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  1. That would be a lot better, absolutely!
  2. Revisiting this. Any possibility it might happen int the future?
  3. Actual thread for those interested http://www.warhammer-forum.com/index.php?/topic/272287-battleforce-noël/ Ombrelance was indeed the French name for Shadowspear
  4. Your clearly know every Warhammer player. Is it possible to learn this power?
  5. Hi all, One thing I've been wondering since they were announced is how the new Contrast paints compared to the earlier prototypes. Enter a quick spooky messy test, comparing them to standard Nighthaunt Gloom & Hexwraith Flame combo. I took a few disposable stalkers and undercoated them with the new Grey Seer, which went on super smooth with only minimal touch ups required. The satin finish takes some gettting used to. I must say, I love the new colours but it makes it hard to choose! First observation: medium is a must, dries very fast and becomes streaky very quickly if u
  6. Source? I've heard this repeated on the internet again and again, without any backing. Agreed that the marginal return on most of the 40k range was higher than WHFB, and from the latest disclosures we can infer that AoS is outselling WHFB, but I've yet to see any evidence that it wasn't making a profit. Still a good business decision, but please stop spreading internet MBA wisdom if you can't back it up.
  7. Can confirm, broke mine snipping it off the sprue
  8. I am Brother Dimetrius and I approve this message. Hobby is for relaxing, not validation or ego boost. If you get that, fantastic, but it should not be the aim.
  9. Those Nighthaunt are sexy. More & more I wish there was some way to purchase the same style of sculpted based to align with the E2B stuff.
  10. Got tired of waiting for an Elf faction that interested me, so jumped into Nighthaunt. Spookybois represent!
  11. I was rather conflicted but I've given up hope. Starting new army for AoS (Nighthaunt), while my High Elves will stay WHFB 8th.
  12. Thanks for the listing, very useful! Wish GW would adopt a model whereby you would have a dedicated (part of a) website with all the published rules condensed. After Soul Wars, I would love a Death expansion as well!
  13. How do "unit upgrades" work? Are they pointed or do you just pay for the entire unit (in tranches), and get those for free?
  14. I am Brother Dimetrius, and I approve this message.
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