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  1. I have to admit, I laughed out loud at the advice of kill the leader duh!
  2. Alright this is what I’ve got- 2x Arkanaut Co Thunderers Admiral Navigator Underworld Warband Start Collecting — What should I get next?
  3. I have finally taken the plunge myself! 1k pt army coming up.
  4. Dark Harvest is my absolute favorite AoS novel, and it isn't even close. One of my favorite novels put out by BL in years. Sorry that you won't be around the AoS setting (writing anyway) @JReynolds, but I am sure it will be ok. I have had the Arkham Horror and L5R books (kindle version) on preorder for what feels like a year!
  5. Really like the second and third options. Very Minoan vibe without needing the entire bull head to emphasize its a bull theme haha.
  6. Yeah it was very strange that Tyrion was excluded from the section on gods in the new RPG.
  7. All of the Vampire Genevieve novels are awesome. Well worth checking out the entire collection!
  8. I don't really feel negative towards GW about this, just bemused. I don't get why they insist on maintaining release details as though they are top secret data. But they do, and its just how they roll over the past decade or so. As I have said, the cavalry are straight up great models and lately even the stone mage has been growing on me since I first saw it. However, I am not doing the buy seven boxes each of the same two sets again. I like my IDK, but I don't want to reward that moving forward. GW doesn't have to hit every release out of the park (the gargants are amazing) but I think they can take a bit of criticism for a while and hopefully it changes something down the road. And, I think it is unreasonable to be upset at a group for mutually expressing dissatisfaction for a period of time. Healthy, fun, cathartic discussions are good to go and one of the best reasons to come on these forums in the first place.
  9. As I think about it more, this feels a lot like the denial I had when it became clear the Slaanesh release had no mortal units. I knew what the answer was, but I didn't like it at all. The number of units already shown would (as boxes) roughly equal OBR and IDK. They just need to have different options we haven't seen yet. I suppose worst case scenario I just don't start the army until there is a bit more choice. I am personally not fan of building an army with the limited amount that GW tends to release lately.
  10. This may or may not be what happens (we might get a full release), so my next comment is just a commentary on the possibility of a multi-year release. I really dislike the new business model where GW releases army books that are very light on content with only one or two new models, and a few new battalions. Feels very much like a cash grab. Likewise, spreading a release out intentionally into three parts, each with a new army book feels pretty not great. Hopefully this is not the plan.
  11. The cavalry look so good I am still holding out hope for the range. And honestly, the Alarith Stoneguard look GREAT- aside from the top of the helmet. The hammers don't bother me at all, any more so than axes did on the White Lions. So I am waiting it out, and will see what else they have in store. I am hoping for at least one or two more kits that don't look as ridiculous as I (personally) find the cow stuff. The art for the cow mage on a rock looks awesome, but it didn't translate all that well to the model from what I can tell so far. Sort of how (to me) the art for OBR mortek looked killer but the models look like weird undead clowns. Overall I do think the range looks MOSTLY like the old High Elves, but then the twists just haven't been good. And, to show some street cred my very first Warhammer model was Eltharion. I was twelve and could not figure out why they would make a model with a metal peg on the bottom of the foot.... So I get the strong feelings. I am just not down in the dumps yet. Cautiously optimistic for a cool range.
  12. I wonder if GW experiences any shipping delays or flat stops shipping due to the fight against the virus. Asmodee just suspended product delivery after next week- through the end of April.
  13. Listen don't threaten me with a good time.
  14. I am holding off on judgment right now for the Lumineth. I really, really like the Dawnriders and so I want to like this faction. The spearmen seemed pretty meh (not bad just not much of anything to me) and the archers are...odd. Same with the mage (though a different head might help). So my hopes right now are pinned on the not-White Lions with hammers.
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