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  1. @Whitefang When we are talking new Imperial Knight style Gargant kit- are we thinking that they are moving the aesthetic towards D&D style Storm/Fire/Cloud Giant? Or trying to keep the Ye Olde Worlde look?
  2. This actually made me laugh out loud. I enjoyed it even more because I am pretty sure it was meant to be serious. Where do I go to turn in my old William King books? Has someone communicated this to the Total War Warhammer team? You can have my pewter Tyrion riding Malhandir when you pry it from my COLD DEAD HANDS!
  3. I am quite bummed to see this is the synopsis of The Blind King. I was hoping Guymer would turn out a book more like The Sea Taketh- which is SO good instead of The Learning, which is not good at all. But in general I suppose I am generally satisfied with the level of writing in BL books. Particularly if we are not bound to one sub(sub)genre I think you can usually find some great books to read. My issue is that most of them are fine but not amazing, yet BL wants me to pay a premium for them. As I have said before I really only read eBooks and their prices are outrageous. And not just for the full length novels, but how often will you see a 20-30 page story for $5? Almost nowhere outside of BL. Its very bad behavior towards customers, and I have a very hard time thinking that you can be so predatory towards customers and have it pay off long term.
  4. I posted that article in the Black Library section, repost from where I found it in the News section. Certainly not the intent to be click-baity. I do however think you are wrong about 6% down being not much of a cause for concern for two reasons. It is the second consecutive report with negative numbers, and in the business world that's a number that would likely result in being canned without a pretty good explanation WHEN you combine it with the fact that the models and rest of the company is soaring.
  5. I agree with some of this, but I don't know that I would describe GW's business model in such....regimented terms. I mean lets be real, people had to basically beg on hands and knees for YEARS before GW decided to remake Sisters of Battle. Also look at the Horus Heresy line. From the time I started in the hobby in 1996 people asked to know more, to have models, etc. I'm sure it was happening before then and it continued for a decade before GW decided it was a good idea. I find it hard that anyone can justify that reluctance, and maybe you don't mean to be, but it sounds like you are justifying if not agreeing with it. It is also hard to reconcile what I keep hearing about GW's model design process which is "the designers make what they think looks cool" with a practical business plan of any sort. In my opinion here is the glaring problem with that business plan: once 3D printers hit whatever mark they need in order to become more widespread- GW is going to take a huge hit. Because they won't have readily available models that their consumers are telling them are desired, and people will be able to purchase better looking Marauders, improved Blood Knights, new Seraphon, etc. If GW really is a company focused on making money first, last, and always- they are leaving quite a bit of it on the table. And in @Kirjava13's defense even when GW was circling the drain only five years ago there were quite a few people vigorously defending them. So I can sympathize with the frustration when someone complains about GW's practices and is told the usual "blah blah entitlement" garbage. It is a bit difficult to use the word entitlement when there is a business transaction contemplated.
  6. Ok, opinions may differ on whether factions should all get xyz. But, on the subject of someone being a good rumor source, did you look up the posting history? Bc it is more than just this one thing Whitefang has gotten correct.
  7. Just take a moment, and look back through the posting history of Whitefang. I mean I could mention that both Khorne and Fyreslayers got endless 'spells'. But, that is really not the point. Just take a look back.
  8. Can we finally acknowledge at the close of the year that we actually have a true rumor source? In the long and time honored line of Hastings, Atia, and now King Whitefang First of His/Her Name!
  9. Sad. I really like the KO, but outside of a few boxes of Thunderers and a Gunhauler I’ve been holding off to see if they get just about couple more units before making the serious plunge.
  10. The trolling!!!!!! To be clear- positive trolling. But it makes me want to KNOW MORE.
  11. Man just reading your post hurt me on the inside haha. Idoneth are even my main AoS army, and I STILL wish they had played out to be more like the initial Cthulhu aelf rumors.
  12. I guess I am hoping the community article is poorly worded? But I think if they were coming out with a multi-part version, they would have said that also. So that sort of stinks. Puts a damper on the release to be honest. Although I am pumped about the SC box, I was hoping to finally update all the very very old warrior models.
  13. Just so I establish that I do have a dog in this fight, my Deepkin collection is: 60x thralls, 30x reavers, 18x eels, turtle, 3x sharks, Aspect of the Sea, 3x Soulrenders, and all the other heroes x1. I think it is probably totally doable to do what you are describing above. I STILL think the Deepkin should have gotten a couple more units by now. I very much dislike the release/whatever you want to call it strategy behind Deepkin, Overlords, Fyreslayers (though they got a bit of love). I remember when Atia was first breaking rumors about AoS and one of the main ones was that GW would not be supporting armies beyond initial releases other than with small splash releases (and also that they would focus on monsters and heroes). If you think about it, the only army where this rumor has proved false is Stormcast. It is one of the rumors that bothered me the most, because it does not lend itself to long term concentration on one army. Maybe this is what GW wants. I guess probably they do want you to collect each new army as it comes out. But from the perspective of someone who collects as much to create a story focused group as to play, it sort of is getting old. I guess we will see, as AoS is pretty new still. But I would really like to see true unit expansions for factions (and this includes old factions like Seraphon and Skaven!).
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