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  1. Legion of Sacrament Guardian of Souls with Mortality Glass Necromancer 5 Dire Wolves 40 Chainrasp Horde 30 Grimghast Reapers 1CP There's not much that VDM'ed reapers don't crush at this point level, and whatever you don't blow up you can outsustain and outscore. Mastery of Death trait and Temporal Translocation also combine for an absurd threat range for small boards. Chainrasps could easily be skeletons; it's not that big a deal imo.
  2. Would greatly appreciate a Legions of Nagash group invite. Cheers!
  3. Same here. Not showing up on iTunes or the website for me.
  4. As you wish, sir ? The Briar Queen's statline is nothing to write home about, but the spell is actually really interesting. A movement debuff in a 12" diameter bubble is certainly worth considering (inconsistent as it is), and could perhaps combo with some other spells in the Legions of Nagash book. The squad is whatever. Not battleline is a bummer but not unexpected. Good as a throwaway unit to deep strike if you're not taking any other chaff units, I suppose. Honestly, 150pts for 11 wounds is not the worst thing in the world. I'd take them in a heartbeat over Hexwraiths for sure.
  5. Just putting it out here for everyone - I've been running the following undefeated 1k list for the past 5 weeks or so in prep for an event (last weekend, which I took Best General for ?), so I thought I'd share it with anyone here who's interested in starting out with the faction. Vampire Lord general, mastery of death, WoBG Necromancer 40 spear skeletons 30 grimghast reapers 5 direwolves 1 CP The list is pretty fiddly in terms of movements and such, so especially in a timed environment I recommend speeding up your moves and pile-ins. Luckily buffed grimghasts do so much damage that most people concede by turn 2 ?
  6. You can't Endless Legions them, but Deathly Invocation still does work. Granted, I don't see any reason why you can't just ally a couple of VLs into Nighthaunt and come out with much the same effect!
  7. I think I'd only really consider GKoTG in a Night army at this point. You're likely running Cogs for the jump turn anyway, and this just adds even more to the backline pressure. I think I'd much rather take GKoTG+Cogs over Morghast Harbingers, to be honest; the King at least gets his pseudo-Death save off his spell, whereas the Morghasts are unbuffable and are probably going to die on the spot. Plus, of course, that's 400+ point of things on the table contributing to the fight instead of waiting for the right moment to come on.
  8. Necromancer is definitely core in any kind of remotely viable LoN army - I'm excluding fringe GHoN Morghast/Wolf builds and Blood Knight/Wolf all-ins - and I would even venture to say that he's so core that he shouldn't even be on this list! In fact, for bookkeeping purposes, most of my lists these days start at a clean 900 points: Vampire Lord 40 Skittles 5 Wolves 5 Wolves 30 GGRs which has the marginal benefit of being an easier-to-remember number. in a standard 2000 point list, a necro is even exactly 10% of the points you have left over! ? Back on topic though. Vamp Lord is just a fantastic piece all round, with his mobility, spellcasting ability (super relevant in certain battleplans!), resilience to chip damage, and reasonable hero sniping potential. +1A is also a nuts ability, as anyone can tell you, and its power is even more amplified in Death with now 2 great horde units to throw it on. It's here and VDM where you see the multiplicative effect of buff stacking most clearly. The VDM cast % honestly isn't horrible even in Blood where no casting buffs exist. Grand Host... is Grant Host, Sacrament gets its +1 even before the battalion, and Night has Morbheg's Claw, which is a personal favourite of mine. On that note, I've lived by the tenets of 'Who's The Beatdown?' for almost the entirety of my gaming life since I came across that article, but it's late and I think that can wait until tomorrow when I can do the topic justice.
  9. It's not that I don't agree with you (in fact, I truly do wish you were right on this count), but your statement is only true up to a point. The FAQ entry I quoted upthread indicates that the allegiance of a battalion overrides the allegiance of any units within the battalion itself. Sure, this doesn't stop you from taking that battalion as an ally, but you're now paying the ally tax even for the units within that battalion that have your allegiance, as stupid as that sounds. The Legions battalions being able to swap between themselves is a special case which is covered in the specific Legion FAQ. The Nighthaunt battalions, however, receive no such exception, unfortunately.
