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  1. Odiamh

    The Hobby Table : 8-15-18

    Hey Everyone! We are fourteen days away from NOVA Open and I am sitting at around thirty pieces of terrain left to paint for the event. Sadly after a busy weekend building, the weather has kept me from priming it all as of yet. However, tonight looks promising to get everything primed and get out my big brush to begin drybrushing. If tonight doesn't pan out then I will have to turn on the airbrush due to the limited time remaining. Thankfully this Sunday my good friend Matt, who is also helping me with the GT and Doubles event at NOVA is coming over to ensure we get everything knocked out! Read more »View the full article
  2. Hey Everyone! Welcome to the "Community All-gates", the weekly feature on The Realm Gate Blog where every Monday I plan to highlight something or someone from around the Age of Sigmar and Miniature Painting Community. It might be an Event, a YouTube Channel, Blog, Army List, Model, Hobby Project, or anything else that catches my eye. Today I wanted to do a bit of Shameless plug for my new website StrengthHammer.net. It is a new website I am slowly building up as a single source for all the content I try to put out to the community. This blog, my new YouTube Channel and the soon to be updated U.S. Age of Sigmar Modular Event Pack. Be sure to bookmark the page for quick links to all of this and more in the future! See you all Wednesday when you will see me begin to climb my way out of a mountain of Terrain in preparation for the upcoming NOVA Open. Happy Hobbying. Chuck Moore View the full article
  3. Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to go through my journey of painting a miniature bust for the first time as it was something very different for me and my hobby skills and I found that I enjoyed it quite a bit more than I anticipated. Before I begin I want to give a shoutout to the Sculptor's page, Iter Miniatures, as when I saw this Miniature Bust I simply fell in love with it and knew I had to try to paint it. They are newer and only have a few sculpts, but their quality is great and I will certainly be picking up more from them in the future. Read more »View the full article
  4. Odiamh

    The Hobby Table : 8-8-18

    Hey Everyone and welcome to this week's Hobby Table. The days counting down to NOVA Open are passing quicker and quicker and there is still a lot to do before the event. There is a stack of terrain to paint before the event, in thanks to Games Workshop and the NOVA Open Board working out the arrangements for my request as well as finishing a few Stormcast for a local club mate for the event. One of the biggest projects I was very keen on completing was my entry for this year's Capital Palette as they have introduced a Journeymen Level to the competition. I am happy to say I completed my task and I am super thrilled to present "Apfap, The Graceful Gobliness" to you all. I plan to go into detail of how I painted her on Fridays post so be sure to check back in a few days. Read more »View the full article
  5. Hey Everyone! Welcome to the "Community All-gates", the weekly feature on The Realm Gate Blog where every Monday I plan to highlight something or someone from around the Age of Sigmar and Miniature Painting Community. It might be an Event, a YouTube Channel, Blog, Army List, Model, Hobby Project, or anything else that catches my eye. Today I wanted to turn your attention to the Blackout 2018 event that took place over this past weekend in Cardiff over in the UK. It was run by Chris Tomlin of The Black Sun fame and by the posts on social media it was a well run and great event. Being the first larger event post FAQ that didn't introduce any comp I was looking forward to seeing how the games played out. Check out #Blackout18 on Twitter to see everyone's pictures from the weekend and congrats to winners and to Chris for running another great event! Read more »View the full article
  6. Alarielle, Handmaiden of Isha, Queen of The Radiant Wood, Goddess of Life, The Everqueen. Alarielle has been a pivotal figure in The Mortal Realms, her influence, and marks on history stretch far back into The World That Was where she was the eleventh Everqueen of the Asur. Today I want to take a deep look at Alarielles past to see how she became the being she is today (If you like this type of article check out my previous post entitled Morathi: Journey of The Shadow Queen). Alarielle wasn't always a being of supreme power as she is now, but in fact, began her journey as an Elf who was unsure of her power, how to use it, and how to lead a people as was her destiny. While not helpless by any means she has had many brushes with Death over her long life. Her growth and metamorphosis as a character in the lore is a fantastic tale and one worth knowing. Read more »View the full article
  7. Odiamh

    The Hobby Table : 8-1-18

    Hey Everyone! Welcome to "The Hobby Table", formerly the "Weekly Hobby Update". Now that my blog has gone from twice a week to three times a week it felt like the right time to refresh the name. I have been doing a lot of last minute prep work for the upcoming NOVA Open as well as getting a few games in over the past week. While the games did not go in my favor it is always great sitting down with a good friend to roll some dice and move some models. Also, with July officially being over we are officially thirty days away from NOVA Open! Hope to see you all there at the end of the month. Read more »View the full article
  8. Odiamh

