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  1. Yeah that's the down side of the FEC box, but my plan would be to use it to make the vampire lord and vargheists rather than ghoul related units. Admittedly the actual ghouls will be a problem but they also look quite good to paint and I could always sell/trade them for more skellies :). It seems like all three boxes may have their uses to be honest but I'm probably not going to buy all three at once. ...probably.
  2. Haha one vote for each box so far! Thanks a lot for the replies guys :). It seems that getting both the flesh eater and malignant boxes may be an idea just for the flexibility of what I can build in those boxes. I may hold off on the skeleton horde one for the minute and just buy another box or two of skeletons unless there is a reason to take a Montarch over the vampire on zombie dragon or the coven throne/Mortis engine?
  3. Looking for a bit of advice. I have an army mostly built of Deathrattle units and I'm thinking about picking up one of the Start Collecting sets to add to it. I currently have: Wight King w/ Black Axe Necromancer Cairn Wraith 2 x 10 skeletons with swords and shields 20 skeletons with spears 10 Grave Guard 5 black knights Which set would bring the most to my current force? The Skeleton Horde one would give me a Mortarch, another 10 skeletons, which I would probably use to make a unit of 30 spearmen and some more black knights, where as the Flesh Eater Court set would give me a Vampire Lord on a dragon, some vargheist and some ghouls (which I believe don't synergise all that well with deathrattle). Could the Malignant set even work? Any advice from more experienced players would be greatly appreciated!
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