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  1. Even though My nr 1 chaos god is Tzeentch, with Nurgle close second. I feel more inclined to paint up my Nurgle army atm. First of all, I have painted a lot of Stormcasts and Free Guild for a long time. And I feel Nurgle is more different (grittier, more earthly colours) to them paintingwise than Tzeentch. I also feel there is much better internal balance in the Nurgle army, and more my kind of game play compared to Tzeentch. Anyway, enough of backstory. I have quite a lot of Chaos models, and some of the Nurgle stuff. And I wonder what is the best way to expand it. Here's what I have for Nurgle so far. Glottkin (magnetized so it can be used as a GUO before the battletome) 1 Lord of Plagues 1 Old Nurgle Chaos Lord 2 Nurgle Sorcerors 1 Festus 1 Nurgle Daemon Prince 1 Morbidex/Orghotts/Bloab (magnetized) 10 Blightkings 25 Plaguebearers 20 Nurgle Marauders (can make more, have started to convert poxwalkers) 15 Nurgle Chaos Warriors (painted) 10 Chaos Knights 1 Gorebeast Chariot (painted) 3 Nurglingbases My first thought is to buy the Blightwar set. As I need a few models for my Stormcast as well. And I get some nice additions into my Nurgle force, more Plaguebearers and Nurglings, Horticulus and three Blightdrones. Top that with a GUO and Ive bolstered my Force quite well. And I get the Wheel of Corruotion as well. Only problem with this is that I only get Daemons, and Im mostly interested in mortals really... What do you guys think? Good plan to expand the army? Or should I go with Pusgoyle Blightlords? More Blightkings? Can I do any decent lists with this? And what should I look for next? Feculent Gnarlmaws is probably nice to have as well
  2. Of course! I actually saw a clip on WH TV which is pretty much the exact thing I did for the armor. You can check that out at: https://youtu.be/2CkdCVD-0lg The main difference is I did two or three (don't remember exactly) glazes with Guilliman Blue, I also did a glaze with waywatcher green on the bottom half of the armor panels, and one on the top of the model with Druchii Violet diluted with Lahmian Medium. Hope it helps!
  3. Oh you found my old Knight of Tzeentch, glad you like it ? I must find time to complete that unit for sure. I will do most of my Slaves to Darkness in this Tzeentch theme , but I also have other units painted Khorne and Nurgle. If you want to paint them undivided to change marks between games one alternative is to magnatise the standard bearers to have different marks and colors . So when changing marks you just change the standard, and it's easy to spot what mark the unit actually have.
  4. They are all normal Knights, but from different orders. In the old plastic Knight box you could do three variants, Reiksguard, Knights Panther (the blue ones in your original post) and White Wolves.
  5. Really excited for this! Eager to see what they do with the factions ´that haven't got new models yet´ that GW mentioned.
  6. Really nice review! Really eager to get my hands on my copy.
  7. I agree with most others here, feel it's a real shame the Prime didn't get a price cut, 360 pts for something that most of the time don't effect the battlefield until turn 3 is to much, especially in an army where you really need the pts to squeeze in more bodies for objectives. Same goes for the Star Drakes I think, the mount traits still don't really makes them viable enough in matched play. Which is a shame as the models are gorgeous. But I like that the new book is making it more interesting building Stormcast lists again, everyone taking the Warrior Brotherhood was a bit dull and I hope we get more varied lists in the future.
  8. Really nice conversion @Ben ! Might need to do something similar, even convert an whole starter set of Khorne soldiers even. Have them as an lost human tribe from one of the realms.
  9. Hi there and welcome into the Stormbro's brotherhood. First of all your test mini looks excellent, the round shields on the Liberators looks really nice, and I really like the colour scheme you choose. As for the for the questions I suggest you try different things out. Glowing eyes can look really cool especially if you do this magical effect on other things as well like wings, weapons etc. I did glowing eyes on my Celestant-Prime only. As for the helmets I think you can try out what helmets you like the best, I can imagine both those helmets looking really cool on the Liberators especially with the round shield making them look a little more hoplite/spartan like. I have a problem myself mixing the helmets in my army though, but that's something I will try out more in the future. When it comes to armies it really depends on what you are going for as well, tournaments? Just friendly games? Warrior Brotherhood is a great goal to work for either way really as it has a lot of units you always will have use for. But paint whatever you fancy really, everything is useful in a Stormcast army.
  10. I was surprised GW didn't made the Mutalith into a Tzeentch monster, especially when they are mentioned in the DoT book. I have mine painted up nicely since 8th and still haven't made it into the tabletop yet Current rules aren't that good in matched play, might work better in a narrative game. I liked the OP's changes though.
  11. What do people think about adding Kairic Acolytes to the fatesworn warband? They might not the best but adding rend for their normal and shooting attacks is quite nice.
  12. Thanks! Got another small update here, first of my Judicators. Will buy ten more and paint them up.
  13. Thanks! It took awfully long time to do the swirly bits but was worth it in the end.
  14. Amazing work! Truly inspiring and makes me wanting to continue on my Tzeench army.
  15. Wow! You have really gotten the cold feeling for the army, both with the basing and the color choices for your models as well as some clever conversions. Great work and looking forward seeing more of it.
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