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  1. I really agree with the above. Gnarlroot is a well-rounded sub-allegiance and I do not find it lacking anything in itself. The "issue" with the current book for me is that it does not feel up to speed with the others. I think it is balanced internally: you can build different viable list and not be stuck in just one. But it is far from being a power house. That being said, I agree with other people who said that what they loved about Sylvaneth is that they always feel like they stand a chance. It is very true Love this faction. Won't stop playing them as my main army. About the Branchwych: GW, if you are reading this, REWRITE the warscroll, please 😛 @Sleepa is right: nobody uses her. Ever. If you could also drop the Vanilla Treelord another 10 or 20 points, that would be great. Oh, and also, while you are at it: - make the Treelord Ancient a 2 cast wizard - rewrite the Lords of the Clan, Household and Free Spirit Batallion - drop Bow Hunters to 180-190 Thaaaaanks Just a wish-list - no ranting
  2. I participated to Belgium's largest event last weekend. I placed 21st (100 players there). Really happy with the result! But it was most importantly a great experience thanks to the players I had a game with and the TO's from the Hammer and Bolter Tournament. Big shout out to all of them (players and TO's)! You made my weekend I also wanted to post a debrief here. Warning, lengthy post! List Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5 Overall feeling excellent, and I think technically I only made 2 big mistakes: - against the Fyreslayer : I should have played for the minor victory (so obvious, it makes me feel stupid) - against Idoneth, my bad placement that almost cost me the game... Great tournament, can't wait for the second edition!
  3. Hey @Pennydude, just wondering, at 2k, do you still play Heartwood? Idea looks good!
  4. I just find it very hard to use him and justify its 300pts. I have tried him, but it has been difficult to use him at his full potential. I tend not to use him and use the points for more hitting power.
  5. The two behemoths are maybe too much. I think you are going to miss some bodies for your objectives.. I would either drop Alarielle or Drycha and put bodies in the list (and more Hunters, but that, you do not want 😛 )
  6. @Milo, this looks like a solid and fun list. I wonder how it will perform I'm not sure about the Acorn of Ages, though. I think I would go with the Spiritsong Stave.
  7. 1) If you for that strategy, drop Durthu and take a block of 30 Dryads 2) Situational: you might have to choose depending on the deployment. Both options are good to me, though I tend to make woods ASAP. 3) TLA is indeed 300 points for one automatic wood, buuuuuut.... that is pretty much it. On an other note, I would regroup your 2 units of 3 Hunters
  8. If I remember correctly one of them goes DREADWOOD Arch Revenant with Dreadwood trait and artifact 100 Branchwraith with Spiritsong Stave, Throne of Vines 80 Branchwraith 80 10 Spites 120 5 Spites 60 5 Spites 60 30 Dryads 270 9 Kurnoth Hunters with Scythes 600 6 Kurnoth Hunters with Greatswords 400 Outcast Battalion 100 Spiteswarm Hive 50 Extra command point 50 1970pts You can watch a game here (extremely well played):
  9. I tought about it, but then I feel like the list lacks punch.
  10. As promised I come with a debrief about the games I had with the list. In the end I faced the Mawtribes at 1k (posted something else about it earlier this week), Shootcast at 2k and Gloomspite Gitz at 2k. Shootcast game: Scenario: Escalation That was a very tough scenario for me. Stormcast had way higher mobility than I did, and of course a lot more shooting. I put all the Kurnoth and Durthu in the Realmroots to protect them. The rest of my army was deployed so that he could not teleport too close: chaff up front, casters and Drycha in te back. He took the first turn, shot off my left flank (5 TR & 30 Dryads) and scored all of the objectives. My plan for the turn one was the following: summon a forest to counter charge on the left flank and take the center objective (harder without the models deepstriking since I could not give them the bonus from the Spiteswarm Hive). If not charging, making sure when deepstriking that most of my units are not within line of sight of the 9 Raptors. Only 5 liberators were holding the top right objective, and Drycha would take care of that (but she was very far away). I cast Verdant Blessing aaaaaaand... it gets dispelled. From there, I was completely lost and did not know what to do. I deepstriked everything in the woods I had set up initially and prayed for a double turn. Which I got and played very poorly. I managed to execute my turn one plan but did not focus on the right things and got smashed back (Evocators, Dracoths + shooting phase). BTW , Durthu did a whooping 6 damages and died. Stormcast then double turned me and it was over. What I got out of this game: the scenario made it extremely tricky for me to deploy, especially knowing that I would not get the first turn and that my opponent had a shooting army. I think my deployment could have been better (putting my wizards far away enough not get dispelled... per example). Having one big unit of Kurnoths to teleport instead of two might have helped as well. Other than that, I do not really