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  1. Ove

    Nighthaunt, tourney, 2k

    Bladegheist is almost always my MVP in every game i played. Play them right and they are great assassins.
  2. Ove

    Black coach experiences?

    You can pile in.
  3. Ove

    Command Ability range effect question

    Think there is an FAQ on this ons, cant chek tho because im "working"
  4. Ove


    But they still only get -1to hit even if you have -2615billion bravery debuff
  5. Ove

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    The command abilitie is used at the start of the combat face and Only last during that combat face.
  6. Ove

    Using Reikenor as an Ally in LoN

    You dont get the plus to casting if you save it, right? If the mortal wound was suffered...
  7. Ove

    Nighthaunt Army List

    Unmodified chargeroll of 10 or 9 in the battalion
  8. Its within and not wholy within
  9. Ove

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Itsin the core rules page 10, battleplans.
  10. Ove

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Hi and hello! The allegiance abilitie Wave of terror where you can fight on a 10+ charge, does your opponent get to fight back like in the normal combatface?
  11. Ove

    Legion of Sacrament - The Winning Combination

    Yes but then the artifacts needs to change etc
  12. Ove

    Legion of Sacrament - The Winning Combination

    I Only see 2 battlelines, the skeletons
  13. Gona post the rest of the pictures when i have something better than this potato to take pictures with.
  14. Gona get some of my Sylvaneth painted while i wait for a new deathbook. TLA, atleast 5 treerevenants, hunters, branchwych and my Dryads just have to wait a month more