    Community Corner 7-30-18

    Hey Everyone! Welcome to the "Community Corner", a new weekly feature on The Realm Gate Blog. Every Monday I plan to highlight something or someone from around the Age of Sigmar and Miniature Painting Community. It might be an Event, a YouTube Channel, Blog, Army List, Model, Hobby Project, or anything else that catches my eye. I also want to give a shoutout to the great hobbyist who gave me the idea for this new weekly feature, Paul Wagner (Pjschard) The Spider King Himself. Thanks for the great idea! Read more »View the full article
  9. Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to talk about those special models in your army who always seem to punch above their weight class and you cannot play the army without them as part of the force. Sometimes it can be a mighty Hero who leads your force through acts of valor and fantastic deeds. Other times it might be a member of a basic Battleline unit who stubbornly makes every armor save and holds dragons in combat and holds a flank on his own! We all have these favored models in every army we play and they can appear when we least expect it. While I have a few All-Stars from the older editions of Warhammer Fantasy I want to focus on my models who have stepped up to the plate since the release of Age of Sigmar. Read more »View the full article
  10. Hey Everyone! Another week has gone so its time for another Hobby Update. My time has been spent with a bunch of small and quick projects over the past few days as I prepare for upcoming events and sharpening some of my hobby skills, specifically drybrushing. One of the more interesting projects is in preparation for Realms at War this October. I decided to create a journal for my Aethermyst to detail out her story as well as a place for her experiments to be documented. Although being an Aethermyst means you are a little bit off so I started tossing in fun little bits to show that she isn't quite stable and as a member of a Witch Cult that is saying a lot. She seems to have an innocent crush on a certain dead god. Read more »View the full article
  11. Hey Everyone! Today I invited Sean from BrushforHire to talk a bit about the NOVA Open Charity Raffel happening this year at NOVA Open. Each year the raffle sees a plethora of talented artists donating time, models, and skill in order to help raise money for different charities. It is also a great chance to win beautiful painted models and armies and the best part is you can purchase entries and win even if you are not attending NOVA in person so be sure to give it a look and buy a few chances to win! Let's see what Sean had to say. Read more »View the full article
  12. Hey Everyone! We are less than forty days from NOVA Open and with the Age of Sigmar Pack out and the GT selling out you would guess that I can kick back and rest for a bit. You would be wrong as I am diving into more projects to have completed sooner rather than later. I really enjoy keeping busy and pushing myself which is why I finally got some primer and a quick zenithal done on the three pieces I am planning to enter at the Journeyman's level for Capital Palette at NOVA this year. I have never tried to be a competition painter and have always been focused on painting my next army, but army painting is very comfortable for me at this point. As you all know I advocate getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and painting models for art is not in my comfort zone, but I am excited to try my hand at it. That's not the only project on my desk. Read more »View the full article
  13. Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to chat about a local campaign that is starting up this weekend. A little while ago my club mate Luis asked about running an Age of Sigmar Campaign for all of us right after the new edition dropped. I was very excited to see one of the club players eager to try to run an event. For my local club, Ligonier Legions, I always head up the Age of Sigmar games with the hope to inspire others to want to do the same. That desire has finally come to fruition and I get to take a step back and simply play the game and enjoy all the fun of the event from a players point of view. Considering NOVA Open is fast approaching and a lot of my Hobby effort is toward running its Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament and Doubles Event I welcome the break a bit as well. Read more »View the full article
  14. Hey Everyone, I hope you are doing well! We are fifty days away from this year's NOVA Open and I am happy to announce the Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament and Team Doubles Event Packs are out! Go check them out and get some practice in before the big event! There are still a few tickets left as well if you have been on the fence. Yesterday I also released my second episode of Strength Hammer over on my YouTube channel. I have been getting a lot of feedback and I have plans to improve everything from sound to longer content before the next one is due out. Please check it out and Subscribe to get all my updates. Read more »View the full article
  15. Hey Everyone! This past weekend saw the release of the new edition of Age of Sigmar and I ran this year's Coalescence event for my club. The event was one week behind the official date due to some venue conflicts, but having so many people enthused about Age of Sigmar together on release day rolling dice really made for a great day. I am happy to say that by the end of the day we had eighteen total players battling over the future of the god-beast Eristrat's fate. I really appreciate everyone who came out as we had people from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey together. We were using the new core rules for the event and everyone picked up the changes without issue making my job as T.O. very easy as I got to enjoy everyone's games and hobby throughout the day. Read more »View the full article