  10. Necro+Skellies+Dogs need no explanation, I hope. Grimghasts are what I'm testing as the new hammer. Theory: at 1000pts games there isn't sufficient model count for the opponent to reliably block off all gravesite vectors, so with clever gravesite placement we can go with mKoS in ambush coming in behind/beside the enemy line onto a gravesite - while at the same time pulling up the grimghasts from the grave onto that same gravesite. If cogs have been tuned to +2" charge on that turn, there's a good chance of resolving a 20-man grimghast flank charge into the enemy lines, backed up by the mKoS +1 attack buff (which you don't even need to commit if they fail their charge, saving you that CP). Of course if you see a horde across the table with sufficient mass to block off gravesite vectors you can play a more traditional game and set up the grimghasts in ambush as well. The gravesite trick is notable because it extends the effective threat range of the ambush move by a huge margin, as long as you have one in range. This, in turn, is only worth considering because of the combination of factors the Soulwar box provides: 1) a Summonable unit with the right combination of cost-effectiveness and durability, and 2) a Hero that enables and enhances that game plan with a timing-appropriate buff. Who knows, maybe it's still not enough and the best things to ambush are still Vargs and Harbingers. But at the very least, it's worth trying!
  11. You've got it the wrong way round, I think. The intention is to have LoN units in a Nighthaunt battalion in a LoN allegiance army, which prior to this FAQ would mean we would only have to pay ally points for the cost of the battalion (as well as any battalion units which can't be taken in LoN). Now, however, even the units with LoN keywords must be counted as allies, even if they're in a Nighthaunt battalion in a LoN army. An example. Pre-FAQ: Shroudguard (110, ally) mKoS (140, LoN) 10 Bladegheists (180, ally) which fits into a 400 point ally slot. Now: Shroudguard (110, ally) mKoS (140, LoN but still ally) 10 Bladegheists (180, ally) which... doesn't.
  12. I certainly hope so. I was going through that very FAQ entry with my local TO and he agrees that the ruling stands, even if it's pretty silly at face value. It's funny because the wording of some of the Nighthaunt battalions (re: Deathriders special rule) imply that they can be used in a non-Nighthaunt army, but there's as yet no way to squeeze it into a regular game if we're not allowed to take the LoN-compatible units in the main part of the army and not as compulsory allies. For those who are unfamiliar with that particular entry, it reads: The rules say that a warscroll battalion can include allies and that they don’t count against the number of allies in the army. Does this rule only apply to battalions that share the same allegiance as the army, but that have units from two different factions (a battalion in a Daughters of Khaine army that has Daughters of Khaine and Stormcast Eternals units, for example)? A: Yes. The faction a warscroll battalion belongs to is shown on its warscroll, above the title of the battalion. In addition, the battalion is assumed to belong to the Grand Alliance that its faction is a part of. Warscroll battalions that share the same allegiance as an army can always be taken as part of the army, and if they include any allied units, these units do not count against the limits on the number of allies the army can have (or against the points limit that can be spent on allies in a Pitched Battle). An army can include a warscroll battalion of a different allegiance to the rest of the army, but if it does so the units in it do count against the limits on the number of allies the army can have (and the points for the battalion and the units in it count against the points limit that can be spent on allies in a Pitched Battle).
  13. Letting our faction discussion thread fall off the front page? For shame! Anyway, I've been lurking around here a lot, but I figured that with 2.0 out I might as well join the community and give my 2 cents' worth. IMO the Soulwar box has helped us a lot more than the other LoN allegiances, and that's because of the mKoS. What this bad boy gives us is a command ability buff that isn't limited to the hero phase (unlike basically every other buff in the faction), and that isn't stapled to a 420-point, must-be-general body (Manny boy himself). The one caveat is of course that he only hits Nighthaunt, but Soulwar of course gave us an excellent Nighthaunt hammer unit to work with! With that in mind, here's what I'm working with at the moment: Allegiance: Legion of NightLeadersKnight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed (140)- General- Trait: Swift Form Necromancer (110)- Artefact: Morbheg's Claw - Lore of the Deathmages: Fading VigourBattleline40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient Blades5 x Dire Wolves (60)Units20 x Grimghast Reapers (280)Endless SpellsChronomantic Cogs (60)Total: 930 / 1000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 200Wounds: 81 I'll be taking this out for a spin only this weekend, so let me know what you guys think and if I should make any changes before then?
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