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  1. I have always thought the Lizardmen concept (aside from the name, which has been solved) was pretty unique. Would be quite unexpected if they were trashcanned.
  2. Just what I said I was on about. Updated models. Do you have the BCR battletome? Have you seen how amazing the Yhetees and cats look in the artwork- and then looked at the garbage models? You really don’t think the range could use a box of three new Maneaters/new elite unit? So all of that is what I’m on about? My personal belief that units created in 2005 and 2011 are well past time to be updated.
  3. Hugely disappointing for me if Ogors aren’t getting some new or refreshed units. On the the other hand- still excited for this not Tomb Kong’s army.
  4. Oh yeah for sure not GW models quality. I always wonder though if these folks are getting info on the sly and use that to know when and what to push out.
  5. This not-Egyptian themed undead army on Kickstarter has all my conspiracy theory inner selves going wild. I wonder often about leaks to rival companies.
  6. What does "last chance to buy" mean to you? I guess it could mean last chance to buy this summer, or last chance to buy at the current currency exchange rate. Reboxing does not quite seem to fit, particularly when they gave us a heads up a few weeks ago that the Free Cities battletome meant a culling was coming. I did not think it would be quite this much though.
  7. Maybe this is the problem. If you go back and read this thread...the rumor isn't what you just said. I am not saying you are 100 percent wrong, but the rumor is a new Death faction that is very similar to the TK or an AoS-ified TK. -edit Start on page 1201 of this thread. If you want the most direct version of the rumor its on page 1203.
  8. Not referring to the picture at all. Talking about where @Thomas Lyons says TK are coming.
  9. But if you don’t hype yourself up about it how can you feel the crushing despair that follows when the ‘release’ turns out to be one model (Apophas flying on a pile of gryph-hound skeletons) and a book that has five pages of reused fluff? I gotta say- you are missing out.
  10. I’m so confused that there is a legit, honest to goodness, highly credible rumor of a Tomb Kings-esque army IN THE NEXT THREE MONTHS. And people aren’t freaking out. LIKE I AM.
  11. GSC wait was big time worth it in the end. I have a massive project of those dudes I've been prepping. Time to assemble 150 models..... ALSO we are all forgetting about the biggest tragedy so far. No new Sauruses (Sauri?) or any other new Seraphon plastics PLUS that battletome is lost somewhere.
  12. For someone who freaked out in this same thread for being "demeaned" this is a bit out of line.
  13. So I definitely understand @Kurrilino's frustration, though I don't play StD I feel bad for them, not sure he/she deserves the attacks right now as they are just letting off steam. I don't think you can say you know what is coming out when...just a few weeks ago you were denying the price increases as fakes while they were literally taking place. As for "rest of the year" for the StD battletome- the next three battletomes appear to be locked in right? Free Cities, Orruks, Mawtribes. At the earliest those are going on preorder after Warcry is finished in August. You can bet Primaris SMs are getting a new codex this year, PLUS the upcoming HUGE Sisters of Battle release. So while it isn't impossible for StD to come out and I hope they do- you can see how people might doubt it. The point is, there are nicer ways to understand what someone is upset about without acting like a know-it-all.
  14. This is super hard to believe. Nobody took a screen shot of those pictures or even has heard of that website before? I want it to be true, but that is a hard sell based on just this info. edit I do feel very bad for StD players. The Warqueen gave what has turned out to be false hope, which really is even worse than hearing nothing at all.
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