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  1. Have you seen my new fly? I posted him yesterday and I'm very proud of him
  2. Hehe, you should be ashamed of yourself
  3. Exactly. Though if I manage to paint a whole shelf full before I die it will be a miracle!
  4. Just wanted to say hello to people. I don't really play games though watch cool channels like Vince Venturella, Andy + Rem and GloomDreadyGaming so sort of know what it is about. I just paint dollies to put on my shelf but like to be sociable. So hello
  5. Wow, awesome start, welcome to painting. I'm starting to teach my 9 year old niece, it is so much fun to start. If you want tips on specific looks and techniques, check out Vince Venturella's hobby cheating series on You Tube they are super simple. But more importantly just try stuff and have fun.
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