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  1. I just do not think it's all and it's not wishlisting as I happy with this range and 1 more character and unit (for example) wont change my mind. But : 1. Only 10 Warscrolls is quite strange, especially with 3 of them being named hero (or 4 if Eltharion is Eltharion and not like Durthu), and I don't see how could you even make more warscrolls out of it - maybe Stoneguard with different hammers are another unit. Also there is like only 8 kits, even KO which had tiny release had 11 kits (including heroes). 2. No Terrain or endless spells in sight - that's strange as they are all about magic and those armies all got their endless spells. Sure some armies didn't get it like KO, but Luminenth are not an update but full new army - all of those got endless spells and or terrain. Deepkin, Nighthaunt, OBR, Sacrosant. That's why I think we will get one more 1 hero (dual kit possibly) and 1 more unit (dual kit possibly) if so it would put number of scrolls and kits in line with other releases. And then endless spells + maybe terrain.
  2. Morathi is one of the most amazing tech units in Age of Sigmar, surely she can be better or worse depending on meta but she offers something other armies dont have - you can put her forward, dominate whole movement phase thanks to that. Calling Morathi "bad" is just wrong, maybe you don't like her, can't play with her or want other options but she is nowhere near "bad" she is clearly one of the best units in AoS.
  3. It's not her role, her damage possibility is only a bonus to what she brings to the army.
  4. I doubt Lumineth are finished - they would make a full reveal videa/shot I think and I doubt they are not getting" - endless spells - terrain Every big release since Nighthaunt/SCE had endless spells and/or terrain. Only Cities and Warcalns didn't. Also 10 Warscrolls would single smallest release for AoS. OBR had 14 Warscrolls (not inluding Nagash, arkhan and Achai) and Deepkin had 13. Even tiny factions like Fyreslayers (16 Warscrolls) and KO (13) had more. That's not including terrain/endless spells
  5. I think it's an awesome policy. I was WFB player and ranges of miniatures were huge so : - you got to wait years for your book to be updated and once - minis were outdated usually If that's it for Lumineth (and I doubt it's I think we will get close to 12-14 warscrolls and for sure will have endless spells) and release is spread over months/years it very cool for me - I can paint, play with this stuff and then when I get bored with it - there is update coming. It keeps customers interested in armies they have while selling them new stuff unlike old WFB policy when customers didn't buy much because they already had huge collection and GW couldn't bloat armies with a lot of new units. The same goes for mini updates - I would love DoK update with new model, book, maybe terrain. So I can play with new rules, get some new minis and with WarCry and Underworlds warbands coming for almost every army eventually you got a lot of new stuff for army you love. Again big update over WFB when it took years for rules to be updated because of how much resource GW invested in those "updates" - with army book with so many units, new models, refreshing of older models etc. But I'm spoiled by this year as there are Lumineth coming, DoK is getting a lot of love with WarCry and Underworlds releases and I am having blast playing Deepkin.
  6. Maybe that as strongly but there is usual love-hate dynamic between them and Malerion ownw much of Ulgu so why would she send troops to Malerion ? She was tricking rest of the Gods and taking more souls then she should - not to give them away. Also the lore is quite clear Morathi and Teclis saw danger that Slaanesh can be freed and they reacted quickly thats why we are getting Teclis part of Lumineth first and there is a lot of stuff for DoK as well.
  7. Nope Alith Anar shoot Tyrion down saving Malekith’s life. Malekith as always lost and someone had to bail him out.
  8. I am huge DoK fan and I think those models fit their model range perfectly. They're not rank and file troops, but Morathi secret hit squads. No wonder we didn't hear about them before , also the leader is pure Daughters of Khaine - the part of the helmet with horns is Witch Elves design - the Shadow Cloak form kind of snakey design - linking it to Melusai It fits as Morathi elite assassins. We don't know how accurately Age of Sigmar will follow End Times but don't forget that Malerion wasn't that hot on Dark Elves in End Times - his most trusted general was Imirk who was High Elf Hero and Alith Anar sided with him as well and acknowledged him as his king. I think Malerion's force could be only in part inspired by old Aelf design, but more inspired by Shadows, Dragons and Caledor design. Shadow infused Caledor Dragons would be much more interesting that Dark Elves 2.0. It seems Morathi forces are more Dark Elven then Malerion's Aelves will ever be.
  9. They fit perfectly as Morathi hit squad of assassins and spies compared to rank and file troops of Witches. Also lorewise Morathi would never contribute anything to Malerion. Doubt Malerion army will look anything like that. I still think he will move away from standard Aelves and go for grand elven-dragon hybrids or something equally majestic.
