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  1. He is confirmed to be spellcaster as well so he could be really good if he is tanky enought to blast some spells from shorter ranges.
  2. I would love him to be quite tanky like 3+ save with 4++ and 6W. And then he can choose a "stance" before every battleround - to be more killy in combat - to be better at spellcasting.
  3. We still didn't get WD 453 so 454 is still at least a month away
  4. WD 454 is one month away so there is still long time.
  5. Hi, more Morssar guard up to 9 and 20 Reavers + Tidecaster and Soulscryer
  6. People jump to conlusions too fast. Surely they are DoK, as they worship Khaine and Morathi somehow took over some of the remianing Dark Elves. Going by EndTimes Malekith ddin't care about DarkElves whatsoever once he became Phoenix King, his best general was Imrik and I doubt he had much DE characters by his side, even Alith Anar his sworn enemy took his side. In EndTimes Malekith was closer to Teclis, Imrik and Alarielle then any Dark Elf. I think that we his army is released it will look nothing like Dark Elves except for some nods to Dark Elves. Also Malerion doesn't care about Khaine, he surely knows that Khaine is dead and since he is god now he doesn't have to hide behind Khaine and it would be against his character. And Khaine was more of Tyrion-Morathi thing in End Times. Malekith battled Khaine incarnate(Tyrion)
  7. Unless there is some suprise announcement I doubt there is anything coming up tommorow
  8. I think they will try to squeeze them - I think as they have tight release schedule and it would mess up all their future releases. So I think they will try to squeeze them (especially stuff they've already shown) and if that can't be done they will space it out then.
  9. But it already has a model so sure maybe sometime in the future they will expand it but I doubt it. Or maybe it was just a way out for some cool conversions etc.
  10. Surely, but also a lot of people forget that they can reopen warehouses, delivery centre, production line under the lockdown if the assure that all workers are 2m apart etc and all other strickt safety protocols, maybe they weren't able to do this so far but are working to fullfill all requirements.
  11. There are tons of stuff in Battletomes that never became models. I dobut Deepkin get another terrain, doesn't make sense whatsoever unless GW changes them to "Etheric Terrain" Order Battletome.
  12. Doubt they GW would release another terrain piece for Deepkin. Why would they ?
  13. They asked independent stores to send them whatever they need to be delivered to them from GW like few days ago. So certainly they're preparing to do some deliveries in few weeks. UK is another lockdown for 2 more weeks and given that GW introduce safety measures they could be allowed to restart warehouses and delivery.
  14. GW is working on re-starting production. That's why I think they don't wanna tease/preview more stuff now. I think They will start shipping stuff in 2-4 weeks from now, and then new releases will follow. I think they are saving rest of Lumineth for pre-release hype. If shipping starts in May (likely end of May) I think during May preview they will reveal Lumineth range and then follow it with pre-release articles. It's speculation but would't suprise me at all if Army Box is up for preorders on May30th (so it makes sense if preview is May23th), and then rest of range will follow in June and July. I doubt they wanna preview more armies etc if they can start deliveries farily soon.
  15. They are 100% Daughters of Khaine and probably have nothing to do with Malerion. Malerion has nothing to do with Khaine whatsoever. Don't get it why people want desperately them to have something to do with Malerion when clearly they are Morathi'****** squad.
  16. Yeah it might mean that Mistweaver Saih is coming to DoK as those Warband is clearly the same design. It's nice way to expand narrow range with some more options if true : - "new" hero - Mistweaver - 2 new units - Underworlds Warband and WarCry warband.
  17. Austria, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic to name a few will ease a lot of restriction in next 2 weeks (and some already did)
  18. I think @woolf is right. It makes much sense Cinari to be name of Wind/River based subfaction.
  19. Yeah but they have huge dual kits (Treelord, Hunter, Spite-Revs) and GW moved away a little from , if we have such amazing dual kits that I am 100% happy with but so far it's confirmed that we have only 1 dual kit.
  20. yeah that true but if those changes are so little as different hammer head I don't see them being another warscrolls, but could be both ways surely.
  21. Different hammer unit isn't separate warscroll. Mortek Guards also have weapon option as well as Heathguard Berzerkers, Witch Elves etc.
  22. Yeah my bad that's 12 kits for Deepkin and 15 warscrolls Lumineth have : 1. Teclis 2. Holy Cow3 3. Spear 4. Archers 5. Cavalery 6. Stonegurard 7. Eltharion 8. veiled lady 9. Stonemage And that's 10 warscrolls, so anyway you spin it Lumineth so far have 20% less kits and 50% less warscrolls then Deepkin, not to mention OBR.
  23. Deepkin have 13 kits including terrain, that 20% more then Lumineth right know.
  24. It won't OBR have 14 new warscroll (not including Nagash) + endless spells and terrain so 17 new warscroll, and numer of kits is 13 (including terrain and spells) Deepkin have 15 new warscroll + terrain so 16 warscrolls and number of kits is 14 (including terrain) Lumineth have max 10 warscrolls and 9 kits So it's like 20-30% less then OBR and Deepkin. That's why I think we will: - one kit for Scinari (might be dual) - unit for Scinari - endless spell and terrian Which would push numer of warscroll to 16-17 including endless spells and terrain and numer of kits to 13 so roughly the same as OBR or Deepkin.
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