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  1. No kidding. Comparing the standard Gor to a single Chainrasp Horde is almost unfair.
  2. I was a little shockd BoC didn't at least get a plastic Beastlord model. Hell, they didn't even get a Shadespire warband, which has been a solid (but not guaranteed) factor in a new/updated army.
  3. Some great rumors here! Thanks @Ndabreaker !!! Any rumors on any big human releases? Free Peoples? Devoted of Sigmar?! I would LOVE to see a human zealot army rampaging across the table in the name of Sigmar.
  4. My BoC are from Chamon as well. Instead of doing all metal, I have themed mine in that they pray to the dark gods for gifts within the herdstone. They stick their arms into the herdflame, and if they are worthy, the gods bless them with metallic arms. If not... they are toast. I represent this by every 3rd or 4th Gor having metallic arms or even horns (sometimes both!) I used Ferrus Manus as inspiration.
  5. Okay, here is my wishlisting for both a new battletome + a wave 2. Wave 1 updates Warchanter Give us a few different chants. Weirdnob Change Green Puke to D6+6" Megaboss (foot) Named Megaboss on foot. Megaboss on Mawkrusha (& Gordrakk) Update Innard-bursting Bellow. Increase rend to -2 if shooting into engaged combat. On a 6 to wound, deals 2d6 damage. Make Maw-krusha’s Bladed Tail 2" Gore Gruntas Fanged Maw & Hooves give -1 rend d3 damage on ANY charge d6 damage on charge of 8" or more 'Ardboyz They're getting cheaper again! So nothing here! Solid unit! Here's my wishlist for a wave 2 of Jawz. Painboss (hero) - Let's nearby Ironjawz unit re-roll saves of 1. 'Ardgitz! Heavily armored goblins with a 5+! Can take stabbaz with shields (re-roll saves) or goblin crossbows! Grunta Chariot Driven by brutes Two versions 1st version - dedicated riders, attached crossbow 2nd version - serves as a transport for 5 brutes. Cleavaz Brutes with giant 2H weapons. (bigger than gore choppas) Chompaz Baby mawkrushas that grow in size as they eat. Kit would have 6 models. 2 small/2 medium/2 large Minimum unit size of 2. Maximum size of 6. Has 3 transformations. Small, medium, large. (large would be slightly smaller than a standard mawkrusha) Each time a unit of Chompaz kills an enemy model. Roll a d6. Chompaz have a hunger table. As they kill models, they have a chance to eat them. Once they have eaten a certain number of models, they transform. 8" bellow breath weapon. Small - 4+/4+ d3 damage Medium - 3+/4+ -1 d3 damage Large - 3+/3+ -1 d6 damage. Boom Squigz (silly but fun) Basically an Ironjawz update to squig handlers. Larger squigs with dynamite strapped to them. Herded by 'ardgitz like models. Chance to explode when advancing. When rolling a run roll of a 1, roll a d6. On a 4+ they explode. D6 mortal wounds to each unit, friend or foe, within 3". Chance to explode when activated. When activating in the combat phase, roll a d6. On the roll of a 1, the squig explodes. D6 mortal wounds to each unit, friend or foe, within 3". High chance of exploding when dying. Roll of a 3+ Okay. I'm ready for ya'll to flay me.
  6. I too have toyed around with the grot artillery, as well as some goblin wolf riders and even a unit of moonclan grots with fanatics, but in the end always felt a little lackluster. I do occasionally ally in a grot shaman (and as Superninja, the Fungoid now). The ally I bring the most is usually 5 squigs. Fantastic for taking any objectives close to your table edge. Allows more of your jawz to get up the table to fight.
  7. Probably, but GW has done crazier things. I played 3 games this past weekend with my Nighthaunt army and did fairly well. They still do what they say on the tin and the Mourngul was still solid as hell, even without his 4+ FnP. With that being said, it did leave something to be desired. Wish we had DI on our Nighthaunt heroes, and gravesites would be a huge blessing as well.
  8. My biggest question about Cloaked in Shadow is whether or not the Etheral rule is only active during the course of the game. If so, they may rule that Cloaked in Shadow works because the effect is applied before the game began.
  9. Disappointed, but also not disappointed.
  10. Agree to disagree. If I decide to do my rolls separately but still activate one unit at a time, there is no difference. i.e. I roll a 4 for for my unit of brutes. I move 4. I then roll a 3 for the same unit. I move them another 3. If I am going to move the same unit twice in a row, there is no reason not to add them together. You might think to yourself, "Well, one of your Ironfist rolls might take you out of range of your RD roll." You're right, it might. Which is why I would consider the first part of my movement to be my RD roll. I truly and honestly implore you to give me a scenario in which rolling them together would be "clunky". Seriously, if there is something I am not thinking of, please let me know. If anything, it's more efficient. My apologies for the jagged-gore hackas. As for context, I don't need to say what's been said so many times before. I'm just adding another tally to the list. I appreciate this thread and the community outreach greatly. I didn't want to bloat it with repetitive information.
  11. 2d6 isn't that difficult., imo. Do them at the same time. ---- Okay, my input. Mostly a lot of agreeance. 'Ardboys become generic battleline. Greenskins Grots = 70 pts? (The Common Goblin should be the cheapest battleline.) 3" to Jagged Gore-hackas Troggoths and Gargants need a universal keyword that doesn't break allegiances.
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