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  1. Take a photo of the dice? Then just show it to your opponent when you reveal it? Doesn’t seem too hard doing it that way.
  2. Wow, an hour max, that is really very discouraging. See for me I can understand not allowing FW in stores under that premise, ie. little jimmy walks into the store, goes 'wow cool I want that!' and then finds out he can't...but it just means I am not likely to buy a bunch of cool and expensive models from GW, which to me seems a bit of a waste of all those cool sculpts. Like you said, FW lacks proper rules and proper support. I would assume if they had that FW would likely sell much better, but who am I to judge aye?
  3. I agree that FW is currently in a bit of an odd position. It doesn't help that it's often not promoted by GW proper. At my local offical GW store, we're completely banned from using FW models under the reasoning that 'we don't sell them'. I understand this of course but its still dissuades me from purchasing FW models for anything other than my display cabinet.
  4. So following off of the thread about our favourite models, this one’s for everyone’s favourite special rule/ability/rules mechanic in AoS. I’m not sure what my favourite is yet, but I definitely really like the KO code battle trait. It’s just really fluffy and it’s quite cool how you’ve got so many options for customisation within the trait between all the diffferent artycles, amendments and footnotes. So what’s everyone’s favourite AoS rule and why?
  5. Luck-a

    High Queen Khalifa

    As I said before, I think the catapult does get the buff. The warscroll says the crew fire the catapult, just as skeleton archer fire their bows. The faq specifically states however that they are seperate units, they just share the same war scroll and pitched battle profile. In the same vein, what happens when you cast 'Raise Skeleton Crew' in matched play? Do you need reinforcement points? If so, how many?
  6. Yeah, just conversions.
  7. Luck-a

    High Queen Khalifa

    I believe the crew itself fire the catapult, not the catapult itself, so I would let him add 1 to its hit rolls. Crewed artillery as a whole is a bit wonky in Aos. To be honest, it's really one of my only complaints about the ruleset.
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