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  1. Low. Typically when GW stagger reveals at an event they have a post on WHC which is updated throughout as more things are revealed, for this occasion everything went up at once and there has been nothing since, so it is most likely finished until the next big event.
  2. I got inspired by all of the Endrinmasters that have been posted here and decided to whip up one of my own:
  3. Not sure if anyone has already posted about this, but GW no longer sells 25mm round slot bases, which seems a bit strange to me given they still sell things that need them (there's still a few metal models here and there).
  4. Presumably if there was a a wave of releases within a year of the battletome coming out those rules would be included in the battletome; even if the models wouldn't actually be out for a number of months. This is (sort of) what happened with the Sisters of Battle for example.
  5. Kharadron had at least one very early mention in 2015 as Steamhead duardin, if that counts, though there was nothing particularly concrete until they were actually announced.
  6. I'd like to draw attention to the existence of these fine specimens: (Yes I know blood bowl is not canonical, but where's the fun in that?) All of them wear bulky pressurised suits, any of them could be women and nobody would be able to tell.
  7. And yet all of the battletome releases since 2.0 came out have at least included endless spells and a terrain piece, so I think it's a fair point of contention, the lack of support for this week's release, is frankly, rather baffling to me.
  8. I have a theory that a Total War: AoS is actually quite likely, after Total Warhammer 3 the developer has no more announced plans for Warhammer games, but given the success of Total Warhammer I think they'd be very keen to continue making warhammer games, with the old world being so well explored the 4th one taking place in the age of sigmar seems like an easy decision to me.
  9. I'm pretty sure it's the Chaos Familiars, the tabs underneath their feet all say 1985 or 1987 if I'm recalling correctly. As for why they're still around, I guess it's because they still look pretty good and since they aren't attached to any armies or game systems, there's no need for them to be replaced by a new box (like say, tactical marines) or retired with their game (such as all of the Mordheim models).
  10. That would depend on whether you're a longbeard or a beardling. 😁 My personal theory/wishlist from the lore would be a Kharadron battleship, I don't think they're mentioned in the Kharadron novel but there are two pieces of artwork and a little bit of lore I found in the KO battletome (along with references to several other classes of airships such as minelayers and 'Grundcarriers'). Myself, and I imagine a lot of other people got into KO because of the airships, and it gives GW a great excuse to sell something BIG. It's probably not going to happen and it's probably not practical, but still, I am absolutely enamoured with the idea of a flying Battleship.
  11. If it does go on sale next week it will be at the increased price because I can't see GW releasing something only to put out a price rise immediately afterwards.
  12. There's no difference between a plastic frame that has been packaged individually or in a start collecting box as it would be the same plastic that has been made in the same mould in the same machine. Beasts of chaos and flesh eater courts are both re-branded models from WHFB so they're a bit older than some AoS units which could be why they would have more prominent mold lines, but that's to do with the age of the mold and not the quality of the plastic which would be unchanged.
  13. I spoke to a manager of my local GW and he claimed that Vampire Counts simply outsold Tomb Kings by a very large amount. I know it's only the claim of a store manager but I don't find it hard to believe because the Tomb Kings range as a whole was a lot older, and GW has always had a bad* habit of updating stuff that sells well while ignoring the less successful lines. *I know they have to make money as a publicly traded company, but in my opinion it helps to establish a positive reinforcement loop of new models > more sales > new models > more sales and so on.
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