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    Hello I will be running a 1 day event at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia PA on November 18th. 2000pts. Event is free, all you gotta do is have a pass for PAX for the day. Signups are encouraged, but same day is also fine, as I do wanna be able to give PAX an idea on the size of the event. Gonna link to the event packet and the PAX website. Message me with any comments or questions. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CMnd649UjKbTvJRvnMHadrdJmMxlGKAOOI32SSqfUjg http://unplugged.paxsite.com/
  2. Event Title: Delaware River Rampage at PAX Unplugged Event Author: IronjawzBrian Calendar: Events USA Event Date: 11/18/2017 11:00 AM to 11/18/2017 12:00 AM Hello I will be running a 1 day event at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia PA on November 18th. 2000pts. Event is free, all you gotta do is have a pass for PAX for the day. Signups are encouraged, but same day is also fine, as I do wanna be able to give PAX an idea on the size of the event. Gonna link to the event packet and the PAX website. Message me with any comments or questions. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CMnd649UjKbTvJRvnMHadrdJmMxlGKAOOI32SSqfUjg http://unplugged.paxsite.com/ Delaware River Rampage at PAX Unplugged
  3. I believe if memory serves that there is 1 store in Brooklyn that has an ITC event for AoS every now and again. Thats all i know of thou.
  4. They're not on the east coast at all. Its a west and midwest thing.
  5. I see that... the stonehorn is great, it also does not fly and can be much easier screened for. And how is the griffon more survivable than the 3+/4++ of the MawCrusha, this point is just mathmatically wrong. To your third point the command ability, I use it EVERY TURN, as I run a balanced Ironjawz list I do not feel the need to IP at all. Im not saying hes without flaws but I think hes solid and I dont leave home at 2000 without him.
  6. Don't get me wrong for competitive reasons I would love a points drop but I dont think its necessary. He hits harder than nearly any other model in the game, he moves faster than nearly any other model in the game, and a 2+/4++ is pretty much the best saves you can get outside of Nagash. I don't see how all that does not equate to being 500+ points.
  7. Another issue with ITC is that they're non-existent on the east coast. I'm from New Jersey... ITC does not exist out here, for whatever reason its a west coast only thing.
  8. Under no circumstances would I consider removing my Battle Cabbage. He is a huge threat piece, hes extremely quick, I love his command ability, he draws so much fire, and he hits like train. I really really don't understand peoples dislike of the model. Having that much damage potential on a model with that much speed with that solid of saves is terrifying to an opponent. Ive found I disagree with most of what a lot of Ironjawz players think about our faction as a whole. On a side note your right Brutes and ton more fun to paint then Ardboys.
  9. So I've had my fill of my Ironjawz for awhile so ive decided to go back home(long time VC player in Fantasy) and paint up some new Death stuff. Here is the army I'm going with I think its a solid balanced all comers list. Thoughts on Archai? Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon Necromancer Wight King with Standard Tomb King 10 x Zombies 10 x Skeletons 20 x Skeletons 5 x Black Knights 20 x Grave Guard 2 x Morghast Archai 2 x Morghast Archai
  10. So I've been playing Ironjawz for about a year now. With some success, I took 3rd with pure BALANCED Ironjawz at the Las Vegas Open, and was 2nd in battle points. I'm seeing a ton of lists right now that have between 20-40 brutes, and I just don't like it for a few reasons. Just wanna hear some peoples thoughts on this. 1. They have abuse able bravery. There was a gentlemen playing a list like this at LVO and what happened to him was his opponent took every opportunity to force bravery tests and he lost a good number of Brutes that way. 2. Why not Ardboys, I love them. Your getting 20 wounds with a 4+ and they also hit pretty damn hard. They have the potential to have 8 bravery in combat and get them long bomb charges. 3. I personally think that they will be going up in points in GH2, perhaps to 200 or even 220 for the unit.
  11. Any match up where they can mitigate our speed... I.E. Warrior Brotherhood, Clan Skryre. Big movement shenanigans like Sylvaneth are issues also. We rely on our ability to weather a lot of fire and get where we need to be, and beat nearly anything in melee. Armies that refuse to play our game cause us lots of issues.
  12. I think we're just going to have to agree to disagree. I have no issues with Bloodreavers, I have a guy who plays huge blocks of 40. And yes they don't run... but I slam into them and all of a sudden 20-25 are dead. Yes the remaining swing alot of attacks, but I cant say they've ever really scared me. Jezzails are solid, I just dont see they're mortal wounds as reliable enough for me. Bloodletters are great, I've played against the Sayl big blocks of Bloodletters and 3 Bloodsecrator army. Its brutal, but you just need to feed the Bloodletters properly and mitigate the counter charge when you kill the 1st big block. There was an army that did well using that at LVO this past week... AMAZING event by the way. We seem to have very differing opinions on this which I think speaks to the strengths of AoS.