know what I could have improved. I was lacking mobility, like, terribly... I did not learn much from that game unfortunately, but I still learned something Gloomspite game: Scenario: Duality of Death Where Escalation is really hard (I think), Duality of Death is the kind of scenario I like! He had 11 drops and I 10 so I was able to take the first turn. I deployed in such a way I could make my two units of Tree-Revenants grab both objectives with a run roll. I had also put my 30 Dryads in the Realmroots. My Woods were near one of the objectives. I made those woods my Place of Power. I basically deployed everything else on the flank where the woods were, preparing for an alpha strike with Durthu and the unit of 6 Hunters. Turn one went really smoothly: summoned a forest, summoned the Hive, got +3" move and charge for Durthu the Scythes Hunters and a unit of Tree-Revenants (did not get Dryads, though). I ran both my Tree-Revenant units and got the objectives. I teleported Durthu and the Hunters on the left flank. I moved everything else forward. Finally, I deepstriked the Dryads so that they could bubblewrap the Tree Revenants on my left flank. The plan was to score early and heavily defend the left flank. Durthu and the Kurnoth charged in and wiped the Stabba screen ready to take a charge in. The Gloomspite turn was quick and easy: good magic, counter charges on Durthu, the Hunters and my Dryads. He was not able to get a charge in on the right flank. He killed Durthu (did not get my Stomp off) and a bunch of Dryads. It was not enough to chew threw my lines and he would need a double turn to really do more damage. However, I got the initiative and I was able to counterstrike and also score 4 more points. I was not able to wipe everything I needed to kill, but did quite a bit of damage. His turn two allowed him to finally get the right flank and do a lot more damage on my left flank. I lost the objective on my left flank as well but he did not score it. I had to get ready for 80 more Stabbas coming 😛 Gladly, I got the initiative (very lucky: he actually won the roll off, but endless spell shenanigans and other considerations made him choose to go second). I basically finished to clean up what was left of his left flank and prepared for the oncoming horde of Gitz rushing from the right flank. Drycha took controle of the objective and I screened her as much as I could. During the Gloompsite player's turn, my defense held and the score was still in my favor (7 - 3). Turn 4: he finally double turned me but did not enough punch to get the objective back. We stopped there. Sylvaneth victory What I got out of this game: Drycha is a BEAST. I love her. She can do anything and is active in any phase. And in Gnarlroot, she has a lot of utility. Durthu was a letdown... again: he did a little damage and died. Sure he is a magnet, but 340 for a magnet is really steep. The stomp can make a real difference, but it is a 4+ roll. Not that great. My two units of Hunters could have been one big unit. I think I played my list right and did what I needed to do. But, to be honest, I really think that the fact I went first made a huge difference in this specific game. If the Gloompsite had gone first, it would have been very hard for me to get those objectives. That being said, I think that is the one issue with this list: you will most of the time not get to choose who goes first. And even with battalions (6 - 7 drops), it is not reliable for a Sylvaneth player (to think they can go first). I think we just need to learn how to play second the best we can. I still would change a couple of things in my list: dropping Durthu and taking 3 more Hunters. I am thinking of doing 2 units of 6. That leaves me 140pts that I could spend on: 10 Spite Revenants OR a Branchwych + the Geminids OR 20 more Dryads (providing I drop 10 from the other unit of 30 that is already in the roster) Hope it was not too lengthy, but @jake3991, I think that is a concrete example of what Durthu does 😛 I'm gonna try more Kurnoth Hunters!
  11. Had a go against the Mawtribes. We turned out to have a 1000pts game. My friend was just discovering the book, so we figured lower points would make it more manageable for us I took the following: Glade: Gnarlroot Drycha Branchwraith (general + trait & artefact) 10 Dryads 5 Tree Revenants 3 Kurnoth Hunters with Swords 3 Kurnoth Hunters with Scythes (would have played swords normally, put did not take them today) The more I play Drycha, the better I thinks she is. Tree-Revenants are great. As for the Mawtribes, they hit hard but it is hard for them to sustain a long engagement. My friend was not lucky with his Ironguts (poor rolling) and I think that cost him the game. The Butcher is surprisingly tough and hits quite hard. The Tyrant is a beast! The impact hits rule is great and very fluffy too. I'm looking forward to playing against Ogors again
  12. Chalice is nice (almost securing a spell per turn), command trait is nice, the general ability is nice The command ability is OK. I also tend to play rather defensively. Drycha goes from good to very good also Winterleaf is not bad, but I would not play the same list: I would go for a big pack of 9 Hunters instead of the 6 and 3 and fish for an extra artefact (battalion) to make the Spirit of Durthu more survivable. That would mean less points for units though.
