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  1. Just a funny thought, but Nagash can cast Arcane Bolt up to 8 times. Would he be allowed to stock up on them and proceed to just wail on an enemy every phase + his own stomps?
  2. Don't think Archaon Tzeentch lists change too much with this. Though only 5 Pinks from the Summoner might be a little rough when playing the long game with him. Would Hosts Arcanum help him out there? I'm thinking a list of Archaon, Fateweaver, a Sorcerer Lord with the summoning 6 Screamers Artifact, and maybe 2 small squads of Horrors? The rest of it, not too sure.
  3. If your AoS LoC is in combat, it's likely about to die soon. Grab the Stick. 40k.... not sure.
  4. Trying something here that's highly front-loaded. Reminiscent of the old Nagash + Zombie dragon, but with this: Archaon Fateweaver Sorcerer Lord Gaunt Summoner 20 Marauders 10 Acolytes 10 Horrors Not sure which Coven to be at. Thinking of Hosts Arcanum for free Screamers and Archaon rocketing forward. Agenda to hunt down a monster so he gets +1 to his refillable save and tie up the enemy. But I am lacking in bodies so I'm also thinking Guild of Summoners for a potential Lord of Change by the time Archaon dies. Fateweaver is there to provide the threat of Archaon instagibbing anything he looks at. (If there's a 6 on one of the Destiny Dice that he can add to.)
  5. I'd say it's all fine as long as you have your core combo for the first turn. Though I usually like going 2nd. Changeling to deploy close to an enemy and provide an aura. And a block of Horrors to teleport with him. Look at the biggest threat and light it up with some shooting. If the enemy goes next? Hit them with the Changeling's movement and hitting penalty for a minimum of -2 to hit. If you get the double turn. Debuff the enemy with spells for even more -1s to hit. All the units will be looking to kill those Horrors. And whenever they get hit, they will kill them. But first, they must actually hit them.
  6. Considering how Pink Horrors easily fold to stray attacks coming their way.... think blocks of 20 would be more useful for those 1 rolls? I feel groups of 10 die too quickly.
  7. Random thought. Is there no way of gaining the benefits of the Overlords of Chaos Varanguard in anything other than a Host of the Everchosen army? Like say, marking them all Tzeentch for use in a Disciples of Tzeentch army?
  8. I kinda went with something odd in my list. Instead of 40 Marauders, I stuck with 20. Intending for them to teleport, then die. I did go with 14 Iron Golems though instead of the extra 20. Same wounds, 10 pts. Cheaper, 4+ Rerollable save for Objectives. And I try to have one unit of Varanguard with spears. Other than Archaon, we have no other source of Rend 2. Leaves me just enough to have an Umbral Spellportal for a foot summoner and threatening Hordes.
  9. Given the halfway nerf of Changehost's single teleport only now... is it agreed that the Changeling is now the most important tool for it? It can deploy anywhere essentially, providing the loci required for the unit chosen to teleport.
  10. I think that actually might be the case. Destiny Dice of 1 are still unmodified regardless of how many other additional modifiers are added afterwards. Destiny Dice of 1 would trigger both D6 Horrors returning and nothing flees because it's an unmodified 1. But it has to be 1, no other dice. 2 is useable, but no abilities are linked to rolling an unmodified 2 so it gets all the penalties and modifiers that happen after the initial 'roll.'
  11. Might be that the roll counts as unmodified, therefore triggering D6 Horrors back. But then the modifier is applied after to determine how many flee, I think. Also, who really uses Destiny Dice for spellcasting with a Lord of Change? They have a strong, built-in safety net for decent rolls.
  12. Not too sure if you can have that, AND still be Sixth Circle though. Hopefully we can.
  13. Varanguard with Artefacts and Command Traits might be fun in the new book.
  14. Do we have any practical results in playtesting and the like before declaring things like Changehost as broken so far? How do we fare so far against the problem armies like Slaanesh, Petrifex, Skaven, etc?
  15. Do Flamers still keep the Transmogrification Locus? Where every slain flamer turns into 2 Flamers on a 6?
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