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  1. I'd look into having a way to kill your own pinks to generate some blues (an endless spell). Also wanted some advice, how many enlightened should you wait for before folding 6 back? Was thinking of running 2 units of 6, as whilst it'll mean I never get to bring as many back, it does give me some redundancy and splits the enemy's focus. Thoughts?
  2. A save roll is the roll you make to save an inflicted wound using the save characteristic (adjusted for modifiers). Disgustingly resilient, death save, etc. isn't a save roll it's an ability that prevents or reduces damage. See Skarrbrand's rule on total carnage for an example of where this is distinction is made. All that rule is saying is don't make the wound/save roll for the successful hit you just made.
  3. As people wanted to be explicit, app says "last updated", not published, FAQ uses the word "published". So use what's in the book and don't stack the ability they've moved off of the skyfires/enlightened onto the shaman.
  4. But it doesn't explicitly state that it has to be published by GW, so by this logic I can just post one I made up on here with today's date and then everyone has to use that? Doesn't say that the date has to be written on the warscroll. It says "Warscrolls with a date of publication." A warscroll in a book has the books date of publication as the date the warscroll was published.
  5. I don't like how he does as much damage charging into a unit as some tiny juggernauts. He does less than alariels beetle on the charge even though he's practically big enough to pick it up in his jaws.
  6. The one Tzeentch off fight I had actually resulted in less spells than normal as we just unbound each others. As much as I want the fatepoints I want a gateway to the face even less.
  7. A double turn will let them clear you off the board. Saving up fate points didn't really seem to be much of an option, better to spend them early and get another line of bodies up.
  8. Not sure what was in those 2 lists unfortunately. Came 33rd with changehost though, first time actually playing Tzeentch or AoS2 as well. Got a bit lucky with some scenarios and match ups. Managed to win 3/5 games even though I was practically tabled in 4/5 of them! It's lacking any threat in combat, but not sure it ever had that before? Think I'd do better with some more diverse summoning options to play with.
  9. Roll 9 or more for a casting roll and you can attempt to cast one extra spell this hero phase. If you roll 9 or more on that second spell do you again generate one extra spell? Page 6 https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/age_of_sigmar_core_rules_designers_commentary_Basesizes_en.pdf
  10. So, was wondering if I could get some advice on the following list. Lord Of Change (380) - Artefact : Mark of the Conjurer - Lore of Change : Bolt of Tzeentch Herald Of Tzeentch (140) - Staff of Change - Lore of Change : Tzeentch's Firestorm Herald Of Tzeentch (140) - Staff of Change - Lore of Change : Unchecked Mutation The Blue Scribes (140) - Lore of Change : Bolt of Tzeentch Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch (160) - General - Command Trait : Magical Supremacy - Artefact : Ignax's Scales - Lore of Fate : Treacherous Bond 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (200) - Lore of Change : Bolt of Tzeentch 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (200) - Lore of Change : Treason of Tzeentch 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (200) - Lore of Change : Fold Reality 10 x Brimstone Horrors Of Tzeentch (70) 10 x Brimstone Horrors Of Tzeentch (70) Changehost (180) Chronomantic Cogs (60) Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (40) Soulsnare Shackles (20) Plan had been to take turn one, use the umbral portal and throw all my spells and endless spells into the most important part of my opponent's army. And generate like 12 fate points doing that. With the recent FAQ limiting the portal to one spell I decided to remove it and give LoC another spell with the cogs and the extra fate points as he always rolls a double (so 6 a turn from him). I'd also hoped to use the Curseling to steal/unbind endless spells and get them myself (but that has been quite rightly removed as an option too). I'll still use him to steal and unbind when I can cast the spell myself though. Plan is still to use the geminids and shackles to try and tie down the board a little. Use the brims to deny space/bubble wrap and basically sacrafice pinks for blues->brims whilst generating enough fate points to put down more pinks. So in light of that does anyone have any suggestions of what I could do and any minor tweaks? What is my biggest weakness/oversight? Feels pretty glass cannony to start with and with the portal gone I'm not sure it's even a cannon anymore!
  11. No, you can take them, unmarked/Khorne/Slaanesh as allies. When marked with Tzeentch they are no longer allies as they're part of the DoT.
  12. What the title says. Is there a rule somewhere clarifying/confirming this?
  13. I asked about it in the old 'Let's Chat' thread after all the GHB2018 stuff was leaked, and Tony Moore said you couldn't go above the starting unit size. Not sure if that just applied to GHB2017 or if there's an overarching rule that prevents it and still applies? My guess is that it is/quickly will be prohibited. Otherwise what's to stop you taking a single exalted flamer for 100 points and then just folding reality on it to get 5 more?
