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  1. Is the AoS small tournament running on the Friday? I can’t find any tickets for it. I can’t make the full weekend but I’d love to play in that.
  2. I hadn't thought of it as a separate hobby until now, but I guess that makes sense. I think I find it hard because back in the days of the World-That-Was, everybody knew the basic story. When we played games there was a lot of understanding behind them. My Dwarf general had an ongoing grudge against my friend's High Elves that went back to the War of Vengeance (or the Beard as he wrongly insisted on calling it!) We would have battles in Lustria, or in Sylvania or outside of Nuln and everybody I played knew what was what. Hopefully in time AoS will develop this kind of universal understanding. @EMMachine Have you read any of the books in both English and German? Are the translations good or are things lost/gained in the switch between languages?
  3. I finished reading Black Pyramid recently; what an excellent book! It goes into so much detail about how Azyr establishes new cities with the interplay between the Ironweld, Collegate Arcane, Freeguild and Stormcast as well as the various layers of logistics and cartographers etc. The Realmgate Wars has some great novels but some of them didn’t do much than string out the stories from those original source-books (if that’s what you call them). My favourite by far was Warbeast as it was the first novel where I ‘got’ the Stormcast and the way the two chambers involved were contrasted was excellent . Does anybody else get frustrated with the fact that nobody else they play seems to have read anything? I still play people who don’t really know what a Stormcast is or have any idea of places. The Battletomes are great but sometimes I feel like shaking people and forcing them to read some BL books. Any ideas on how to make the background more widely understood by people?
  4. This is amazing! It's great to hear a podcast that's genuinely funny and never used the word 'meta'. Please keep it up!
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