  10. Yeah Fyreslayers and KO had more warscroll at launch -10 is tiny. That's why I think e will see some more kits.
  11. Doubt it's all it would be the smallest GW release for new IP - OBR had 13 new warscrolls ( +4 older warscrolls - Nagash, Arkahn, Achai) - Deepkin had 14 new warscrolls not including endless spells/terrain So far Lumineth have 10 warscrolls, so I think it's safe bet that there is minimum 1 more hero and 1 more kit (dual option) left to be shown.
  12. Those are not Shadow Elves, those are Daughters of Khaine. Good chance Shadow Aelves are anything like that but 100% new design like Deepkin
  13. Blind swordmaster trope has been already done - Eltharion had huge story arc - when he was captured by Malekith when he had seen through Dark Elves invasion plan , tortured and returned broken and blind to Ulthuan. He then started training under Bellanear to become blind swordmaster, he saved Alarielle by dueling Malekith and his dragon and was first ever being to wound Malekith in combat. He went on another crusade vs Malekith in Naggaroth and during the battle he won duel with Shadowblade only to get scratched by poisoned weapon. Then Alith Anar shows up and offers his help.
  14. Tyrion was just a generic golden boy on Gandalf’s horse the most boring Elf character Id rather had Alith Anar, Bellanear or Imrik (but I think he will come with Malerion) And we got Eltharion so its fine for me.
  15. Nagash is still ultra-strony. Tony Moore even made some big runs with him in Reapers list. He don't need any buffs. Legion of Nagash is still very strong for many reasons. Assuming he is not is just wrong. Sure LoN Nagash list isn't S-Tier but it still strong enough to go to 4-1 at biggest events.
  16. Sure, will do later on, but my battle from London GT is quite good how DoK play. In Nutshell : - castle up early on, use Morathi as big piece to control the table - open up with run&charge, take control of objectives. - hold them. - harass enemy backline with Khinerai threat. Extra adive : Keep you Cauldron safe at all cost, it's just as much key piece as Morathi. I know it can hit like a truck but do not engage with it unless it's desperation time. Here is the video :
  17. It depends - Arch-Regent is quite nice comparison, if Eltharion is around 180-200 and 2lvl wizard, with 6W and 3+ save/5++ FnP (for example) and like 6-7 3+,3+,-1 1dmg attacks he would be quite nice as he can blast spells without being too exposed and then can clear some stuff like Khinerai.
  18. @Kaleun I used Slaughter Troupe list Morathi-Mindrazor Slughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood - Ignax Scale's, Catechism of Murder Hag Queen - Iron Circlet, Blessing of Khaine 30 Witch Aelves with bucklers 30 Sisters of Slaughter with bucklers 10 Sisters of Slaughter with knives 2x5 Heartrenders and at 84 players Team Event which my team have won in middle of January I went 5-0 with this list Morathi-Mindrazor Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood - Gryph-feather Charm, Catechism of Murder Hag Queen - Iron Circlet, Blessing of Khaine 30 Witch Aelves with bucklers 30 Sisters of Slaughter with bucklers 10 Witch Aelves with knives 5 Lifetakers 10 Lifetakers Both are great lists and at team event I won vs Fyreslayers (twice), Skavens and Hallowheart Cities
  19. Split one six of Morssar into 2x3 Cut Tidecaster and Soulrender for Soulscryer and it would be pretty decent list even competitive wise.
  20. Split one six of Morssar into 2x3 Cut Tidecaster and Soulrender for Soulscryer and it would be pretty decent list even competitive wise.
  21. Who are those top-tier players ? As I have heard quite the opposite. I've won London GT few months ago with Slaughter Troupe Morathi list and Ben Curry won Elemental Games Gran Slam month ago or so with Cauldron Guard Morathi list.
  22. Insects Aelves would be amazing - God of War alike.
  23. Yeah it looks awesome I'd love Malerion to have a model inspiried by this art or even whole army !
  24. I wonder how they will choose subfactions, but it seems there are 5 subfactions in the book (Teclis ones), I think we will get allegiance abilities for Moon faction that enables to choose one of 5 subfactions, and when updated book is released we will have a choice of Sun/Moon and depending on it - one of 5 subfactions for each.
  25. @Lucur strongly disagree, but example if some builds a list that is based around magic - he should be able to use it. If you can shut down magic phase of army that's based on casting then you will nope out any other army that uses magic as support. Making your opponent army not working at all is negative experience. I play Deepkin if there was an army that can shut down my movement it would be negative exp to play vs such armies. That's why Locus, pre-nerf GG etc got so much heat. Sure if the Teclis is centerpiece model that can dominate the phase(for example by having autounbind every hero phase) that's fine as he should be that kind of Morathi-esque model that can dominate the board, but widespread anti-magic mechanics are quite bad. Mages are usually suspect to shooting and MWs so there are ways to get rid of them without making it an negative experience.
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