  13. I play a lot against Khorne Bloodbound I have two locals where that is all they play. I could not disagree more. We literally do everything they do better than them. Were tankier, we hit harder, were faster. The only thing they have going for them is Wrathmongers which yes suck alot... it usually means i need throw away a unit or Brutes to kill them, and so be it. Really I could not be more on the opposite side of this thought. Yes Blood Warriors get to attack back... but damn they hit like little ******. issue with Khorne Bloodbound is apart from the characters they have a very little Rend. a 4+ save is really good against things with no Rend.
  14. To my knowledge this has not been FAQed. The way the rules work right now... you must have a unit of Brutes or Gore-Gruntaz to make the Battalion work.
  15. No No, I see your comments for what they are. As for the Ironfist, I just dont personally like battalions where a single model dying can negate the battalion, id much rather have a wall of green bodies. If I gave the impression I play the Crusa offensively I really don't. The only game I played it full offense was against Nighthaunt. Other than that i play it back most of time... its so fast that even from middle of the field 1/3 of the way up it can threat usually wherever I need it. And yes we are vulnerable to mortal spam, but our defense against that is that we bring a ton of just flat wounds to the table. yeah you throw 3d3 mortals at some Ardboys... i lost 3 boys or 2 brutes or 1 grunta. The combat effectiveness of those units lives on. It takes dedicated fire to remove an ironjawz unit. Ok I'm off to work, will try and pop in whenever I can.
  16. Well, in all honesty, the tournament scene is just now starting to form in our area. So LVO was actually my first proper tournament in AoS. That will be very much changing in the next few months as our local scene is getting going and I have more GTs planned. Nova, Triumph, and i heard a rumor PAX in Philly. I find my army is very consistent, its speed allows me to dissect my opponent when and where I want. That's the glory of the Gore-Gruntaz, yes i see them as underpowered and prolly a bit over points, but having that one speedy unit was a great asset, in my Game 5, they got a long bomb charge and killed the Deamon Prince. As for resiliency, I honestly don't see how anyone could not see them as resilient, everything has 2+ wounds, everything that matters has a 4+ save base. Not alot of armies can say that. You take the Talisman of Protection on my Maw-Crusha and put Mystic Shield and he is one of the most tanky things in the game. 14wounds +2 and +4 against mortal. That +4 againts mortal was a god sent.
  17. I have a ton of experience against Warrior Brotherhood and against Clan Skryre and I am confident I can beat or at least have a chance at beating both of those powerful lists. There was I think 3-4 Warrior Brotherhood Armies. When it comes to Grots n Tusks its rougher. You gotta keep your characters back and mitigate the alpha. It usually involves sacrificing two units, but once we get stuck my confidence is high that we will win the combat, its all a matter of not losing to much before the tide begins to turn. And the Talisman of Protection is vital. There was 3-4 of these lists also. I have 0 experience against new Tzeentch yet, except that I think I'm gonna start an army of them.
  18. Yes I think they are a top tier army. The combination of hard hitting, resiliency, and solid offensive magic make them a great army IMO.
