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  1. That's a good point, I only have like 30% of these models so that's an easy swap. Is the infiltration ability of changeling used or do we just ignore that now?
  2. It just seems odd that they wouldnt use a perfectly functioning keyword system. Having the requirement as TZAANGOR ENLIGHTENED would have made it much clearer.
  3. Hm, well if true that's certainly odd, there's no reason why they'd have to specify Enlightened on Discs of Tzeentch for Skyshoal Coven then. I'll take note of that ruling, but i'll keep playing with them on foot until we get an FAQ to confirm.
  4. I don't think they can, as it isn't bolded keyword Enlightened and Enlightened on Discs are a separate entry (such as in Skyshoal Coven)
  5. I did try a version of that at 2500 with the Wychfire Coven, 1x6 Enlightened on Foot (cause they have to be ) and 3x20 kairics but it went poorly against OBR with Katakros and Nagash, i'm just not sure how to fight those two tbh
  6. So I'm very interested in playing Pyrofane Cult, Kairics are some of my fav models in the Tzeentch line. So what would an "ideal" pyrofane list look like? I've got this right now: Allegiance: Tzeentch Changecult: Pyrofane Leaders: Lord of Change (380) (General) - Shrouded in Unnatural Flame - Chainfire Amulet - Spell TBD Magister on Disc (140) Tzaangor Shaman (150) Curseling (160) Units: 5x10 Kairic Acolytes (500) 1x6 Tzaangor Skyfires (400) 1x3 Tzaangor Enlightened on Discs (180) Endless Spells: Chronomantic Cogs (80) Probably not optimal, but it's what I've come up with so far. The Curseling was originally an Ogroid Thaumaturge with Paradoxical Shield if I could fit a battalion in.
  7. Honestly I am kinda looking for a good Daemons/Mortals mixed list, but I've also just found daemons to be lack luster every time I run them. I'm really not sure what i'm doing with them
  8. I'm fairly new to Khorne, but what's a decent list to build towards? I have a small collection, mostly 2 Daemons start collectings + Wrath and Rapture, then a handful of mortals. Are mortals the way to go? Or are daemons actually worth it? What I own: * 30x Bloodletters * 9x Bloodcrushers * Karanak * 5x Flesh Hounds * 1x Skull Cannon, 1 Skull Cannon/Blood Throne (so 2 cannons or one of each) * Skulltaker * Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage * Bloodmaster * Bloodsecrator * MLoK/Khul * 10x Bloodreavers * 3x Blood Warriors (can be 5 with Magore's Fiends) * Slaughterpriest * Magore's Fiends * Garrek's Reavers
  9. Hey all, I'm trying to decide between two lists. First is one that I thought up, very heavy on troggs, likely not very competitive. Or this list, that I borrowed some models from my friend (who's been playing Moonclan since WHFB) to try out earlier today. The more I think it over, the more I start to like the 2nd list more. It's still very troggy, but it has enough "boots" on the ground to actually weather some hits and make it to objectives.
  10. I put together a quick list for that: LCoD - General, Staunch, Smoulderint Helm Knight-Incantor - Azyrite Halo Knight Incantor - Speed of Lightning, Staff of Focus Lord-Castellant 2x5 Judicators 1x5 Liberators 2x5 Sequitors 2x5 Evocators Cleansing Phalanx Everblaze Comet Geminids 1920/2k Not sure how good this is, but the ease of dealing 7MW that PJetski mentioned is a good point.
  11. My main issue with this would be: What's the rest of your list doing? If he's your general (which he is because Staunch) then no Sequitors as battleline, just Judicators and Liberators. So would you be using a Gavriel Bomb? Throwing Evocators at the problem until its fixed? I like the idea, I'm just not sure what the hammer would be to the tough anvil. (Of note I missed out on watching any of LVO, so I haven't seen at all how the 2nd place list played.)
  12. We already know what the last 4 warbands are, but youre not far off. Kharadron and Sylvaneth are in last, with Darkoath Barbarians and a Troggoth with some weird squig monsters are next.
  13. Of note, thanks to the recent FAQ, Mortal Wounds do not generate Depravity for Slaanesh.
  14. These decks look good! Though you do have Misdirection in both the Chosen Axes and Spiteclaw's Swarm. How would you add the Leaders expansion cards and keep them balanced? Some of the Leaders cards seem really good... (Like the upgrade for Magore that reduces all damage by 1 to a min of 1)
  15. To support dracolines I'd probably take Lightning Blast or Lightning Storm for some long-range offensive power since the Dracolines can already take Speed of Lightning or Terrifying Aspect.
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