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  1. Hey Ya'll, I am just getting into Stormcast and was wondering, swords or hammers for liberators? I have been playing AoS for a while, and have seen more "- to hit" debuffs than "- to wound." What is everyone's opinions and experiences with this? Thanks T
  2. "Slaanesh Daemon Princes are impossibly quick. When your opponent selects a unit within 3" of the Daemon Prince to pile in and attack in the combat phase, you can immediately select the Daemon Prince to pile in and attack before the enemy unit, even though it is not your turn to do so. This model can only do this if it has not already attacked in this phase." They all trigger before your opponents.
  3. LOVE AoS, but I would love to see the following changes: - No shooting into or out of combat - Or if you do shoot into combat, you have to roll to see if you hit your own guys - And if you shoot out of combat, there is a negative to hit or a roll to see if you are even able to shoot out of it - Reduce Maximum unit size on non-battleline units - Create unit restrictions more than 3+ battleline 1-6 leaders 0-4 artillery/behemoth - Something I have noticed is that people find the "best unit" take minimum battleline and spam that unit. I would love to see a "0-2" Tzaangor Skyfires, with a max unit size of 6" - I hate seeing armies that are just spamming a single unit or buffing a big monster and watching it be unkillable. I love seeing variety in the armies and how it all interacts. - Remove Stacking of the same buff/debuff. Looking at your Cursed Book, Neferatta, and Mourngul combos - Abilities that must roll a "6" need to be a natural six, no matter what. Bloodletters do a mortal wound on a roll of "6 or more" if they get "+to hit" buffs this then becomes 5, 4....make it a hard 6 even if debuffed or buffed.
  4. So, I've played a pure Slaanesh Demons army for a quick minute, and dabbling into Slaves right now. So far, Slaanesh Demons don't really hold up to anything, has anyone had successful results? Maybe mixing in Slaves and Mortal Slaanesh will yeild better results. Does anyone have any Slaanesh lists that they have ran and not just get crunked?
  5. correction 360 points and I won't be able to run him in that warrior chamber.
  6. Hey All, I have bought 2 holiday boxes of SCE and really want to use the Prime. I'm having trouble fitting him in a good 2k list at 320 points. Is he worth it in 2k? I have looked over the new book and really like the celestial warbringers warrior chamber a lot. Has anyone come up with a decent list for the Prime?
  7. My intention wasn't to start an argument, my apologies if it came off as that. I was just trying to say that I don't think that too many death units are over cost, due to the way that the synergies they get when combined. I do think that factions need to be combined (why is a mortis engine not nighthaunt?), and some heroes Wight King is a good example need to come down. I think Hexwraiths are over cost for what they do, Black knights should be brought down, Blood Knights could be 240 instead of 260. Lowering them to0 much risks them being ridiculous. I think bumping Grave Guard to 120pts and 10 model min would be awesome. Death is in a decent place though, just a couple tweeks and it's perfect.
  8. Didn't death place 4th at LVO? There was a Nagash list there wrecking as well. Death could use some point adjustments, but I don't see a real issue with them as a whole. Combine some of hte factions to make them playable (nighthaunt comes to mind) but morghasts are good where they are at. 9" move, that flys, 6 wounds, bravery 10, ignores mortal wounds on a 5+, 3 atks, 3+/3+ -2 rend and flat 3 damage. Compared to a khunter? 5" nonflying move (you can jump through wildwoods but risk losing a turn) 1 less wound than morghasts, no mortal wound defense, reroll save at the cose of losing 2" on pile in, definite risk management there. Same # of atks, same wound roll, same rend, but a variable D3 damage as opposed to a flat 3? The issue isnt morghasts are over cost, it's khunters are under. Combine morghasts with the spells you have access to in death, a 4 model unit of morghasts in nigh unkillable. Lets say you run neferata and she casts mystic shield on them (3+ save now) and dark mist, ignoring rend. Now you have a unit with 12 atks, 3+/3+ -2 rend, 3 damage that ignores red adn mortal wounds on a 5+. Death isn't about how strong an individual unit is, it's about how strong they are when working together.
  9. Yo! I picked up some stormcast recently and painted up the first model. Not completely done, but had a few questions for you guys. Glowing eyes or naw? Prosecutor/Dracothian Guard heads or naw? What list is everyone running with them? Is everyone just running the Warrior Brotherhood? Thanks ya'll
  10. Note to self, never field artillery.
  11. Can the warmachine fire without a crew?
  12. Do you pay for 2 separate units when fielding them?
  13. Question: Can you target artillery crews with ranged attacks, or does the player of the artillery warscroll get to allocate wounds as normal. My interpretation is that the player can allocate wounds as normal. The warscroll reads: "A Cannon consists of a war machine and a unit of 3 duardin crew." As I interpret it, this is all one warscroll/unit/force org slot, so you don't target the crew or cannon individually. I have never played an artillery before, so I haven't run into this personally, but it was topic of discussion this weekend. If this has been FAQ'd then I totally missed it.
  14. 10 more plaguebearers are always better. I personally love soul grinders and have run 2 in a list to good effect. Great Unclean One's are so amazing for their points that I would think about dropping the beast of nurgle & epidemus in list 2 and running 2 Great Unclean One's. I haven't tried running 2 of the same great daemon before though, but I've seen 2 Bloodthristers do work. Or drop the 2 beasts and epidemus to get back 300 points, add 10 plaguebearers to the 20 man unit and run 2 heralds to have them follow the plaguebearers around ot have their locus active at all times.
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