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  1. I do love elves. And I do think I am the center of the world. AND I do not realize how bad BR Teclis was in the context of the overall player base (scientifically determined I am sure). So looks like you hit the nail right on the head!
  2. If you think about it, we even have the black sheep.
  3. I thought the newest drama was that Cursed City was not making an appearance on shelves again? If that is true, then I doubt expansions are in the future.
  4. The vampires omnibus from Black Library is scheduled for a May release. Sort of makes me think May for SGL as well.
  5. At this point I am just enjoying the absurdity of the trolls. According to more than a few (all of whom should know better) members of this forum and the internet writ large, the LRL book has managed to single handedly suck the fun from their chosen hobby. The really interesting this is that it appears this forum is filled with lawbreakers who have been out in violation of the various global curfews and shutdowns, but only to visit their local game stores (open for in-person gaming somehow) where the eeeeeevil LRL players (again, lawbreakers) have been waiting at the tables to spre
  6. I don't care how bad it is, I am just impressed you have three battle cows!
  7. I think the rules are fine. I don’t think the most competitive builds will change all that much to be honest, though it’s early to be certain. I just like we have options to make fun club lists with.
  8. Unfortunately not. The ribbons are the only connection points, and if you try to remove some it would require a pretty significant modeling putty commitment to make it look fine. The pictures are a bit not representative of how it looks in person. I haven’t painted it yet obviously but I think the ribbons and wind will not overwhelm the rest of the model. It is really a good sculpt.
  9. I assembled it completely, but I usually do with the exception of shields on cav models (for the most part). The model is very wide open for painting even assembled, which is probably what makes it so frosty to put together. You have a bunch of the wind and ribbon parts that you need to scope out before and find good places to apply pressure without bending other things. I think it will be much easier when I do the second one, but it is definitely a model that you have to think about a lot before and during the process.
  10. You know, of all the things that made the Dawnriders a test of willpower I don't recall that as being so bad. Maybe because I was blinded by the moldlines. So, probably yes?
  11. I just finished assembling Sevireth, and all I can say is- put on your big kid pants before that one.
  12. After reading it myself yesterday, let me tell you, not many.
  13. You are all a stand-up group of pointy-ears for not mentioning the double Loreseeker boxes I have. One day I will be vindicated. If there is one thing I can count on, it is GW realizing they can make more money and going that route haha.
  14. Don’t you put that evil on me haha. Painting all that will take me a year or more or sure. I’ve still got the initial wave to finish!
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