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  1. Probably going to add a Rat Ogre just for the balance which, as you pointed out, is a bit weird, thanks!
  2. Epicmay

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    Warpfangs' deathvermin, i had completely forgot about those, and boy i hope those guys come back in the next eight lamentations books! Anyways, i'd suggest the one list with stormfiends, they can deal some serious amount of damage if you choose carefully the weaponry, in your list i'd see fit a warpflame projector, a shock gauntlet and a doomflayer gauntlet, probably
  3. Epicmay

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    Yeah it's what i was thinking, it might be possible since they developed pestilence and skryre as big "stand alone" clans, but left of all the others less developed, and i forgot to mention Masterclan! Anyways yes rats are going to be shot down a lot, unless you take something to act as a shield, either fleshy or steely, or maybe just visually more dangerous than the rats themselves. One useful thing is to get like a Doomwheel (absolutely not a great model ruleswise), which will look more like a threat, and buff it up with a mystic shield, so that it lasts long enough to get your rats in melee.
  4. Epicmay

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    Well right now i'm afraid they're not that important, and i think they're going to bundle up all the skaven clans, leaving skryre and pestilens alone. This wsy it would be possible to build a core of verminus, with speed and hero hunting granted by Eshin, and monsters by Moulder. As to what's possible to build right now, i'd look at stormvermin, just stormvermin, lots of them, as they're currently one of the best (imho) infantry out there as per quality/price ; clearly backed up by warlords and grey seers
  5. Epicmay

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    I think you're right about their lack in the ghb2017 being a good indicator of how soon their battletome will be published, but anyways, i actually had a few good games with ghb2016 simply because of crown of command and lord of war not being relying on a dice roll, 40 stormvermin with both insipring presence and +1 attack, boy, that hurts a lot.. For new allegiance abilities they'd need, surely the same "strenght in numbers" clans Skryre have, so for each 10 models the unit would get +2 bravery, bringing 30 clanrats to 10 bravery! And then, i'd love to see some of the old fantasy "horde" mechanics coming back, like if you have a full force of 40 clanrats/stormvermin their weapon range would be increased by 1" and stuff like that.
  6. Hey everyone, recently i'm working on a 2000 points list of skaven skryre, so since it's about a lot of gunny, crazy models, i thought it would've been good to get some feedback about the project! Tonight i finished building up and painting an old Warplightning Cannon i had already finished; but since i'm not too fond of the weird triangular "structure" they based the whole model around, i just turned some bits around, so that it would look more like this.. It still needs the whole crew, and it has to be based. Anyways, i'd love to hear what you think of it, and since i'll have to re-base a lot of models, i'll probably be uploading quite some pics through these days, but the real wip and paint fun should be a bit ahead, like two or three weeks from now. Hope you like this first conversion anyways! I add that i've just completely made up the name, like right now, and i don't have any idea about the background, so, i'll be trying to write something down asap
  7. Epicmay

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    Thank you so much! I'm probably going to follow your advice, i didn't consider the artefact at all! Then, having those d6 hits doubled up with a Spark... Hey i just checked the maths a bit, the average damage should be doubled with the Shockfist Gauntlets and Vigordust Injector ?
  8. Epicmay

