @swarmofseals.
  21. Yep that's my understanding -- nothing else would mean literally nothing else: no fighting back, no armor saves, no Trample Underfoot. I'm not 100% sure on this, though. It would be highly unusual to find yourself in combat with a Tangled Root'ed unit, though, although not impossible..
  22. Thanks! I'll probably go with Flitterfuries to get a better sense of how to get the most out of it and keep her alive in the process. Squirmlings is a little more straightforward.
  23. Thanks guys for the list feedback. Here's (hopefully!) the final version for playtesting this Saturday. I'll let you know how it goes! Treelord Ancient Gnarled Warrior Oaken Armour Regrowth Drycha Verdant Blessing Branchwych Acorn of the Ages Throne of Vines Loremaster Waywatcher 10 Dryads 10 Dryads 5 Tree-Revenants 3 Kurnoth Scythes 3 Kurnoth Scythes 20 Eternal Guard Gnarlroot Household 1990
  24. Yeah, Loremaster seems pretty important to the list, but I could see swapping the Venator for a Waywatcher, and then swapping one of the 5 TRevs for another 10 Dryads, which could help with model count for scoring and help with footprint for screens. The sniping wouldn't be as strong with Waywatcher, but he could potentially do more for you over the course of the game. If he were deployed on the line, he'd have a 28" threat range from there, so you might have a good target for him round 1, even if you took first turn, and the Loremaster's Hand of Glory would be pretty solid on him as well. I do love the Venator's durability (2+ save in cover) and mobility, though, which doesn't rely on Wyldwoods...
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