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  1. Matt H

    Tzaangor mixed unit

    Ok so you can only make as many saves as you have shields - any fails mean you remove a shield model? That makes sense, thanks!
  2. Matt H

    Tzaangor mixed unit

    The new scroll allows paired weapons and 1 hw + shield in the same unit.
  3. Matt H

    Tzaangor mixed unit

    I understand how that bit works, but the unit allows mixed shield and paired weapons. It's the shield's 6+ save that is causing the problem.
  4. Matt H

    Tzaangor mixed unit

    But my understanding is that you allocate wounds to the unit as a whole, then pick which models to remove?
  5. Matt H

    Tzaangor mixed unit

    Looking at the warscroll it looks like tzaangor can have mixed weapons, i.e. Savage blade with shield or paired savage blade. Does anybody know how this will work? As it reads, as long as you have one gor with a shield you get the 6+ save for the unit. I sincerely hope this isn't the case and someone can point to how this should work, otherwise people will have just one guy in a unit sitting at the back with a shield. Cheers!
  6. Matt H

    Age of Sigmar in VA?

    Thanks for the advice. Seems like there are a few places that I will investigate. Once I have relocated I will start trying to drum up some more interest!
  7. Matt H

    Age of Sigmar in VA?

    Hey, Just about out to move to VA from the UK for three years and I'm really interested in the local AoS community. I have some AoS tournament experience and multiple armies should people need help setting up! Moving to Newport News but prepared to travel several hours as this is my hobby! Matt
  8. Matt H

    Area Saves

    Thanks for the answers. That's kind of what I guessed, but seems a bit harsh to the shooter!
  9. Matt H

    Area Saves

    Guys, I hope you can help me out, I have a question that is really bugging me! If a model (such as the cauldron of blood) grants an area shield to other models and a unit benefits from this rule, with some of its models in range of the shield and some outside, if that unit gets shot, how do you decide on whether models within that unit get the save? For example I have a unit of 20 Witch Aelves, 10 within range of the shield and 10 not, I then suffer 10 wounds during the shooting phase. Do I get to choose which models within the unit get wounded first therefore potentially they all get saves? Or do none of them get saves?