  14. Supergluing a penny under the base solves this problem really well!
  15. Think it's the reverse of what you're thinking. It lets them use the EDB's bravery characteristic "instead of their own". Modifiers would still be applied to that, however if the EDB has a bravery debuff they'd still get to use his characteristic as written on the warscroll (so without debuff).
  16. If it isn't I wonder what the point in writing, "An army can include a warscroll battalion of a different allegiance to the rest of the army" and everything following it was. As practically every battalion plus the units in it will cost more than 500 points making it a redundant comment. As it is an FAQ it is also likely to have had less proof reading than the rules themselves (which as the FAQs prove have enough of their own context and phrasing issues).
  17. Are we sure about the FSWB thing? p6 of the designer commentary: "Warscroll battalions that share the same allegiance as an army can always be taken as part of the army, and if they include any allied units, these units do not count against the limits on the number of allies the army can have (or against the points limit that can be spent on allies in a Pitched Battle). An army can include a warscroll battalion of a different allegiance to the rest of the army, but if it does so the units in it do count against the limits on the number of allies the army can have (and the points for the battalion and the units in it count against the points limit that can be spent on allies in a Pitched Battle)." The, "units in it do count against the limits on the number of allies the army can have", surely refers to units that are not part of your armies allegiance? Otherwise you're spending ally points on your own battleline (can Tzeentch even ally Tzeentch?). I think this is the way you're meant to read it given the context of the previous section talking about how allies don't cost ally points if the battalion is the same allegiance as your army. As everything is Tzeentch then you're just spending 160 ally points on the battalion as an ally?
  18. Greenstuff a Bloodletter playing a flaming guitar instead and go full Mad Max! Stipple a little Runefang Silver around all your model's mouths and wrap a few with tiny leather harnesses and masks... this is sounding like a better and better idea. Putting a Bloodthirster in a gimp suit isn't going to make him less scary.
  19. If I counted the points right you could swap a Magister for a Chaos Warshrine? Also have the potential then to look at swapping one of the 10 pink horrors for something like a Changeling for some deepstrike summoning or Blue Scribes for the rerolls and another endless spell (cogs maybe for another spell or to let the Acolytes get onto objectives as the move lasts until the next hero phase, so would stop before the opponent can use it).
  20. Or even another Khorne army going by number 8 on the list! ? But yeah, it feels like Tzeetch and Slaanesh got a system that counts things they'll be doing anyway (spells and taking/dealing wounds), whilst Khorne gets to choose to use it's allegiance ability or summoning. The equivalent would be Tzeentch having to give up a fate dice for each unit it summoned or Slaanesh having a 4th host to choose from that just gives summoning . Seraphon at least have to choose between spells and generating points for summoning, but still get there board wide unbind so loose less by putting their Slann right back in the corner and can still do the teleporting thing. If Khorne got to start with 8 bloodtithe points I'd be happier! ? With the sheer amount of endless spells though it seems like it's going to be non optional to start including a wizard like gaunt as a way to dispell them if you miss an unbind and as a way to potentially bring one (like the cogs) yourself. Something like this maybe? Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster Bloodstoker Bloodsecrator Slaughterpriest Slaughterpriest Gaunt Summoner (Everchosen ally) 5 Bloodwarriors 10 Bloodreavers 30 Bloodletters 30 Bloodletters Gore Pilgrims Chronomatic Cogs 1990/2000 17+3D6 inch charge range (if cogs work) on bloodletters. Take the mortal khorne command ability to reroll charges to units in 8" to your stoker and have him sprint after them. If you roll a 1/2 on the run and think you're not going to make it you can use the extra command point to make it a 6. Will simulate the murderhost a bit, but with 6 drops you'll probably just get tabled in half of your games by endless spell spam...
  21. Anyone who is wondering about points might find this video at 5:08 useful... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5dPQlBw8PI
  22. Nope, 80 points still.
  23. It's described very accurately in the second post down on page 97 of this thread. ?
  24. What about using Soulsnare Shackles? Cheap points wise. Can be placed 6'' in front of enemy lines so that they'd probably get caught twice by it if it stays up. Gives you another spell to cast if you need one. Wastes one of your opponents spells dispelling it (does dispelling an endless spell count as a spell for the Fate points??). Also Geminids of Uhl-Gysh are again cheaper than a portal (but more than the shackles). Give debuffs like -1 to attack characteristic and -1 to hit, along with doing a few mortal wounds. Would help slow down the enemy killing your pinks a bit and let you get the summoned blues and brims in closer before your pinks go down potentially.
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