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  1. I mean that is ALSO true. What about pirate vampires riding on gothic ships? Everyone is happy then, except those filthy Sigmarites.
  2. But what if I like the gothic vampires
  3. It may be that Forge World can't compete with 3D printers the way GW main can (if they are treated that separately, I don't know). These guys are 20 dollars on eBay (new) for 5 and the three bull centaurs on FW are 104 USD. That is QUITE the difference. I have always loved Chaos Dwarfs and I know which I would get... Maybe the main studio can do better.
  4. Honestly if you want Chaos Dwarves- better off using these guys anyway- Infernal Dwarves (Magmhorin) (lostkingdomminiatures.com)
  5. I am not criticizing your army. I am criticizing the way GW has released it. I am glad you like the army. Can we move past the knee ****** defense? If anything I am saying you should have gotten more. You can surely see the difference between working fine and complete though right? Or are you going to sit here and tell me that you are loving the Ymetrica and Syar command traits and artefacts of power on your Cathallar or your Stonemage? That those don't suggest to you some missing melee? You seem to understand that, but yet claim that doesn't suggest those traits were designed with a particular set of models in mind. Or, lets not even look that deeply. What about the other half of the pantheon the entire faction is based on? You know what you need to play a game? A hero and some battleline. Does that mean that GW should release a book with two units (ok ok yes Sons of Behemat)? You could probably win a few games. I have to admit I don't even understand your way of thinking. You can be happy you got an army and still consider, just CONSIDER, that GW is making it more expensive than it should be by a new business model that says release the bare minimum to sell an army book and hope that apologists will make excuses or that we will just accept it without the slightest of negative feedback. It is OK to say that GW could be better....
  6. I really liked Wrath of the Everchosen. I am not against those types of books at all, the opposite in fact. I am opposed to releasing half factions and charging twice for a rule book.
  7. Broken Realm books are as expensive as codexes.... I guess my point there is that Broken Realms or something like that could be good for factions that haven't seen love for a while (my own IDK for example) and it seems legit. But a Broken Realms soon in time to the (half baked) release of a faction is no better than a new army book. MAYBE its a tiny bit better because it likely has new lore versus the recycled army books.
  8. I am really thinking about buying the palanquin and using it for other models... The armored guy would make a cool Lord of Pain, and the two....things....would be great as Slaanesh Spawn.
  9. So, new models are great for sure. BUT- does this Lumineth business not make people at all perturbed? All this is assuming the new models are in fact Lumineth. Am I the only one who thinks that is a less than ideal business practice? If we all assume, and I think this has been taken as truth for a while, that models are made well in advance of release, why in the world weren't these models in the army book? I thought that Slaanesh was a bit close, hard to believe that the mortals weren't in development then, but if this pans out it will be a new level. Although we have people on these forums who claim the Lumineth was a complete release, all you have to do is read the book to know it isn't, and this potential new release proves it. It sure looks to me like GW is trying to find the minimum sized release and squeeze money out of people with multiple book releases. So you can be happy with new models, but I would rather GW doesn't try to nickel and dime us (hundred and thousand us it more like it haha). Just a thought. The answer of course is to print books with models they are still working on....and quit running scared from the Chapterhouse saga.
  10. It would be cool to see more today- but I think its more likely 40k related. Here's hoping though- and Happy New Year from Korea!
  11. My thought reading this was that I am glad I waited for the mortals.... Having 3-4 KoS just doesn't sound fun. But I am optimistic. I think GW can do well with battletomes that have actual choice in models/units. Its just this new 3-4 unit faction thing they are doing that really messes with the ability to have diversity in choice (which I suppose is obvious given the lack of diversity in choice...).
  12. This is how I feel. What is there even to be hyped about at this point? Maps that I already have in my old army books? I mean they are shiny and newer versions...but thats what they are showing me after months? Ok sure great I am not mad about it, but I don't really care either. I will never be convinced that the square bases regiment thing is why Warhammer failed, or what people really miss. It failed because the percentage composition system made armies ridiculously expensive, and people miss the amazing setting. I am not sure what this rework is doing, but it would be unfortunate if it were a lot of people trying really hard for no reason and overthinking what needs to happen. Make amazing Warhammer Fantasy models. Give me army books set in the Old World. Use the AoS rules system. I would say Profit.....but its more like issue your stores bags to collect the money that will come in.
  13. I also get strong Middle Earth Serpent Horde vibes from the new models- more reason to love them.
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