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  1. Cool idea. I quickly put together a very crude balewind with spare bits from my idoneth after reading this. the shark kit comes with alternative heads, as does the eel kit so you could always have them poking out. There are also a number of fish with some of the kits which people may have spare bits that may pop up on eBay. And then I suppose checking out any toy stores to see if they have any little collections, maybe bath toys might suit. You cold always thicken the vortex as I think the shark might be slightly too big but could definitely be workable.
  2. @Lord_Skrolk river was pretty easy as it was pre molded using one of the sigmar realm of battle board. I then based in celestial grey drybrushed ulthuan and put blood for blood god over the top. @Nick in York photographing the whole board can be really awkward. Looks like a great sylvaneth force! @Brad Gamma absolutely love this display, my brother has always been a massive dwarf fan across all fantasy and have always wanted to do some form of diorama for him but this scale is awesome. Looking forward to follow up post in your blog. @sainted75 The overlords look great. Always so difficult to judge sigmar against 40k which I suppose is why they brought the different categories out.
  3. Just set up my board in the local gw. Thought it would be nice to have a post where people share entries. Not biggest fan of it being a competition but really like seeing different boards.
  4. Really great army, I particularly like the green foliage on the rock. I did overlords for armies on parade last year and had a lot of fun with the ships and making the clouds. Quite different to other armies.
  5. Managed to finish first lot of eels, 2nd six aren’t too far away. Glueing them to their flight stands made me want to smash the whole army and rage quit.
  6. I was reasonably successful in September but now need to get a wriggle on to complete my idoneth for armies on parade a week on Saturday. I’ve painted all the beasts apart from the kings mount but need to do all of the eel riders, shark riders and leviadon guys on top. So that is 20 infantry models so should be doable. My son has suddenly got into warhammer again but he is asking for a load of eldar to be built and painted so I will be doing that on the side as well.
  7. Sure thing. I sprayed black, then heavy dry brush of rhinox hide, I then dry brushed steel legion drab. Randomly made more passes in certain areas but didn’t think too much about where, works quite nicely when you go slightly lighter in the centre of the curves. Then a further light dry brush of underhive ash, and then screaming skull in smaller amounts. I then washed it with seraphin sepia, Agrax earthshade, Athonian camoshade, reikland fleshade which I put on different panels and sometimes kind of mixed them together. I also thinned them down a little bit more with Lahmian medium and used this to pull the colours together. Did another little bit of screaming skull Dry brush on some of the edges to bring back a bit of sharpness. To be honest any browns lightening up each time would work and then choosing a couple of different coloured washes works quite well, nice easy way to get a bit of variation, works well on stone as well. The key is to just experiment a bit, but it is a lot of fun to paint up and you can get a rewarding finished item in a fairly short amount of time.
  8. It is based on 2 or 3 of the eternity stair scenery kit. Unfortunately this is now out of production, you may be able to pick it up on eBay. It looks like the trees have been modelled in it and then the citadel wood has been used with a realm gate on top. I’ve just taken a closer look at your stormcast scenery again, it looks like you might have used the eternity stair without the stairs or something very similar. I’m sure that would work quite well if you can find more.
  9. Well done on everyone who is hitting stretch goals. I have managed to paint up the scenery for my armies on parade, just need to do the actual board, oh yeah and the entire army (although I’ve done the bases). My theme is underwater idoneth so have just used the death world scenery as pseudo-coral reef type stuff. There was a lot of stuff in the killteam box and found it really fun to paint up, I think it’s going to work better for idoneth than it does for 40k where I understand there is a bit of hate for it. Feeling quite motivated at the moment after a bit of burnout.
  10. Can definitely relate to this. I did 5 boats last year for my overlords and the big one dragged a bit, it was the deadline of armies on parade that gave me the final push I needed. There is initially real excitement but the more time passes the enthusiasm wanes and you start to just want to get it done. I’ve been more successful when I have dedicated a good chunk of time (maybe 4 hours on consecutive days) to really break the back of it (can sometimes be enough to complete it). Also try switching which part of the model you are doing evenwithin a painting session eg. Crew, balloons, Hull, floor, base. You could also spend 5 mins breaking down the model into painting steps and roughly timing out how long you think it will take which allows you to be more satisfied with how much you have done rather than thinking you have made limited progress. Your plan of attack sounds perfect, you just need to find the motivation to get it done.
  11. Been a little while, not really painted much recently but decided to do an idoneth armies on parade this year. Completed the ship (pic on sep pledge) and used the deathworld killteam box to create some underwater type bases. I know people are very mixed in this scenery but it’s pretty much perfect for what I need, there is also a lot of stuff in there to easily give me enough for my parade board without having to think too much about it or create a more permenant board which is not practical to store. Any advice on maybe making them appear wetter? The idea is that the model is underwater rather than on top so don’t need a pool but wondered whether i should apply some form of gloss.
  12. Awesome mournfang. Managed to paint up the boat, decided to do it more traditionally rather than ethereal. Going to have lots of colour on the death world forest but am still lost about where to even begin with it. Think I will just need to go for it.
  13. It’s been a long time, found summer was too hot and sometimes you just need a decent sized break to mix your free time up. Determined to paint up the new starter box and did manage to build the storm cast side so after popping into go for first time in a couple of months, I obviously bought an entire deepkin army and the death world forest killteam kit to use for this years army on parade. So have quite lofty hobby goals this month, build/paint/base volturnos 2 akhelian allopex 6akhelian guard akhelian leviadon gloomtide shipwreck deathworld forest hope to get a good start this weekend and see where we go from there as may also bring in more units or possibly some daughters of khaine and Morathi
  14. Everything you paint is amazing but I just absolutely love these stormcasts. So, so good it’s unreal. Love your attitude and commitment and am with you with the only better thing to get attention from me is girlfriend/family although I find an occasional blitz on the computer/console gets me motivated back to painting.
  15. Fantastic effect on the spirits, definitely worth that extra bit of effort.
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