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  1. Hyperion

    WTS Ironjawz Army

    still available? pics?
  2. Hyperion

    Magic focused forces

    I would say tzeentch and some death lists are the top dogs when it comes to magic. Nurgle also has some strong spells. The new stormcast chamber is no slouch. Sylvaneth although not as strong anymore at least participate in the phase. Daughters of khaine can hold their own as well. I’m not too up to date on the deepkin but I know they at least have their own lore, whether it is integral to their play style im not sure. I’m sure their are others, but I think those are the big hitters. With the new endless spells I’m sure individual wizards from the splintered factions will have more of a role. Regardless of the army you choose.
  3. Hyperion

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Any word on mirror shield?
  4. Hyperion

    Daughters of Khaine - 1000pts

    It’s perfectly ok for him to ask for advice specific to him, outside of that thread. Both in sense of he may not have seen the discussion, or in replying to it, felt drowned out by the other topics being thrown around.
  5. Hyperion

    Daughters of Khaine - 1000pts

    I advise against using battalions in sub 2000 point games. Bodies are stronger than the buffs they provide. Doomsfires are fun to use. I’ve had solid performance out of them in all my games but one where my opponent shot them off the board turn 1. You could do bloodwrack general Hag queen on cauldron 2x10 blood sisters. As to the competitiveness of this list, I’m hesitant. But low model count for sure.
  6. Hyperion

    Sympathy for Morathi

    I think most of the stuff that happened to her prior to her escape from slaanesh was a fate she weaved for herself. I do agree that she has been pretty much forced into her current position by the new gods. And they are quite hypocritical towards how the cults operate. However she seems to be falling back into her old habits with the whole secret heart of khaine business (even though it’s some badass story telling and gets me energized to paint and play this army)
  7. Squigs won a GT heat last year. You can do some fun stuff with them, they are now under moonclan allegiance. Moonclan (night goblins) maybe getting a battletome (army book) in the near future. You have enough of them to run any type of list . They are a very fun army to play and I’ve not had anyone complain when I pull mine out.
  8. Hyperion

    Why Kharadron Overlords never win any major tournament?

    Clown car is a 50/50 win. And they are bad at objectives. You can’t make any mistakes in posistioning and even then if you fail a key charge with the blooms you lose anyway. So. Doesn’t matter if you destroy the 1-2 tzeentch lists you play if you lose the other 3-4 games on a coin flip.
  9. Hyperion

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Ive got a blood coven box that’s been hanging out on the shelf for a while. Pre ordered morathi and the book as well. Should I buy more witch’s or get into blood sisters for battle line? Hard for me to wrap my head around all the combos right now. I like all of the models. And competitiveness isn’t a must, but I do like spend money on units that will perform decently. Edit: I have about 250$ is to spend. (For now )
  10. This interests me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  11. Is this really still speculation? Especially with the video they just released for Vday. With her “revealing” her true form and all. “Standing up” on a snake tail even...
  12. Hyperion

    How to defeat Stormcast Eteranals?

    You keep pointing out weaknesses Nurgle had before the new book came out. I recommend picking it up and maybe reading it a few times to get a handle on all the new abilities. You also seem to be ignoring a lot of the strengths of this army, because unless your opponent is pulling a fast one on you, his 5 venators should not be able to do what you are saying they are. And if he his backing up from you to avoid cc, that means you are controlling the board. A GUO with heal relic, a wizard to hide behind him and a large amount of mauraders or plague monks is almost an exact counter to what you are playing. So it honestly sounds like you either need to look at your friends list and see what’s going on or re-evaluate your in game tactics. Repeating over and over that judicators are undercosted isn’t going to win you the game. Finding the right counter and implementing it correctly will.
  13. Hyperion

    New Aelves

    I’m not entirely sure. I know they had a big meeting pre event. Showed some stuff off for future releases. AoS may not have been shown at all if they had already previewed those things publicly. But all the big industry guys were hush hush about it because gee dubs made them sign a NDA. A little different this year since they were allowed to release what they saw even as it was going on I remember frontline talking about at least I think do. In fact It’s possible this was at adepticon and not lVO now that I put more thought into it. Still kinda the same sort of thing either way. And i realize I may have come off as passive aggressive with all my dot dot dots. Which wasn’t not my intention!
  14. Hyperion

    New Aelves

    Apparently bell of lost souls is live tweeting some stuff they saw. “Big snake lady”
  15. Hyperion

    New Aelves

    Vendors, retailers, distributors, pod casters, you tube channels, etc... all get there early and get shown a big run down of what’s coming down the pipeline. They did the same thing last year...