  13. Gonna givee this list a go 3 times this week against: - the new Ogors - Khorne - Gloomspite Gitz Will share how it went
  14. Sure! It makes my casting way more reliable (for my Spiteswarm Hive and to make Dryads) and makes Drycha particularly interesting. I am not convinced it is the best Glade, but, I think it has a little something that works quite well if you play defensively (which I intend to do). The other glades I was considering are Winterleaf and Harvestboon. But the castings are really not that reliable in those glades.
  15. Thank you for your advice More Dryads never hurts 😜 I was actually considering dropping the Spirit of Durthu for 3 more Hunters and maybe another unit of Dryads (I could drop one of the Tree-Revenant units but I love how people get very unsure of how to place their unit because of them ). But the SoD has (even without an artifact) a great impact on the game. I think I would have to play test it.
  16. A while ago I posted a couple of lists and to be honest I did not have much success with them. So I am trying something new. The idea behind the following list is to give up the idea of getting the priority first turn, and to play more defensively than I used to (no battalion and 10 drops). Could you tell me what you think of it? My question being, do you think a battalion is mandatory for competitive playing? Cheers!
  17. Thanks for the input! I did not buy any of the new ones yet and I was wondering how many were enough. Yes, I really dislike playing Idoneth: always the same lists :/
  18. That's good feedback, thanks for sharing your experience Drycha is indeed a beast! Question about the woods: how many did you set on the tables during your games? (new and old)
  19. Thanks for the feedback mate Here is what I came up with (1980): I could also, as you said, have one unit of 6 Hunters with Scythes instead I think I'll try both and see what suits my playstyle better
  20. The second list is 1980 (I doubled check). I just did not mention the cost of the extra command point. I agree on your point for the Forest Folks, and I would lean towards dropping the 3 Hunters to get more Dryads in (30 -10 -10). But if I do that, it feels like I'm gonna miss some punch. Then, I might just be under-estimating a Spirit of Durthu and 6 Hunters with Scythes supported by an Arch-Revenant. I also prefer having two units to multiply the threats: 2 units of 3 Hunters sounds better to me than 1 unit of 6 I'm going for no Glade: that way I get Warsinger on Durthu + Spiteswarm Hive for +5" charges and the artefacts I want. Thanks for the feedback, mate!
  21. I'm hesitating with those two lists for my 2K all comers: First list (3 Branchwraiths), magic OK but no rerolls for the Hunters. Second list (1 Branchwraith, 1 Arch Revenant, 1 CP): kinda weak magic (afraid for them woods) but rerolls and extra attacks for my Hunters. My opinion: I like the second list less because the Arch-Revenant is really weak and a lot revolves around her. But she makes the Hunters awesome... Thoughts?
  22. I don't think that is accurate. Thank you! The couple of woods I could set on the table helped me. Dryads and Drycha are quite mobile. Kurnoth I teleported through the woods and used the charge moves to get them where I wanted. Playing on a 4' by 4' helped as well. My opponents had too much to take care of to actually bother and get the Branchwraith. By turn two of almost every game I already had 40 Dryads on the table. That, the Hunters and Drycha were enough to pressure the enemy. But that's a mistake on their behalf. 10 Dryads are not resilient, but they are annoying (especially near a Site of Power or near woods). I used them as meat-shields for my Hunters (counter-charging and the such). When you have 40-50 of them, they can saturate an objective.
  23. It's been a long time I posted here. Went to a tournament last Sunday with the new book and placed 2nd! I initially had planned to go there to test the new book (I only had had one game with it so far), but it turned out to be better than expected! Here are my impressions: Drycha is really a great toolbox - loved using her I had between 2 or 3 woods on the board and it did not feel that wrong, honestly; Kurnoth Hunters with swords are hot 🔥; Having a 2 spell casting Branchwraith with Throne of Vines is great: +6 to cast feels good but kinda wrong 🙃 I had to face Nighthaunt (new player), Daughters of Khaine (with Morathi 😱) and Legions of Nagash (with the dreaded 30 Grimghast Reapers) (pic for attention It's my "Drychu") List was (1K): LEADERS Drycha Hamadreth (320) Branchwraith (80) - General - Command Trait : Spellsinger - Artefact : Spiritsong Stave - Deepwood Spell : Throne of Vines UNITS 10 x Dryads (100) 10 x Dryads (100) 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200) - Greatswords 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200) - Greatswords
  24. That would indeed be nice. I already thought of a big conversion project: use a Dark Eldar ship and make it one big flying ship for Swifthawk Agents pulled by two eagles (you never have enough eagles). I could see such a ship in a Wanderers army. Some sort of means of transportation using the Ley Lines... That would be a nice behemoth (if not for Wanderers, for Swifthawk Agents.
  25. Thanks for pointing it out... Still interested though. Although, there's that too... We'll see.
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