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  1. That is interesting, I have never had it happen before with an eBook. I think aggravating sums up my general experience dealing with Black Library. I do not understand why they cannot get their act together. In many cases they actually make it difficult to purchase their product.
  2. Genevieve Undead was the one I had ordered. Then I checked the anthology and Rulers of the Dead, neither of them have an option to buy on Kindle any longer.
  3. Did everyone else have their Kindle pre-orders canceled by Amazon today? I checked back and none of the new ebooks coming out on Saturday can be pre-ordered at all now.
  4. Nothing news worthy that I heard. A very interesting discussion on miniature design, specific discussion on how he would convert StD models to Darkoath (which to me is more evidence that Darkoath has been overcome by events) style-wise.
  5. That dude seems like a legit good person.
  6. No I don't mean that someone has to be lying. I just think there could be a) more context or b) simple misunderstanding of the statement.
  7. I know that apparently at Warhammer Fest GW said that only the Sylvaneth release was impacted by shipping issues, but that seems very unlikely? I guess we will find out come June if more books and such don't show up on the release list. Something like Warcry seems very safe since they are making it in the UK, but if codices and battletomes keep getting held up it could be an interesting spring/summer.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I want Soulblight. The vampires in all the AoS novels have been awesome, and having an army like them would be very cool. Also, new or improved (i.e. not finecast not ridiculous pricing) Blood Knights? Yes please.
  9. It is still hard to know what exactly this logo meant. I mean, Fyreslayers and Gloomspite speak strongly to the picture being taken literally. But it is missing Sylvaneth and neither of the things pictured in Death have happened. I think we would need another release to figure it out. If Soulblight or Ogors come soon- I think its pretty obvious at that point.
  10. Is anyone at the AoS Q&A this morning? If so I would love to hear what the devs had to say!
  11. Ok I can see that being a potential under those circumstances. But, I don't think that is what people are disappointed in today (and I could be wrong, speaking for many people here I guess). I think the rules previews are well received, but that people expected something more at a major event. And to be fair, GW goes out of their way to talk about how huge the previews will be. I think that the reactions would have been better if GW hadn't left it to third parties to explain the "one (at least) more battletome for each GA" thing.
  12. @swarmofseals My general feeling is that GW will keep right along doing exactly whatever it is they were gonna do in the first place when it comes to selling models and making money. Any business that gets mad at its customers and decides to punish them by not selling to them....probably won’t be a business for too much longer.
  13. Yeah it was more of an explanation of the seminar than new things. Still, was nice to get context because that was lacking from the community post I though.
  14. It is interesting that he heard at least one, and Sprues and Brews heard "one", makes me think GW should have included that info in their wrap-up.
  15. They are going to be sold as a package with the GHB.
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