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  1. Very cool model. If it wasn’t on the Warhammer site and someone showed it to me, I would have no clue it was a Warhammer model. I guess it fits with AoS as an anything is possible setting, but for some reason it really makes me miss the Old World setting.
  2. I think some, but not all, of your bitterness is misplaced. The lack of options on units really has nothing to do with Chapterhouse and the fallout, and everything to do with GW design philosophy moving to one of controlling choices (or eliminating them).
  3. I’m sure the delay in AoS books has nothing to do with the fact that the books presumably have a code in the back (like the new 40k books) for a feature of the app that doesn’t exist. Not related in the slightest.
  4. The rumors are new Jabberslythe, Minotaurs, and Doombull. But, I don’t really know how reliable those are. Bob said he just didn’t know. I WANT them to be true. Just those new models would be fine, though I do agree BoC desperately need a couple plastic Hero kits.
  5. Bob on War of Sigmar said those 40k rumors were legit- and in the comments someone asked about next army for AoS and he posted a goat picture.
  6. The Space Marine codex was released in August. edit- Was wrong- October release for both! And no, it is not informing us. Informing us would be a new post that says hey this is the deal, and we've amended our past news to reflect the new date. Going back and amending an old article that nobody is reading is 100 percent a CYA move. It is WELL past time to start expecting GW to act like a business that likes its customers and wants to have anything near a respectful relationship with them. They act like any news related to their company is a state secret, and it has to be calculated for FOMO. I am sick of it. Totally sick of it. Continually making excuses for a business that we all spend 100s if not 1000s supporting is not the play.
  7. I mean also we will find out in three days.
  8. This is laughable. I can, and have, copied the paper 40k codexes into my photos via a scanning app. All GW is doing is royally irritating a lot of people, also ****** themselves out of folks like me who bought both digital and paper version. Sometimes, it is like GW is working against their own success. Hard carried by their sculptors.
  9. Hopefully the lore will actually still be decent in the new battletomes, it has been gutted in the new codexes.
  10. It remains absolutely ridiculous that in 2021 Games Workshop is moving AWAY from digital publications. And don't say, "but Warhammer+" because even IF it works, the digital things offered are less than what they already had on the iBookstore or through their own Azyr app.
  11. 2024 feels so far off that almost every bit of information could completely change, and you couldn't even hold it against GW.
  12. I didn't save any of them, will work on getting some later. It was mainly lists with big monsters (I include the Wind spirits in that category) that all of a sudden got to weird points levels. Helon was pretty tough in particular.
  13. I am really struggling with the new points. So far my lists end up down anywhere from 80-110 points. Is anyone else encountering this? I suppose I could just fill with Endless Spells but that doesn't feel all that great.
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