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  1. It seems like a Coalesced Sunclaw list could be pretty effective. Thats a lot of attacks.
  2. I would agree, a matter of internal balance is usually the issue. Like Gors for example. They're not necessarily bad. They can run and charge, get up to a decent save, etc, etc. All and all not bad for their points. But they're not going to kill a lot, so typically you're not going to be using them for a killin' role. Here enters the problem of there being another warscroll, Ungors, in the same book with the same number of wounds as Gors, who you can use to fulfill the same role, but for less points. For killin', for not toooooo many points more you get the far superior (for that task) Bestigor. This was fixed a little with Gors price drop, but Ungors still seem to be the better choice most for the non-killin' tasks and Bestigors are still far better for the killin' tasks. Doesn't leave a lot of room for poor Gors on the battlefield. For a non-qualified answer though: The Jabberslythe. It just really sucks right now.
  3. Does the Astrolith bearer seem worth taking at all in a Coalesced army? His buffs aren't nothin', but he's coming in pretty expensive for them and missing out on a portion of what he brings to the table if you're not playing Starborne.
  4. Cool, cool. Same general question, but for Skinks. Their armament seems so similar, minus clubs and shields of course.
  5. so Saurus, we looking at clubs or spears as the better option, or is it going to be a unit size thing? That damn base size...
  6. Just watched a battle report of this. It was dissssssssssssssssssgusting
  7. With three fast, strong, self applying candidates for Feeding Frenzy, i would be very, VERY surprised if this list plans on using any CP for summoning. Seems more like a nice little treat it gives itself if it finds it has extra CP from the brooch.
  8. So, using either of those lists, what would you use your CAs to summon?
  9. Well, i'm not saying don't do it, i'm just saying be cognizant of what you're doing when you do it. Double attacking, striking first monsters don't usually make for a super fun play experience for your opponent, so if thats a concern of yours, Gristlegore (or Reapers of Vengeance Tyrants) might not be for you, despite having battle line TG's and ZD's.
  10. So, its somewhere between 1500-2000pts, depending how you build it. Nothing to sneeze at. Zombie Dragons and TG's become battleline in the Gristlegore grand court. I will say be careful running that. It is far and away the most competitive FEC build, and makes you a target for "THAT guy" accusations.
  11. Well, now that the Arch-regent is available on it's own, definitely grab him and the Bone Throne. From there, you could probably buy another SC, and a 20 pack of ghouls, and call it good for a lonnnng time.
  12. It is a shame. They really nerfed the Jabbersylthe into uselessness.
  13. "Wounds allocated" is wounds actually done to the model, which stop as soon as the model is dead. So the absolute MOST he's doing with Bile Blood is 10, more likely he's doing 5, if he's killed entirely with melee weapons. Hardly worth the investment. From the FAQ: Q: I would like some clarification on how the Jabberslythe’s Spurting Bile Blood ability is intended to work, specifically whether ‘overkill’ damage triggers dice rolls to test for mortal wounds. For example, if my Jabberslythe suffers 12 wounds from a single unit’s melee weapon(s), do I roll 12 dice to test for mortal wounds even though the Jabberslythe has a Wounds characteristic of 10? A: The Spurting Bile Blood ability triggers when a wound is allocated. As wounds are allocated one at a time until the model is slain, any ‘overkill’ will not cause the ability to be triggered. See page 7 of the core rules, ‘Allocating Wounds’.
  14. Yeah, any number of Slaughterpriests can attempt the same warscroll prayer in the same turn. There's no restriction on that. Makes Blood Boil pretty insane.
  15. Like Kringle said, it's definitely a shooting attack. It has a Missile Weapon profile. It just doesn't roll to hit and wound like a normal weapon. An example of a non-shooting attack ability that happens in the shooting phase would be something like Rockgut Troggoths Throwin' Boulders.
  16. Would love to see a picture if you've got one.
  17. Well thats what i noticed, that it only seems to be out of stock or getting the weird page on the US site.
  18. I went to look for the Balewind Vortex on the US webstore and got the dreaded "records expunged" page. Is it getting phased out? Anyone know anything about this?
  19. Those are excellent. Probably better that they're armed with halberds still for tournies.
  20. Sorry to double post, but also expense wise, if that's something you're considering, IJ is a lot cheaper, especially now that bringing multiple warchanters is really useful and Goregruntas are good. Two of their Start Collectings and a Megaboss is a really usable (just over) 1000pts.
  21. Playing Khorne, I feel like all the choice can be overwhelming at times, and I've been playing a long time. Thats without going into the aforementioned surprising intricacies of their play style AND how time consuming (mortals at least) can be to paint with all their armor trim and details. Ironjawz on the other hand... ohhhh Ironjawz. Simple to paint. Small unit selection. Strong rules that are simple and easy to put into effect. For a new player looking to get into a CC army, I'm not sure you could do better than IJ.
  22. Don't get me wrong, i definitely don't feel like Lore of Madness is bad, I just feel like it's more middle of the road-to-good. Now, if you throw in the FEC Endless Spells, that changes things. Chalice is a game changer, and probably the benchmark for a perfect faction specific spell. It's perfect for the playstyle of the army. The Arachnacauldron is another example of a great faction Endless spell.
  23. Yeah, no doubt the little guy is a superstar. I feel like you don't see many GG lists without at least one of them. Most of them you see 2. That probably speaks well to the point @Frowny was making. Gloomspites lore is good not just because the spells themselves are worthwhile, but their wizards are both good enough and cheap enough to make use of them. I'd say Slaves to Darkness has a similar line. Sorcerer Lords are excellent for their cost providing a free buff and a unique buff spell, and then a pretty good lore on top of it. Flesh Eater Courts are similar, all of their wizards are bringing a lot to the table besides just casting, even if you give a Courtier Dark Wizardry, even though i kind of feel like their lore is more mediocre, their warscroll spells are great.
  24. Indeed. A Guardian of Souls, for example, is also only casting one spell for 140pts, but he's also bringing that aura of +1 to wound. Feels like it's worth it despite the spells/point ratio. A lot of the time I guess it must be looked at as an internal balance thing (if balance is looked at at all). Because you've got your aforementioned stormcast wizard who isn't doing much for you besides casting, and then you've got like a Fungoid Cave Shaman, who for 50 points less is casting (once per game casting twice), generating CP, and has a save after the save so is surprisingly resilient for his cost and wounds characteristic, along with having a pretty awesome spell lore to boot.
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