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  1. Sorry for taking so long, Black Templar has been out of stock for a long time at all my local stores. Did a quick test with reapers moth green over a white undercoat. The right side was with a layer of ardcoat over the green as well, since I was curious what would happen. The rear of the mini was with about 50/50 contrast medium and Black Templar, the front just undiluted Black Templar. A very quick and sloppy test but with a bit of practice and further testing it might be possible to do something interesting with this.
  2. This looks damn good and a really interesting way to make a unique aemy. Looking forward to seeing more.
  3. Based on the bat rep in this month's white dwarf I'd say that you can't pull someone out of combat.
  4. Great stuff all around. I particularly like the Tzeentchian sorcerer, it inspires me to start working on mine too.
  5. I'd wager that your quality and my quality differs quite a lot. I'm just happy that my mountain of grey plastic is more of a mound now. And I can always go back and add details later.
  6. Looking good! Contrast seems to be doing it's job. I painted the flesh of 20 tzaangors in an evening with pretty much the same level of quality as I would have gotten in a week with my normal technique. Finding the right amount of contrast medium to paint ratio took some time though. Maybe a warm colour would work for the base, like martian ironearth or whatever it's called? Or perhaps it would contrast to much with the blue?
  7. Awesome stuff and quite the undertaking. I'm sure you'll manage it in time. Might I ask what contrast colour the blue is? Is it two thinned coats of Talassar?
  8. Nice bit of walking mayhem you've got there. Just the way I like my beastmen, a unruly tide of beasts large and small pouring forward to tear down the world of Man.
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