  19. Game 1: Nagash/Neferata/Vamp Lord Abyssal Terror. This was actually a very scary list with all the buffs that get laid on Nagash he has a 2+ rerollable and he ignores rend. It turned into me avoiding combat like the plague with my Mawcrusha while fleeing whenever I could from combat with Nagash. Turn 2 I got a charge off on the Vamp Lord on Abyssal Terror and killed him which hampered Nagash's mobility. Turn 4 I tracked down Neferata and got her. This would have been an wasy scenario but it was Take and Hold so just the two objectives. He ended up just landing Nagash on his own objective and sitting there. Turn 5 I was able to finish off the big guy for the Major. The guy I played in this game James was an absolute delight to play against. Game 2: Dwarf/Empire Shooting. This was the game I lost, and im normally not one to blame the dice, but mine shit the bed and his where bonkers. I never went first on any turn except the first, and you guys realize how much it sucks when an IJ player never gets to go first against a gunline. At one point he made 38 shots hitting and wounding on 4's and got 19 wounds, was insane to see. I ended up only getting a Minor loss. Game 3: Sylvaneth. I went into this game scared cause I have this fear of Sylvaneth. It was your normal Sylvaneth lists... Kurnoth Hunters, Dryads, Treelords jumping around. It was Escalation thou, which is a great scenario for us having a ton of Battleline. I was able to just camp out on 2 of the objectives and hunker down. On turn 4 i made a big move and shot my MawCrusha out of a cannon towards the 3rd objective and killed a Treelord to push him off of it. Holding all 3 for a turn got me the points I needed to win the Major Victory. Game 4: Nighthaunt. They did the pairings the night before so I had sometime to think about this matchup. Its the classic struggle of the unstoppable force vs. the immovable object. The scenario was Border War I figured both of our strategies would be similar get on 3 objectives and hunker down as best as possible. I decided to fly my Maw Crusha straight up the field to make him as big and annoying of a target as possible. Turn 1 I slammed him into a big unit of Hexwraiths and did some serious damage to them. Fast forward to end of turn 4. We realized that although the game had been a bloodbath that he could not surpass the points I had so we called it. Major in my favor. This was another game where my opponent, Joe, was an awesome guy to play against. Game 5: Mixed Chaos. This was an odd list but my opponent was 4-0 so I knew it could do work. He had a Chaos War Mammoth, a Hellcannon, a Chimera, and a ton and a half of characters including a Deamon Prince, a Lord on Mount, a warlock engineer, a Tzeentch Lord on Disc, and some Khorne hero. The scenario was Three Places of Power so heroes where vital. We also decided to play with the garrisoning rules because of the large amount of buildings we had. Turn 1 I moved up and took all 3 objectives figuring id get points wherever I could I also did 11pts! of damage to the War Mammoth with spells the Foot and an Arcane Bolt, I thought he would clear me off 2 of them but the Chimera rolled a 6 for damage on its shooting and killed a Weirdnob on my 3rd objective. This game ended on bottom of turn 3 and it turned into who can kill the characters. I wont go into a ton of detail unless someone really wants me too but this game got nuts. My opponent Mike and I went and drank some beers after the game which was awesome. Game 6: Mixed Undead, mostly Flesheater Stuff and a Mourngul. It was Gift from the Heavens so both of us spent the 1st turn being very pensive and buffing up. I moved up and laid magic into the Mourngul trying to weaken it at least and did 3 wounds to it, which was about what I expected. He let me go first on turn 2 and my comet dropped in my right hand area. I once again was very passive and only moved up just a bit. I also laid more magical pain on the Mourngul doing 2 more wounds while holding my objective and waiting for his to drop. When he did it drop on my left hand side which was good for me cause it was far away from my objective and I could stretch his forces out. On turn 2 he made a dash towards my objective with a unit of Crypt Horrors and his General on Terrorgeist, he ended up killing 6 of the Ardboys on the objective... but the Ardboys held strong rolling a a 2 on their Bravery. I won the roll to go first in Turn 3 which was huge! I spent a solid 5 minutes deciding what I needed to do, and I realized that if I killed his Crypt Horrors and his General and kept the Mourngul and his Vargeists busy I could hold my objective for the remainder of the game and just need to contest his. So I split my army into 2 groups and sent them to work. I sent my fresh unit of Ardboys, a unit of Brutes, my Gruntaz, and one each of a Warchanter and a Shaman to hit his line in the back and contest the objective which they did. It turned into a long protracted combat that he would have won in the end but i just kept contesting his objective. The rest of my army secured my objective and got me my 5th Major Victory. If anyone has any questions about any individual game I can go into more detail, these are just some quick writeups. Or about anything I did tactically
  20. Hey I'm Brian, just got back from placing 3rd overall at the Las Vegas Open, and I just wanna get a bit deeper into the community. Waaaaagggghhh!!!!
  21. Hello all glad to be here. I'm not gonna even attempt to read everything in the thread so far. I recently went to LVO and took 3rd place Overall with a balanced Ironjawz list. Here is what I ran. I went 5-1 including taking down some tough armies. Ironjawz are legit people. Spread the word. Megaboss on Maw-Crusha Warchanter Warchanter Shaman Shaman 5 x Brutes 5 x Brutes 5 x Brutes 10 x Ardboys 10 x Ardboys 3 x Gore Gruntaz
  22. Hello I'm Brian the Ironjaws player that finished second in battle points. I ended up 3rd overall with the addition of soft scores, I got 3 Best Game votes, but not a best painted nod. I wanted to defend my inclusion of 2 Weirdnobs, for I think they are under utilized. You really cant discount the +1 or +2 to casting and unbinding. It allows you to keep a handle on the enemies magic as well as dish out a solid amount of mortal wounds. This GT was one of the funniest I've ever been to and I've been going to them for over 14 years. I look forward to continuing to show the world that Ironjawz are a top tier army.
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