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  1. Wow thank you all so much for all the help the death faction never really entered my head but read some of you replies has certainly opened me up to the idea as the idea of bringing units back from the brink sounds really cool. Hopeing to get the chance to pop into my local store next week to get the ball rolling on a new army.
  2. just been reading up on the fyrslayers and your right they do have a shooting unit, and like you say they seem very defensive and definitely look like they would fit my play style, thanks a lot for the advise ill get some more reading done over the weekend
  3. yeah i had heard about the fyreslayers being able to reduce there saves down to a 2+ ill have to look into that more, but they don't have any shooting do they? Phoenix Temple and free people i never even thought about if i am honest as they don't have a bt yet but are worth a look as i would be surprised if they got compendium treatment.
  4. Evening all just a quick one to ask your options on Witch army in aos you think is very defensive, I have found my play style is to sit back and camp objectives and try to grind down/shoot the opposing army. I have found In the few games I have played (mainly stormcast and one sylvaneth game) that not attacking more has more or less lost me the game witch I don't mind but would to find an army that fits my play style I was thinking nurgle/sylvaneth but I am interested in your thoughts. cheers Temp
  5. Afternoon all. I have found my self the proud owner of around 30 plaguebearers and I just love the models but I am not so keen on the blight kings models. So I planning on sticking with daemons rather then mortal but I am not sure what heros to take is it as simple as getting a guo then some support heros to make up the numbers or are the bilepipper and horticulus worth getting?
  6. Morning all, just a quick one i am interested in starting a SC list but i am swaying towards a heavy shooting list, from what i have read so far the ballista is auto take. would Judicators be the way to go or does it make more sense to to go towards the vanguard chamber?
  7. Evening all, i am joining a path to glory this week at my local gw, and i am starting off with a Lord-Celestant (as i love the model) but after i am torn between 5x liberators or 5x sequitors. what do you think would be better? i hope to get the battle-tomb in the next few days but so far that's all i have.
  8. Evening all so today I picked up a khemist and a box of company, i am trying to get to 1k with the below list but just wanted to make sure it would be half decent befor I remortgage the house to buy the rest of it. I think it's a simple list to get me into the swing of things. Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords Skyport: Barak-Urbaz - Additional Footnote: There's No Trading With Some People Leaders Aether-Khemist (140) - General - Command Trait : Stickler for the Code:There's No Trading With Some People Aether-Khemist (140) - Artefact : Aethershock Earbuster Units 20 x Arkanaut Company (240) - 6 x Light Skyhooks 20 x Arkanaut Company (240) - 6 x Light Skyhooks 6 x Endrinriggers (240)
  9. Thanks for all the help everyone, I think I have realised I need to get soon woods befor I my first game but read all the chat in the forum has been very helpful.
  10. Evening all i am trying to get my first game of aos sorted out in my local gw and wanted to take some of my sylvaneth but I am not sure how to take it. Basicly I have the sc box (main guy as tree lord ancient) a box of dryads (built) a box of tree revs (built) and a unopened box of kurnoth hunters. I think it comes to just under 1000 points. Should I look at taking a battalion or swap anything around? I not competitive really but would like to give a good go. All the gear and no idea springs to mind Many thanks
  11. Evening all I just picked up the sc box and working towards 1k points my question is would it better to have a full 1k list of sylvaneth or mix in some allies storm cast or wanders? I think I have a idea for narrative back story but I could easily fit in both allies into the story.
  12. Hahaha that's a blast from the past
  13. Afternoon all Just picked up blightwar and I am wanting to go a little of the beaten path with the nurgle. I did some test on the nurglings with white spray then a wash, tried druchi violet, camoshade and biel tan green. But being as I want to get off the beaten track so to speak I was thinking about fuegan Orange over white. I have not got any orange at the mo so would need to pick some up. But what do you think would orange work as main colour or does anyone have any picks of fuegan Orange over white?
  14. So I picked up a box of thunders a box of arkonauts and a aether kemist. Should be enough to get me going for awhile. Built the thunders. They (thunders) all have different guns but could I just say at the start of a game that they all have the same gun?
  15. It does indeed the alchemist sections made me laugh a lot. I'll start off with one and a squad of arks and try to build up from there.
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