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    Hey everyone, I'm currently thinkin' about a list, 2000 points, Skryre allegiance with 200 points of allies; i'd love to hear something from you, as it's almost all ready, i really only need to get one or two boxes to complete it, so i'd like to know what you guys think about it. I'd start from the battalions: Clan Skryre: 100 pts Arkhspark Voltik: 50 pts Gautfyre Scorch: 150 pts 300 points, but, i believe, absolutely worth. So Arkhspark Voltik would be just composed of a Warlock Engineer (100 pts) and a single Warplightning Cannon (180 pts), taking up 280 pts. Gautfyre Scorch instead would be composed of a Warlock Engineer (100 pts), two units of three Stormfiends (4 warpflame projectors and 2 doomflayer gauntlet was my first idea, actually thinking about these; 2x300 pts anyways), one Warpfire Thrower weapon team (70 pts) and of course a Warpgrinder (100 pts). So it would take 870 points, pretty much half the army. Then again an Arch-Warlock (140 pts), to whom i'd give the Lord of War command trait, for i would always keep him near a unit of 15 Skryre Acolytes (180 pts), and a unit of 40 Clanrats with spears (200 pts). So these guys would take 520 points on top of the others. Total cost would then be 1970 points; with the main idea being about Clanrats taking the centre of the scene (40 Clanrats always look like a lot of guys to get down, so enemies might target them a bit, giving me the advantage), maybe holding some objectives while backed up by some mystic shield from the Arch-Warlock, of course also by the decent amount of damage the 15 Acolytes should be able to deal when getting the lord of war (against a 10 models or more unit they would hit on a 2+). By the time the enemy reached my territory, i should've already got at least a dozen wounds from his keystone units with my Warplightning Cannon, of course i'd take the gamble of always shooting twice as the Arkhspark Voltik allows. But most importantly, right at the beginning, i'd choose a target for my Gautfyre Scorch, which should be able to deal some impressive damage, the minimum being 8 mortal wounds if things really go the wrong way, but could as well end up being 30; only considering the shooting phase, and not the subsequent combat phase during which the Stormfiends should charge whatever is still alive to punch it down with Doomflayer Gauntlets (hopefully some 3 damage would show up, just to get doubled with warpstone). So that's pretty much it, what do you think? Is it's bulk a bit too shabby?
  9. On top of that, poison wind stormfiends can reach a maximum damage of 2d3, if both attacks hit and wound. With warpflame projectors you get 2d3 mortal wounds automatically. The only upside could be the range, since the 8" of the warpflame projectors is really short. But that's exactly why the gautfyre scorch exists..
  10. Thanks for the advice! Anyways, yeah i wasn't really planning to buff them up, my idea would be to alphastrike and then pretty much burn everything down; the doomflayer gauntlets look to me like the most, not really powerful, but at least trustworthy option, since after a charge they'd hit on a 2+ and wound on a 3+. The only issue are the 2d3 attacks and d3 damage, i mean, if i didn't love gambling i wouldn't play skryre, but i'd be taking those for some solid, almost sure damage... those 3 damage from the warpgrinder fists sure look neat, especially if, as you said, doubled with the spark... probs got to try them out a bit before making my mind.
  11. Hi everyone, it's actually my very first topic so i'm not sure whether i'm doing everything the right way. Anyways, it's a pretty simple question, i recently got a squad of stormfiends, which, as any skryre player will know, have 6 different building options, and only one for each, so you can't say build three of the same option. Now, since i play them in a 2000 points list, including them in a gautfyre scorch enginecoven, my first idea was to build them all as warpflame projectors, and i'll play them as such, in any game in which i'm allowed that extent of proxy, but for the games that will require a strict model/rule fidelity, i've got some doubts: one of course will be a warpflame projector, for a second one i luckly just found some space marine bits, precisely two flamethrowers, which, wit a little work, would look just perfect for a second warpflame projector guy; for the third one i was considering the doomflayer gauntlets, to finish off with a nice charge whoever should stay the warpflames. Apart from that first squad, i was also considering the idea of getting a second squad, and build it pretty much the same as the first one, with a warpflame projector, a doomflayer gauntlet, and, maybe getting some more 40k bits, a third warpflame projector (including this second squad in the gautfyre scorch as well). Now apart from a lot of studying and a little amount of maths, which will probably be useless considering clans skryre's ways, i unluckly haven't had the chance to test the list yet, so i'm not sure about how these guys will fare, so, to any who plays the big stormbadguys, is the "two three models squad, 4 warpflame projectors, 2 doomflayer gauntlets" a wise choice?
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